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Options February 8, 2012: blah blah blah me blah blah me me me me

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Uncharted Galvanized Hut, by Chris Millar

Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
The Lane Steinberg Projection  Dr. Kurtz's Program   Options Dr. Kurtz's Program  0:03:12 (Pop‑up)
Mocean Worker  Swagger   Options Candygram for Mowo!  0:27:40 (Pop‑up)
Chris Millar (vocal: Samantha Savage Smith)  Age of Consent   Options Gutterballs  0:35:50 (Pop‑up)
Hot Lava  Apple+Option+Fire   Options Lavaology  0:40:42 (Pop‑up)
The Frank Cunimondo Trio featuring Lynn Marino  Feelin' Good   Options Feelin' Good  0:43:12 (Pop‑up)
Vincent Malone  Come As You Are   Options Ultimate - Le Roi de la Trompette  0:45:48 (Pop‑up)
Garfields Birthday  Short Straw   Options More Sense Than Money  0:48:35 (Pop‑up)
Chris Stamey & Yo La Tengo  Compared to What   Options V.O.T.E.  0:52:25 (Pop‑up)
Stereolab  Pack Yr Romantic Mind   Options Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements  1:01:17 (Pop‑up)
McCartneyFan2011  The One That Got Away (Katy Perry)   Options Me Singing ...  1:05:57 (Pop‑up)
White Rabbits  Temporary   Options Milk Famous  1:09:58 (Pop‑up)
Orquesta don Bosco  Tema De Lara   Options Melodias y Voces No. 2  1:13:29 (Pop‑up)
Sayuri Goto  Midgets   Options Flashback  1:16:00 (Pop‑up)
A Great Many  Honky Tonk Tullis   Options http://www.youtube.com/AGreatMany  1:23:29 (Pop‑up)
Lee Morgan  Speedball   Options The Gigolo  1:25:46 (Pop‑up)
Teddybears (feat. Robyn)  Cardiac Arrest   Options Devil's Music  1:31:32 (Pop‑up)
The Corkestra  Zand 1   Options The Corkestra  1:34:18 (Pop‑up)
Sopwith Camel  Dancin' Wizard   Options The Miraculous Hump Returns from the Moon  1:38:01 (Pop‑up)
Bill Callahan  So Long, Marianne   Options The Songs of Leonard Cohen Covered (Mojo magazine, March 2012)  1:40:28 (Pop‑up)
The Three Suns  Danny's Inferno   Options Movin' 'N Groovin'  1:45:51 (Pop‑up)
Barry Adamson  Black Holes in My Brain   Options I Will Set You Free  1:54:11 (Pop‑up)
Claire Judice  Colors Again   Options More Songs From the Kitchen Stool  1:58:00 (Pop‑up)
The Fall  Happi Song   Options Ersatz G.B.  1:59:19 (Pop‑up)
Longmont Potion Castle  Dick Dale Holiday Message: Hope Your Packages Have Arrived   Options LPC archives  2:03:36 (Pop‑up)
Annie  Loco   Options Don't Stop  2:06:44 (Pop‑up)
Minisnap  A Walk in the Dark   Options Bounce Around  2:10:07 (Pop‑up)
Julia Holter  In the Same Room   Options Ekstasis  2:12:59 (Pop‑up)
Gershom Sizomu and John Mark Nkoola  We Are Happy   Options Abayudaya: Music from the Jewish People of Uganda  2:16:56 (Pop‑up)
Harper Fair (and David Fair)  LubbaLubba / Yiyayiya   Options What's My Name?  2:20:15 (Pop‑up)
Outrageous Cherry  Stay Right Here For a Little While   Options Rainbow Quartz sampler  2:24:59 (Pop‑up)
Tito Puente & His Orchestra  Ran Kan Kan   Options The Best of Tito Puente: El Rey Del Timbal!  2:32:03 (Pop‑up)
The Honeycombs  Have I The Right? (German version)   Options The Honeycombs  2:34:43 (Pop‑up)
Dan Tullis & Joel Clark  More More More We Shop You Save!   Options The SelectQuote Project  2:37:33 (Pop‑up)
Jack Wilson  Do It   Options Easterly Winds  2:38:31 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  Wed. 2/8/12 3:11pm G:

