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Options February 22, 2012: Marathon Week 1: with co-hostess Liz Berg

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Irwin's marathon premium CD (art by Elizabeth Sorrentino, age 6)

Two illustrations from Norman Pettingill, Backwoods Humorist, published by Fantagraphics.
The book (the cover is wood!) is the grand prize for this marathon shift.

Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Katinka  I Am A Twinkling Star   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  0:18:23 ()
Teddybears (with Laza Morgan)  Get Fresh With You   Options Devil's Music  0:24:53 ()
Belle and Sebastian  Write About Love   Options Write About Love  0:36:15 ()
Super Furry Animals  Rings Around the World (WFMU mix)   Options Rings Around the World  0:38:42 ()
Remi Nicole  Go Mr. Sunshine   Options Remi Nicole  0:41:48 ()
Joan Marie Polo  Go, Go, Fight, Fight   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  0:45:09 ()
Mike Doughty  Na Na Nothing   Options Yes and Also Yes  0:59:17 ()
Ursula 1000 (featuring Ms. G)  Disko-Tech   Options Mondo Beyondo  1:02:18 ()
Pink Lemonade  Slam Dance   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  1:05:25 ()
HelenRuth31  I Love You Like a Love Song (Selena Gomez)   Options Me Singing ...  1:09:12 ()
Dan Bryk  Normal   Options Discount Store  1:27:10 ()
Amor de Días  House of Flint   Options Street of the Love of Days  1:30:20 ()
Dan Tullis & Joel Clark  The Tullis & Clark Expedition   Options marathon prize CD  1:49:54 ()
Ivy  She Really Got to You   Options All Hours  2:05:25 ()
Eleanor Friedberger  Heaven   Options Last Summer  2:08:59 ()
Denise Rosner/Camp Akiba (1976)  Big Spender   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  2:13:39 ()
Teddybears (feat. Robyn)  Cardiac Arrest   Options Devil's Music  2:15:19 ()
The Frank Cunimondo Trio featuring Lynn Marino  Beyond the Clouds   Options Feelin' Good  2:18:00 ()
Ariel Pink  Menopause Man   Options Before Today  2:33:12 ()
Drunks With Guns  Zombie   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  2:38:04 ()
Fountains of Wayne  Elevator Up   Options Out-of-State Plates  2:40:27 ()
York Wilborn's Pychedelic Six  Wheezin'   Options Deep Sounds from the Left of Stax  2:45:02 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 2/22/12 3:03pm rrg:

Well, hello, all.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:04pm hamburger:

irrrrr-winnnning aaaand the liz-zanity!! woooooo...
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:05pm Caryn:

Woo! Irwin & Liz in the hizzouse!
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Long live the seriously *backwards* humor of Irwin!
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:06pm Mark in VT:

how much do we need to pledge for that grand prize? Looks really cool. I already did my mouse to Ken's show but have more bucks in the pocket to spread around throughout the marathon for various things.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Hooray Mark, having enough money for the marathon is great! This year I'm also spreading out my pledge over all the shows I like; it's like cash-filled cream cheese over the cosmic FMU bagel...
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Ridiculous, Irwin!
At least Liz B is a certified Marathon-Life-Coach.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:12pm Mr. Two-Arms:

Ugh, another one of these marathon shows, Irwin? Sorry WFMU, gotta tune out for the next 3 hours :(
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:13pm hamburger:

kinda sounds like a sesame street version of wfmu :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:13pm Mark in VT:

viagra pills.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:14pm Matt from Springfield:

No no not Ken's leftovers again!
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:14pm earwax:

Don't take Ken's pills! They cause hallucinations.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:15pm Caryn:

You didn't get sushi from the nearby pharmacy, did you, Irwin? Because I don't think that's good sushi... See what's happened to you!
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha ha, Burbage Hinckley does sound like a "Yes Minister" character. Sir Burbage Hinckley, he was the Minister for External Finance I believe...
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:17pm Caryn:

I do like the reveal that Irwin is familiar with "Yes, Minister"...
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:17pm Danne D:

Support radio that makes you tune out for 3 hours sometimes! Pledge now! 800-989-9368
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:19pm Danne D:

Pledge $370 in honor of 37 years :) Just so happens that'll put you in the Mouse of Today category :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:19pm Matt from Springfield:

37th anniversary gifts:
wheel of yak's cheese (traditional)
porcelain backscratcher (modern)
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:21pm Marmalade Kitty:

are there any archived shows from the 50's & 60's?
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:21pm Caryn:

37th anniversary is alabaster, so... hmm...
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:22pm Matt from Springfield:

YES!! Katinka!! One of my fav Irwin girls!!!
(According to the LP which I saw on the Net somewhere, she was age 6. Recorded "modern nursery rhymes for children").
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 3:23pm Liz B.:

Snag Irwin's DJ Premium: pledge $75 or more!
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@MKitty: Hour of the Duck with Lou D'Antonio. They didn't Archive shows then, but they've uploaded some very old tapes of him to the Archive. Also Aircheck has some old radio tapes, including some WFMU.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:24pm esther:

Irwin, maybe you should get your Great Aunt Min to call in if you want those phones to be a'jinglin' janglin'.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:24pm David:

If I don't hear an Amanda song in THIS mix, I know something is wrong with the universe.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 3:25pm Liz B.:

A pledge of $100 or more gets you in the running for the beautiful Norman Pettingill book (wood cover)!
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:25pm Eric K:

I've been waiting a whole year to donate on Irwin's show. It's like Christmas finally arrived.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:25pm Marmalade Kitty:

hour of the duck ..:)
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@Eric: You could've done the online fundraiser this fall! But, I agree that it's a bigger thrill to have your name read on WFMU!
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:27pm Mark in VT:

Is that book signed by Pettingill? Or a special edition?
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Are you kidding, Liz? Irwin's STILL a teenager! Although, a responsible, vacuuming one with a great taste in liquor.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:33pm glenn:

give those stinking hippies miracle soap!
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:34pm Lou:

ugh...let me check the archives from yesterday...
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Irwin's right:

I was referred to this page a while back, Maude from "Harold And Maude" is one. Babs from "What's Up Doc?" is another good example.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:36pm Matt from Springfield:

What's the level for the (Global Domination) Tote Bag?
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:36pm Alison Porchnik:

Damn, I thought I was going to get somewhere with that bag. $180 just to carry groceries?
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:37pm Danne D:

Bianca Bob is one of the coolest FMU supporters/volunteers there is :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:38pm glenn:

go to pusateri's, alison.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:38pm Mark in VT:

septuagenarian teenager. these days.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 3:39pm Liz B.:

A $15 pledge gets you in the running for either the Belle & Sebastian CD or the Marco Benevento CD.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:40pm Alison Porchnik:

I don't know Pusateri's.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:40pm glenn:

oh. i thought you were in toronto. my mistake.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:43pm Danne D:

Hey Alison, glad to see you jumping into comments world. Welcome.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:43pm Alison Porchnik:

@ Glenn - No, Brooklyn. But it will impress the cashiers at my food co-op, I suppose. Maybe it will even get me off some work shifts. That in itself is worth $180.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:45pm Alison Porchnik:

@Danne - Oh, I've been here before. Once the entire conversation devolved to my lactose intolerance issues. Where have you been?
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:45pm Danne D:

Lovin' this DJ collage of sound :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:46pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm giving a total much more than $180, so at the end of the Marathon I'll definitely dig that Global Domination Bag!
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:46pm glenn:

lactose intolerant = code for fartiness.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:46pm Danne D:

It only seems like I comment on every show (and I mostly do marathon time) but I'm usually not on the daytime boards too much.

This is the Hyundai girl playing now, eh?
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:48pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: Ditto! WFMU Mixes of marathon snippets really good this time of year!

