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Music to slaughter livestock to; 5,000 factory farmers can't all be wrong. (Visit homepage.)

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Thu. Dec 26th, Noon - 3pm: Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine fills in for Dark Night of the Soul on the Drummer Stream!

Options January 12, 2012: Today's PEER PRESSURE Guest is Jimmy Walls of the Bebe Buell Band and Das Damen fame!

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Jolthrower  NF08   Options     0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Grim Reaper  Now Or Never   Options See You in Hell    0:08:30 (Pop‑up)
Title Tracks  Turn Your Face   Options     0:11:19 (Pop‑up)
Night Birds  Born Of Man and Woman   Options     0:14:04 (Pop‑up)
Weirdos  Tropical Depression   Options     0:15:50 (Pop‑up)
Hammerhead  All This Is Yours   Options Into the Vortex    0:17:48 (Pop‑up)
Das Damen  Mirror Leaks   Options Mousetrap    0:21:21 (Pop‑up)
Place of Skulls  Feeling of Dread   Options     0:25:44 (Pop‑up)
Black Sabbath  Time Machine   Options     0:30:13 (Pop‑up)
100 Flowers  Presence of Mind   Options     0:38:05 (Pop‑up)
Vaz  Sine Language   Options     0:42:09 (Pop‑up)
SubArachnoid Space  Lilith   Options     0:46:47 (Pop‑up)
Mastodon  Curl of the Burl   Options     0:51:41 (Pop‑up)
77  high Decibels   Options     0:54:59 (Pop‑up)
PEER PRESSURE SEGMENT: Jimmy Walls: Bebe Buell Band/Das Damen Guitarist
Interview with Jimmy Walls        1:07:27 (Pop‑up)
Sonic's Rendezvous Band  City Slang   Options     1:19:54 (Pop‑up)
Professionals  White Light, White Heat   Options     1:25:00 (Pop‑up)
Bad Brains  At the Movies   Options     1:28:48 (Pop‑up)
Joe Perry Project  Shooting Star   Options     1:31:07 (Pop‑up)
Interview with Jimmy Walls        1:36:13 (Pop‑up)
Das Damen  Trick Question (Live at CBGBs)   Options     1:59:22 (Pop‑up)
Pat Smear  Golden Boys   Options     2:03:30 (Pop‑up)
Replacements  Within Your Reach   Options     2:06:56 (Pop‑up)
Screaming Trees  Change Has Come   Options     2:11:21 (Pop‑up)
Interview with Jimmy Walls        2:14:46 (Pop‑up)
D Generation  Good Ship Down   Options     2:30:59 (Pop‑up)
Speed McQueen  Groover   Options     2:36:16 (Pop‑up)
Iggy Pop  Inferiority Complex   Options     2:39:35 (Pop‑up)
Frankenstein 3000  Caesor   Options     2:43:46 (Pop‑up)
Interview with Jimmy Walls        2:47:07 (Pop‑up)
Bebe Buell Band  I Love A Man In Uniform   Options     2:55:08 (Pop‑up)
Bebe Buell Band  Got It All Wrong   Options     2:59:04 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  Thu. 1/12/12 12:07pm Cecile:

Diane. Can you get Sherman Hemsley (aka George Jefferson) for a Peer Pressure segment? He's reportedly a huge prog fan - hung out with Can, Gong, etc. I would listen to an hour of flippin' Gentle Giant to make that happen.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:11pm Cheri Pi:

I fully support the above suggestion. If he's alive.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:13pm Cecile:

he still appears to be.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:14pm tight jeans:

now or nevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:15pm Phineas McGee Mulligan:

Diane you Rock!! Bust it hard and take no prisoners!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:17pm Cecile:

Cool! A new genderqueer anthem.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:18pm Cheri Pi:

haven't heard this Weirdos song in AGES!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:18pm glenn:

i admit to being out of the loop here. what's with all the sherman hemsley chatter lately?
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:21pm Cecile:

we're all psyched about this:
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:24pm glenn:

  Thu. 1/12/12 12:25pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I heard "Of Blood And Salt" by Gojira the other day. I thought that would go well here. Oh, and Tony Iommi has lymphoma...wishing him well.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:26pm kamikaze:

Hey All! Thanks for tuning in! Today's PEER PRESSURE guest is Jimmy Walls - guitarist for Das Damen from back in the day, and with the Bebe Buell band now. He's got a killer playlist!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:26pm Cheri Pi:

Glenn it came about the other day in the opening of Irene Trudel's show:http://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/43419
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:26pm andymorphic:

i dont get why people are shocked that sherman likes prog....he's an actor not george jefferson. in my experience actors are progressive
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:27pm Cheri Pi:

I'm not shocked, I'm overjoyed.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:27pm Cecile:

I'm not shocked. I'm delighted.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:28pm Not Seeing Double:

App Doubletapp!!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:29pm JayM:

Jim W from Das Damen? used to share a tiny apt with that guy way back when
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:29pm Cheri Pi:

It's also delightful that George Jefferson likes prog.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:30pm Cecile:

  Thu. 1/12/12 12:31pm dinatekno:

Loving the tunes so far! Thannks for making my work day a better experience..
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:40pm Cecile:

Great band, great song.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:41pm Cheri Pi:

Big Urinals/100 flowers fan right here
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:43pm glenn:

yeah, i'm a big fan of the urinal too, especially since i'm getting older and everything.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:44pm Cecile:

Cheri Pi, if we ever meet, the universe will implode.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:45pm Cheri Pi:

Cecile, we'll meet one day in Houghton. I'll buy you an I.P. Eh
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:47pm Cecile:

Ya, that would be great, you bet.
Man, I gotta buy a whole bunch of Vaz stuff.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:47pm glenn:

i was in a bar washroom once and the guy beside me was snorting something, i assume coke, off the top of his urinal. just thinking about all the disgusting crap on top of a urinal makes me shudder.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:52pm Cecile:

this sounds like lo-fi Opeth, or it might be my crappy earphones. Everything sounds lo-fi.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:55pm giraffe-o:

Not sure why everyone's so wild about Mastodon. They're OK, not superb. Opeth is a little better, because they're more diverse and talented, but still just a lot of re-hash of old metal.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:55pm Cecile:

Like the verse, not so excited by the chorus here. seems a little lazy in the lyric dept..
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:59pm Cecile:

Holy Rhino Bucket, this sounds like AC/DC, Batman. It's pretty cool.
giraffe-o, they have had some killer tunes. And their live show is spotless. But, yeah, I tend to like the earlier stuff. I know, I'm a cliche.
I'm a total sucker for Opeth, but probably IMO their best was Deliverance. It had that killer South American rhythm section I believe is no longer with them.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:09pm efd:

@Cecile, 10 points for the Rhino Bucket reference.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:14pm Supreme Court FCC Decision Coming:

from a news release: "Does the First Amendment allow the FCC to censor "indecent" content like the occasional curse word or a brief glimpse of a bare butt on broadcast TV? The Supreme Court hears arguments on this question Tuesday in FCC v. Fox -- the first time in more than 30 years the Court will squarely confront this constitutional question. The case stems from the use of "fleeting" expletives by Nicole Richie and Cher at the Billboard Music Awards show nearly a decade ago, which prompted a draconian crackdown on broadcasters by the Bush FCC in 2004."
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:16pm JT:

I started listening to Mastodon after hearing them live on this show in 2001.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:22pm JT:

c-c-c-c-c-c-c-ity slang!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:22pm JIm Devoid:

ci ci ci ci ci ci city slang!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:23pm Cecile:

The mono and stereo versions of the song are exactly the same.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:27pm Cecile:

I loved that the Fabulous Stains covered a Professionals song.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:31pm Phineas McGee Mulligan:

I like the Movies!!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:32pm Madi H.:

  Thu. 1/12/12 1:32pm R i s k y:

  Thu. 1/12/12 1:33pm Madi H.:

ps Hello to Jimmy!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:36pm Amy:

Dang O dang. I missed Bad Brains. Damn you bladder!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:44pm Madi H.:

As a virgo, I approve of the concept thingy.
I say also that Bebe is way cool!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:53pm Eddie from Toilet Boys:

Hi Diane: I could not figure out where I knew your guest from when I saw him at the Don Hills tribute playing with BeBe Buell. Now I know. I geeked out on him years ago when he was working at an art museum because I was such a huge Das Damen fan. Whoa. This is really informative!!!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:54pm giraffe-o:

This interview is awesome. I hadn't heard much about Das Damen, but I will def check them out now
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:54pm benjoya:

tony iommi plays with jethro tull in the stones' rock n roll circus.
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:04pm Cecile:

I haven't heard this in forever.
Very early Soul Asylum sounding, IIRC.
ha! the long hair. I remember everyone in indie world growing their hair out at the same time...
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:10pm Cecile:

whoohoo, another throwback.
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:12pm Cecile:

I actually have a couple of family portraits shot by the guy who did that picture, Dan Corrigan. he still is First Ave's official photographer.
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:13pm Cecile:

Play some U-Men!
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:15pm Phineas McGee Mulligan:

Damn missed my boyz the Matz!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:20pm JT:

I only got the first couple of the SubPop singles club... Maybe I moved or something.
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:32pm Cecile:

play something like Discharge - but not as poppy. :D
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:33pm glenn:

sounds to me like they did a fair job of mixing lindsey and cheetah.
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:34pm glenn:

cheetah buckingham also makes a good stripper name.
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:37pm Cecile:

Beta Flash stream is flaking out.
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:38pm chris:

I hope its just me, but Iggy keeps cutting out... And can I just say.... AIIiiiiiggghhhhhh!!!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:38pm glenn:

as is 128k.
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:38pm Phineas McGee Mulligan:

Love Speed McQueen!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:41pm Mark in VT:

Ah I missed the interview. Archived of course.
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:42pm chris:

whew! sounding great!
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:43pm bill:

Skull Ring - isn't that with the Stooges?
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:48pm jt:

Skull Ring: dumb song but "Inferiority Complex" sounds as great as anything that was on "American Cesar " Which is a true hidden masterpiece of Mr. Pop's ouvre, hell yup! Thanks for opening my ears to that!
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:55pm Cecile:

thank you Jimmy!
  Thu. 1/12/12 3:02pm Cecile:

her voice sounds really cool.
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