Irwin was busy and lost track of the time. He was working out settings so he can get Christgau to sound sucessively like Darth Vader, a munchkin, etc., during his 7SD interview.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:15pm ?:

This guy talking about Dr. Kurtz sounds kind of like Colonel Kurtz
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:16pm Michael:

Christgau likes Irwin a lot as I recall....
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Hello Irwin.
Whoa! Dr. Kurtz, right off the bat! Reaching for the big guns today!
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:16pm Matt from Springfield:

We can all earn a minor in Psychology and Irish Catholic Alcoholic Studies from this.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:20pm G:

Does this end with "The horror! The horror!"?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:20pm Jennique:

The horror. The horror.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:21pm Matt from Springfield:

I think Fredericks should cover this, with his same voice doing both parts...
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:21pm Jennique:

BAH. G you beat me to it.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:21pm G:

No, you fulfilled my fantasy. :-)
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:22pm savory c:

the good doctor seems to be skating away on the thin ice of a new daye-ay-e-ay.
go doctari go!!
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:22pm kat330:

What about what their wives are going through?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:23pm kat330:

What about what we're going through right now?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:24pm ADL:

There you go. Sweep away all the listeners.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:24pm Jennique:

kat330 - Don't waste another day. Life's too short.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:25pm paula pc:

i could listen to this for four or five days straight. thank you, irwin.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:25pm kat330:

The loop, the loop!
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:25pm BodegaMan:

Jennique, you said it. you can even say it again if you want.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:26pm G:

Repetition is the mother of memory. Or something, I forget what.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:26pm ADL:

Hmmm...still a few listeners left. Better keep looping.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:27pm kat330:

@ADL: Doesn't Irwin do this when he's "vacuuming"? Some connection with suck-tion?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:27pm BodegaMan:

I'm a fully trained listener of Kurt's show, you can't get me to go away.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:27pm Willie:

Attention must be paid.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:28pm Droll:

I like how the Dr. Kurtz builds up -- I can't wait to see where it's going!
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:29pm Irwin:

@Droll: Don't hold yr breath.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:29pm ADL:

@kat330: I believe this is his bed music for when he's detailing his taxidermied raccoon. Could take a while.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:29pm savory c:

buy the ARNST ZIPPER!! and extra batteries..
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:29pm G:

Hypotheses: He's annoyed about Christgau. Or he was late for some reason, so he needs prep time.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:29pm kat330:

Since we're on the topic of sucking, I forgot all about a distaste that's even greater than Rod S. for me -- that is, until they rose up again, like zombies, appropriately enough, on Fallon last night: The Cranberries. Yikesarama!
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:31pm G:

"say just ONE thing"? little late for that now.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:31pm kat330:

@ADL Raccoon, eh? I figured Irwin more for an opossum stuffer.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:31pm Lizardner Dave:

Vacuuming already huh?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:32pm Roberto:

So Irwin's late and we're the ones who get punished?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:32pm kat330:

C'mon, any Cranberries lovers out there want a piece of me?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:32pm BodegaMan:

@Kat - YES. I was just listening to the Gil Scott Heron piece on Soundcheck and the Cranberries came on after. It made my stomach cclench.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:32pm G:

which piece? :-P
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:33pm BodegaMan:

timing of posts may make it seem like I'm a cranberry fan.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:33pm ADL:

Oh god. Cranberries. I'd rather listen to stuffing. But hey, some people like 'em.

As for this audio torture, I have no one to blame but myself because I didn't turn it off...until...now.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:34pm kat330:

@G: Oh, you keed! Seriously, though, their sound, style, aura -- the gestalt of 'em -- truly do get my goat and yank my chain. I thought folks would pile on as they did when I said I didn't care for Rod the Mod.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:34pm Dan and Joel:

This guy is SO FUCKING ANNOYING. who put this on the radio?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:35pm Woo:

I'm gonna leave for a few minutes and when I come back I better be hearing some Buddy Greco
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:35pm G:

@kat: so you're an instigator, eh?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:35pm sgillies:

"Somewhat" childhood sweetheart now. We're geting somewhere.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:35pm Roberto:

That reminds me, I was riding in a cab last week and heard the Dan & Joel commercial in its original context for the first time. Turns out it's a real ad.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:36pm kat330:

Possum stuffing w/cranberries -- sounds delish.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:36pm G:

@Woo: If you leave this may suddenly segue into something really great and you'll miss it. Just sayin
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:36pm Brett W. Thompson:

Haha I think this is amazing
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:36pm Lizardner Dave:

This is a tedious monologue with a rustle.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:36pm kat330:

@G: C'est moi! Though I'd prefer Katalyst -- or wampeter.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:37pm sweir:

Time is standing still!
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:37pm BodegaMan:

Is there a Temptations song in the background?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:37pm Caryn:

"Reach Out I'll Be There" in the background. I'm listening to the details now, ignoring the speech.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:37pm Woo:

Life seems very long
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:38pm G:

Since about 3:15 this is very much like zoning out and not hearing the spots on commercial radio. I have 30 years' practice at that! Eazypeazylemonsqueazy
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:38pm blacktooth:

Is this guy interviewing himself? Is he Dr. Kutz? Why is that go-go band jamming in the back ground? I'm down the rabbit hole on this one...
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@L.Dave: I wonder if Irwin's playing this hoping that Robert Christgau is listening. He sure is hustling this tediousness, ideologically.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:38pm BDR:

This is much better than Ken's stalling tape.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:38pm kat330:

At least a playlist joust would help us forget what's in the background.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:38pm savory c:

little stevie! why are you dressed up like dr.kurtz?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:38pm kat330:

  Wed. 2/8/12 3:39pm Matt from Springfield:

And segue into Mocean Worker! Great!
(I'm guessing they pronounce their name, "Motion Worker"?)
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:39pm Jennique:

  Wed. 2/8/12 3:39pm BodegaMan:

I miss it already.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:39pm Kristeen Young:

@Woo: Life's not short, it's sooooo long...
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:39pm Nathan:

I feel as I've just left Plato's cave...
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:41pm More Kurtz:

Less Mocean
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:42pm Mikebee:

Wow, that last one was fantastic - it's split our office in two! Wish I had a copy for myself...
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: I think I noticed the Four Tops connection the first time he played this. But it was "Standing In The Shadows Of Love", wasn't it?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:44pm kat330:

Sounds like Irwin just had some Cranberries.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:44pm Mikebee:

  Wed. 2/8/12 3:45pm kat330:

And the beer-destroyed soundboards.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:45pm BodegaMan:

@MfS I think Caryn had it right, "Reach Out I'll Be There."
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:45pm Caryn:

@Matt: there may be more than one song in there, but after just putting "Reach Out I'll Be There" on one of my mix tapes for Meghan, the song was fresh in my mind, so it was definitely there.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:45pm Talking Heads:

@Mikebee: Watch out, you might get what you're after!
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:46pm Mikebee:

I'm so not kidding! Some of my coworkers might revolt though...
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:46pm kat330:

Irwin, they don't care. (the USPS)
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:46pm USPS:

New motto, people: "We have a great future behind us." under a photo of the pony express.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, thought this was a (admittedly bizarre) New Order cover!
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Is Gutterballs a covers album with songs like this?
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:48pm My Little Pony Ass:

You whinny!
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:48pm Carmichael:

My turn for the phone conference thing. See you all in a bit.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:48pm kat330:

There was a 4-5 year period where every 4th or 5th piece of mail we got was somehow ripped and/or torn half open. The excuse always: The machine did it.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:51pm Bronys:

We love the revived "My Little Pony" series--I think we could use them to deliver the mail. The "Brony Express".
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:52pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: At least that's a somewhat reasonable explanation for it, though that's a long time for them to let the machine rip the mail.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:53pm kat330:

Every FMU envelope we get seems half opened. Hm.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:54pm USPS:

Some of the employees tear open the corner to see if there's anything worth stealing in there. We frown on that, unless local labor agreements permt it.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:55pm kat330:

Well, (knocking on wood), the worst is behind us. We had a definitely hostile carrier until a year or so ago -- had to stop mag subscriptions that never arrived, etc. -- but a supervisor at the Knob Knee PO is quite a great guy and things are greatly improved.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:55pm bozo barrett:

Hey Irwin, I work for the post office and I had to transfer out of Jersey before getting laid off. Now I'm down to 3 days a week. Since I fit the WMFU bill can I get a job? By the way great show.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:56pm Woo:

  Wed. 2/8/12 3:56pm bill:

I had a subscription to a music magazine that included a bonus CD with every issue. Every single one over a period of years arrived missing the CD.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:58pm bozo barrett:

It's true. A lot of mail that comes into the post office from the distribution center comes in maulled. Their trying to automate everything on the fly so that causes some of the jams and actually slows down carrier delivery.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:58pm Matt from Springfield:

A Kooky Kovers block!
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:59pm kat330:

@USPS: Now I get it. You all are after those WF - MU decals.
  Wed. 2/8/12 3:59pm the glowing one:

Eighties! We're living in the eigthies!
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:00pm kat330:

@TGO: Speak for yourself! I skipped the '80s myself, had to catch up after Nirvana (tying it with the previous) woke me from some awful Raygun slumber.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:01pm Whitney 3:

"We are living in a box..Living in a card board box"...
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:02pm bozo barrett:

Did you know: The the penatilies for a USPS worker are harsher for tampering with the mail than a US Congressman guilty of insider stock trading.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:03pm kat330:

Heh, meter maids dole out harsher punishments than Congressmen need fear!
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:03pm USPS:

We have to catch em first. No budget line for that.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:04pm the glowing one:

kat330: those where song lyrics to the song Kurt Cobaine borrowed the riff from

but anyway, the 80s had a lot of great music, too. the 80s are underrated. I was underrating the 80s for a long time.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:04pm the glowing one:

where/were argh
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:05pm conrad:

@ glowing one: it's actually pronounced "Ay! Teez!"

This RIAA mashup has prompted quite the debate between Nirvana and Killing Joke fans:

What side you on?!
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:06pm kat330:

@TGO: Oh, I agree, I just didn't hear it contemporaneously -- had to catch up on it all in the '90s.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:06pm bozo barrett:

Did you know: That the USPS does not offer Federal health insurance to new postal employees. They have to foot the entire payment.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:06pm Caryn:

The automated sorting etc. at distribution centres is a pain. When I used to work for the post office, that was clearly the main reason for mail damages. (Although as a mail recipient, I've had stuff damaged by a mailman trying to stuff a big package through the small letter slot.) Never took anything from people's mail. The only exception: candy samples and free pens included in left over unaddressed junk mail.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Chris & Yo La Tengo, this is most definitely not a kooky kover; it's a kool kover!
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:06pm Whitney 3:

Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Flaunt it
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:07pm Caryn:

@Whitney 3: How come that just reminds me of "Profit"? Man, I loved that show.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:09pm the glowing one:

@kat330: I was a kid in the 80s so that music was my Mother's Milk (using a 80s song reference again)... but I forgot about much of it when I got older, well not all of it. but I came to think of the 80s as the decade with the funny hair and not much else.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:09pm USPS:

I'm not a martinet. Just try not to go postal and get us in the media.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:10pm Whitney 3:

  Wed. 2/8/12 4:11pm kat330:

Leftover from the hold-the-pee contest?
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:11pm USPS:

  Wed. 2/8/12 4:12pm danniB:

Chris Millar pronounces his name "Miller" rather than Mil-lar
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:12pm wildneil:

The USPS is Constitutionally mandated.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:12pm wildneil:

Its 1994 again.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:13pm kat330:

The best thing about catching up later was I could limit it to the cream of the crop, which is a bit harder if depending on radioplay. [FMU out of reach for me at the time]
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:13pm bozo barrett:

Save a mailman. Hire me at WFMU.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:15pm kat330:

@BB: I imagine many civil service jobs are discontinuing the sweet ride so many got for so many decades at taxpayers expense. If my generation and the one before (and probably the one right after me) were not so goddam greedy, maybe it wouldn't need to be so bleak for those just entering. True of the private sector as well.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:15pm Matt from Springfield:

@Irwin: You said you haven't heard a bad version of "Compared To What"--PROBLEM 1 SOLVED! I'll just put out a version of that, I don't sing!

And you said there isn't a bad album by Yo La Tengo--normally that would be beyond my reach. You can't just make a band record poor material--until now! PROBLEM 2 SOLVED! I can donate a crapload this Marathon to have YLT play some terrible songs!
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:15pm Mike Fun:

Hey kids, is it just me, or does the volume seem much lower now than at the beginning of the show? I'm listening online.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:16pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mike Flash player is fine, in fact this Stereolab sounds louder than other tracks today.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:17pm bozo barrett:

Here's a insipring Christmas tale. Delivering Express Mail on Christmas Sunday. One of the few days I get to work now. Amount of Christmas tips = $0.00. No milk or cookies either. LOL
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:17pm still b/p:

My WFMU donation solicitation arrived with a corner opened a few days ago. Looked exactly like the work of fingers.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:17pm Matt from Springfield:

It's McCartneyFan2011!! Hell, I'll just have her sing "Compared To What"!!
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:17pm Keith in Vermont:

My Post Office non-rant: FedEx and their kind are praised as business geniuses for delivering a letter to me overnight for $15. When our Post Office does the same thing—or in two days—for less than 50 cents (!) they're painted as hopelessly incompetent. Folks, we got it backwards. (Yeah, us Vermonters are all socialists.)
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:19pm Whitney 3:

Prefab Sprout
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:19pm USPS:

Those FMU flyers are so colorful-looking through the white paper. Make them more businesslike so our employees are not entrapped into peeking.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:19pm paula pc:

@ Keith -- so right
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:19pm bozo barrett:

The potential illegal alien delivering chinese food got tipped better than the dopey mailman on Christmas. I bring you late gifts now!
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:20pm Matt from Springfield:

@Keith: I agree, the Postal Service is a (not perfect, but) fine "public option". Anywhere in the country for 44¢ up. Let the competition specialize in the more expensive premium services.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:21pm Caryn:

@Keith: yeah, and after that footage of the FedEx guy throwing fragile packages over walls to "deliver" them, I'm not exactly putting a lot of faith in those guys (although with both the postal service and FedEx, it's individual scumbags giving everyone a bad name).
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Speaking of which, I got my pledge letter and packet on Monday. Nice colors, nice layout!

Get ready for the Marathon everyone!
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:21pm kurt:

Excuse me, I propose a tost. Here's to the USPS.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Did you work in the USPS, or in Finland's post office? Or still another country?
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:23pm kat330:

I'll certainly toast to the carrier supervisor here locally! Here, here, John!
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:24pm USPS:

We mostly deliver junk mail now. The internet is replacing us, just like automobiles replaced buggies and streets paved with flattened horse crap. Too bad there's that %$#*ing law that we have to break even annually.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:24pm Caryn:

@Matt: the Finnish one. My sister works there now.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:25pm USPS:

That's "Hear! Hear!"
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:25pm kat330:

Ahhh, sleigh ride becomes "lei ride"!
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:26pm kat330:

I actually prefer my own spelling twist" "Hear here!"
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:26pm Matt from Springfield:

Great Latin version of Lara's Theme--at first I thought it was a Jamaican ska cover.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:27pm Woo:

USPS would be fine financially if they were not required to fund their pensions 75 years in advance.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:28pm kat330:

The steel guitars (?) sounded Hawaiian to me, then they started singing.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:28pm Dr. Zhivago:

Нет, благодарю вас.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:29pm Caryn:

I always loved the apparently true story that the balalaika players who played the original "Lara's Theme" stuff couldn't read sheet music and had to be taught the music by hand. It's like the young composer who wrote a 16-page harp piece for Harpo Marx to play in a movie, only to find out that Harpo couldn't read sheet music.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@Woo: The other issue besides that is, for all their bitching, Congress doesn't ALLOW them to do anything without permission. Most Americans supported ended Saturday deliveries. Congress forbade them. So they proposed closing post offices--Congress also didn't want that, makes their districts look bad, they say. As a government "corporation" I thought they would have more autonomy than that...
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:30pm kat330:

Re: upcoming marathon swag, the new Brian Chippendale T-shirt brings to mind Richard Thompson's "1952 Vincent Black Lightning."
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:32pm wildneil:

The USPS gets no tax dollars. They also deliver a LOT of letters for FED EX and UPS...since they cannot afford to...
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:32pm USPS:

@Woo: Just as all companies have been required to do by federal ERISA since the 70s. Only government entities exempt themselves from actuarial rules for future pension obligations -- as many states and even the feds have been suddenly discovering recently. Policy people knew 30 years ago from simple math and life expectancy that it was a huge looming issue.

But election horizons for politicians are every 2/4/6 years, and entire careers are often no more than 20 or 30 years. A 50 or 75 year time horizon is invisible, when they calculate how to be popular with voters.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:33pm kat330:

The red cat could be Red Molly? "There's nothing in this world / Beats a '52 Vincent and a redheaded girl." And as for "James" (or "Hagar") "Red hair and black leather / My favorite color scheme."
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:35pm Alison Porchnik:

Beats Shania Twain
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:35pm jan:

Hey Irwin, I am here listening right now. Thanks for the generous shout out and the seasoned comments, too.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:35pm Billy Bob:

Tell ya what, these Dan and Joel are some okay cowboys, boy howdy.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:35pm Groucho:

Harpo can't read a menu either, but he knows the special of the day at 400 restaurants. And which waitresses live alone.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:35pm Matt from Springfield:

A Great Many, never disappoints.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:37pm Alison Porchnik:

  Wed. 2/8/12 4:37pm Caryn:

Harpo also got so tired of Chico always stealing his watches and hocking them to pay for his gambling debts that when he got a nice watch as a present, he took the hands off it so he could keep it. Wore it happily for years.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:45pm Carmichael:

kat, is that you quoting Richard Thompson?? One of my all-time favorite guitarist/songwriters.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:45pm other david:

Ah, Irwin's show will cure what ails me.

Good evening folks, comments are as varied and eccentric as ever :)
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:46pm Alison Porchnik:

Atonally fingersnappin
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:47pm Whitney 3:

ZWERG will save you all
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:48pm Alison Porchnik:

Zwerg - as in German gnomes?
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:48pm kat330:

@Carm: 'Tis I, yes. Sorry if tardy, was in the kitchen working on dinner.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:49pm kat330:

And I'll fight you for the RT fandom title. :)
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:49pm Whitney 3:

Alison Yes and no. he is also a cool artist @ .ca
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:50pm Whitney 3:

High art for Low Living
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:51pm Alison Porchnik:

all Zwerg are cool artists as far as I'm concerned.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:52pm Alison Porchnik:

Irwin is going to make me cry now.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:52pm Irwin:

Blame LC
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:53pm Whitney 3:

  Wed. 2/8/12 4:53pm Alison Porchnik:

LC is always to blame.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:53pm vanya:

i`m crying with you alison
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:54pm Alison Porchnik:

Now I'm laughing.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:55pm vanya:

  Wed. 2/8/12 4:56pm Alison Porchnik:

I'd like to hear Amanda cover this.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:56pm kat330:

I quite like this cover (good to cook by, too).
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:57pm G:

My classical guitar teacher in England in the mid 70s was a big LC fan. I still have a book of LC sheet music (pages all pulled out of the glue backing) with guitar tabs. I performed some of them in high school for events. Olden days...
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:57pm Mike East:

Bill Callahan playing lincoln center tonight.
  Wed. 2/8/12 4:59pm kat330:

It was Judy Collins who introduced LC to me. Joni, too, for that matter. And Jacques Brel. I owe a lot to Suite Judy Blue Eyes.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:02pm G:

must be pretty unimportant if you have a hard time remembering his name.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:02pm G:

Robert Crisco? Sounds like a greazeball.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:03pm Alison Porchnik:

Here it comes...
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:03pm bill:

He was confusing you with Newt Gingrich
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:04pm kat330:

What exactly do you hustle, Irwin?
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:04pm Carmichael:

Irwin, quit pacing and punching the air. Andy will confuse him into retirement.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:05pm G:

He retired last year or the year before. Now he has time for 7SD
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Get to the UCB Theater, NYC area tedious ideologues! C'mon, hustle!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:05pm G:

Irwin hustles listening to a wider range of music than Crisco has ever even heard of.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:06pm Matt from Springfield:

I wish you had confronted him personally, Irwin!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:06pm kat330:

@Carm: I noticed now going back the double question mark on RT, as if you can't believe I know him -- or like him??
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:08pm Irwin:

I love that quote. I cherish it more than anything RC has contributed to the world of rock criticism.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:09pm Carmichael:

@kat: they meant happy disbelief. No one around these parts has a clue who he is. Course, I'm not originally from these parts, so maybe I just moved to the wrong parts. I was just surprised at the casual reference to my secret musical "find".
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:11pm kat330:

What part are you in again? I can credit Harry Shearer (Barry Adamson connection there) with introducing me to RT & LT. Guess around '83? Shoot Out the Lights got a lot of turntable play in my crib.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:12pm G:

"anything RC has contributed to the world of rock criticism" <--- lowish hurdle
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:13pm kat330:

So I guess there was a segment of the '80s I was awake for after all -- whatever came out of KCRW.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:13pm G:

it's snowing in NYC (in Brooklyn, anyhoo). Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, and all that...
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:14pm Carmichael:

I'm in Sacramento. Big Fairport/Sandy Denny fan, so I've been at it awhile. Since Liege & Lief, anyway. God, it hurts thinking about how long ago that was!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:14pm The Longmonster:

Longmont Represent!!!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:16pm kat330:

@G: Oh, yeah, I was going to warn youse guys about that. We had a dusting here when we awoke this morning.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:16pm G:

It was a 30% chance in the weather forecast. Now it's 100%
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:17pm bill:

No snow in midtown
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Heh heh, this is the same guy who punked Eddie Money backstage!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:17pm jonathan:

ah, thank you Irwin.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:17pm emmagineering:

here in the south it's already summer! at least until the arctic ice spike creeps north from lake vostok and kills us all... enjoying the show, hustle feather in the cap and all.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:17pm G:

It's been snowing near an hour near Brooklyn College
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:18pm kat330:

@Carm: Seriously no other fans there? That surprises me. True, it was Ahnold town, but it's still California not the sticks.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:20pm me:

comedy, they name is... whatever the heck that was
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:21pm me:

Why the heck is Dick Dale so tight? Why wouldn't anyone want $1400 worth of cables from guam
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:21pm Carmichael:

Ya, what can ya do? I need some new friends.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:22pm me:

Trade up your old friends.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: I've been periodically checking the webcams to see if it's snowing yet--a little wet in the DC area, wintry mix but nothing big yet. Out WEST, on the other hand is bathed in snow already!

I was also checking NYC area webcams, since I'm listening to FMU. Doesn't look like a lot anywhere in the boroughs, but Brooklyn and the outer areas starting to get some.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:23pm me:

Is there some way I can listen to 3 or 4 irwins at once?
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:24pm Carmichael:

Buy a quadrophonic system, me.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:25pm G:

If it's working up from the south (I haven't see radar), the leading edge of the snow has been seven miles or less south of Battery Park (southern tip of Manhattan) for an hour or so now.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@me: When Irwin comes on @3, have 3 Archives of Irwin on Pop-Up Player ready to go. Use the Lee Morgan theme as your syncing point. Then, let 'er rip!!

If you miss Irwin, you can do this after hours, using 4 Pop-Up Players.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:29pm kat330:

The previous tune from this album was also lovely, Irwin. The a cappella, pure-voiced woman.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:30pm Carmichael:

Oh BTW, did anyone else have tacos for lunch?
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:30pm . Missed:

There's no Jewish people in Uganda!
If there was, WFMU would've played their music by now!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:31pm kat330:

We're having fish tacos for dinner, AAMOF.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:32pm Matt from Springfield:

@Irwin: Is Harper on your premium this year? I noticed you said recordings by girls "2 to 16"--Harper's probably the lower end of that.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:32pm other david:

Cold pizza for dinner, I am living the life.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:33pm kat330:

That decision was already in the works way before I saw Ken's playlist discussion.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:33pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: What kind of fish? Salmon? Tilapia?
@OD: Livin' the dream! :)
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:33pm Irwin:

@Matt: Harper is the "2."
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:34pm Whitney 3:

Homemade Lazagna (VEG) made with homemade pasta et al.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:34pm kat330:

Last time I prepared them I was also on this playlist -- some several weeks ago. It was mahi mahi then, tilapia tonight. Was originally planned for Monday night, but didn't have something I needed.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:36pm kat330:

@Whitney3: Homemade pasta -- ambitious and delicious, I'm sure!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@Irwin: I figured that would be likely.
@kat330: Mmm, delicious!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:36pm Whitney 3:

very Delicious Kat330
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:38pm kat330:

@other david: Um, maybe you live near Whitney 3?
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:40pm kat330:

I'm just sayink, you know, coidn't hoit to suggest....
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:41pm Whitney 3:

I live on the Bay of Fundy. highest tides in the world...
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:41pm Caryn:

Dinner today: a plate of rice. I am thinking of getting some tex-mex on Friday, though.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:42pm Carmichael:

I'm going the Other David route, only my pizza will be warm.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:43pm other david:


*makes a boat out of cold pizza and begins rowing across the Atlantic*

I'll be there in in 6 to 7 weeks Whitney, keep the Veggie Lasagne warm!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@Whitney: I'm too far from the Bay of Fundy, from appaloosas and eagles and tides.

(Though I am interested in eventually seeing Fundy, as well as Gros Morne NP in Newfoundland. Maybe I could make them on the same trip!)
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:43pm kat330:

@Caryn: Sounds like the "dinners" Juha was always having when we'd have our hours-long transatlantic chats in '97-'99 -- rice or ramen noodles.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:44pm kat330:

@Matt: YESS!! You win my happy, happy prize for the night!!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:45pm Whitney 3:

Matt from Springfield - You will love it!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:45pm kat330:

Although, scrolling back now, OD, you're a close second! Heh!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: I remembered a recent chat about "Coyote", perfect way to bring it around! :) (And I still remember the lyrics--only needed to look up the spelling of "appaloosas" just now!)

For the dinner route I may either have some leftover cheese tortellini from Monday, or if the weather's chilly and snowy, heat a shepherd's pie.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:46pm kat330:

Nicht richt!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:47pm Carmichael:

Play some Amanda for XGau, Irwin. Rub his face in it.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:47pm Listening Out There:

...phonetic Honeycombs. The Day is Now Complete...
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:47pm Listening Out There:

...a version of their hit, "Have I the Reich"...
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:48pm Caryn:

@kat: yeah, when your monthly WFMU donation reduces your daily food budget to somewhere between 5 and 20 cents, rice it is. Try to treat myself and save up a few times, which is where the tex-mex (and the coupon I'll use for it) comes in.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:49pm Caryn:

Dan and Joel are starting to feel like old friends, we hear them so regularly.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:50pm Carmichael:

@Caryn: and this year, you have to pay for an extra day. Or no, wait, do you get a FREE day? Never mind, I was trying to save you some money.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:50pm kat330:

Yes, Matt, I remember that topic, too. How that was the Joni getting the most radio play even if not in my top 5 of the album. And then the Steely Dan "Kid Charlemagne" comparison...yes, life is one big loop.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:51pm G:

Isn't Irwin saving Amanda up for marathon week? Wee'll see in the next 5-7 minutes.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:52pm kat330:

A Wonder Wheel.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:54pm kat330:

When I was at theater school in Manhattan (age 19), I survived on solely brown rice (bought a 50-lb bag at Erewhon in Boston). I had a $100/mo. budget and my half of a studio apartment was $90, and bus fare was $12/mo.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:54pm Caryn:

@Carm: either way, the thought is appreciated :)
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:55pm Carmichael:

I should be sitting somewhere drinking a Mai Tai with this music.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:56pm G:

Xgau Hypothetical: "Amanda is audio archeology documenting the pitiful spawn of Casio Corporation and rugrats in sad need of far higher doses of their ADHD drugs. Appealing only to members of the sexual molester registry. F"
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:57pm kat330:

Nooooo, not bitter! :)
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Great show Irwin! Great commenters too, A++!
Transitioning over to 7SD--if I don't see you there, have a good night! :)
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:58pm J.T.:

Great show, thanks Irwin! Good playlist too, bocoors.
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:59pm kat330:

Will be there after the tacos are ready -- thanks, Irwin!
  Wed. 2/8/12 5:59pm other david:

Great show Irwin and thanks commenty folks for making me smile :)
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