Yes Danne, Alison's now a frequent commenter on Irwin's board. You should plunge into our icy, quirky water more often! :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:49pm Matt from Springfield:

Joan Marie Polo!! She was what, 14 at the time? Is she on the premium? I love her stuff as well.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:49pm Matt from Springfield:

That she IS!!! :D
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:53pm David:

  Wed. 2/22/12 3:53pm Matt from Springfield:

AMANDA COMPLETISTS!! PLEDGE and get this premium NOW!!!!
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:55pm Pezonik:

Lauri may also be a male name
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:55pm Caryn:

It's a male name in Finland, Liz & Irwin.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:55pm Matt from Springfield:

So where is your umlaut, Cäryn? ;)
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:55pm David:

My uvula has an umlaut.
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:55pm Lauri:

In Finland Lauri is a he, not a she :)
thx anyways!
  Wed. 2/22/12 3:57pm Caryn:

@Matt: no part of my name has an umlaut. Actually, come to think of it, no-one in my entire family has an umlaut in their name. Of course, our ä and ö are separate letters of their own, so we don't consider the umlauts to be umlauts, technically.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Caryn, enlightening look at Finnish names!

Same goes to Lauri! (Do you know if your name is a Finnish version of "Lawrence", or something like that?)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 4:02pm Liz B.:

Sorry we messed up, Lauri!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:03pm ChrisB.:

Abra Cadaver!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha ha, funny you should say "skeleton in the closet" Irwin, I actually have quite the amusing story about how my skeleton was a cadaver when I first brought it home! So I got a call from Virginia Tech's anatomy department when...
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:03pm Carmichael:

Hi pledgers. Still waiting for the miracle of Payday, when my financial clearing house account enters a 24-hour solvency phase.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:04pm Danne D:

Hey Carmichael :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:05pm Carmichael:

Hiya Danne.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:05pm Alison Porchnik:

When I was six my mom and I visited her medical-student boyfriend's cadaver lab. I insisted I wanted to go inside, but perhaps this was only because I didn't want to wait outside alone. Her boyfriend unzipped the body bag to reveal a pile of cold cuts with a head attached that looked like Telly Savalas. He was missing an eye. I remember staring into that dark eye socket, and imagining that at any moment his good eye was going to pop open and look back at me. Ever since, I've carried a torch for Telly Savalas.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:06pm wild Neil:

No shit, there I was....

...I was working for a landscaper/chimney sweep company. They knew I was an "artist" who was kind of "underground" so they told me to come to a jobsite.

The jobsite was the basement of a brownstone in Brooklyn somewhere (I forget...maybe it was Manhattan)...

In any case, the owners had a human hand (mummified or preserved) cut off about 6 inches above the wrist. They wanted $150.

I passed, but told Julian Laverdiere who also went to Cooper Union..( he also did the 9-11 memorial of the large hollow tubes of spotlights to commemmorate the first anniversery of 9/11...

Not sure he ever bought them...figured since he was heavily into the Victorian mad scientist/ quack medicine/ inventor bag that I figured he would...

Creepy, right? Pretty sure it was NOT wax...it was preserved human fleshj in that it was....leathery....and stank of formaldehyde....
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:06pm Caryn:

@Matt: Lauri, like Lawrence, Lars, Laurent and Lorenzo is derived from the Latin name Laurentius, meaning "adorned with laurels".
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 4:07pm Liz B.:

Prizes up for grabs:
Mike Doughty LP
Dissection book

pledge $15 or more to get in the running!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:08pm Mark in VT:

Yes. The global dom wfmu bag will be nice to have. It looks like the kind you use to the grocery, is it like that? Often or about every time I go to the grocery and use my own bag I wish I had one that was wfmu.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:08pm Doug S.:

Mike Doughty once blogged that an FMU DJ was "cracking him up."
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:10pm Mark in VT:

I like how Liz is laying it out frequently on the comments about the status of the offerings and such. That is very helpful.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:11pm trish:

Laurel ~ Spanish-latin derived Laurus
- laurel tree
See also - Canary Islands
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Thanks...Lars, didn't know that was part of the same family of names.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:12pm Danne D:

I was smart to enough to have as my dissection partner my best friend all through school who later went on to be a doctor. I went along for the ride mostly.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:13pm trish:

exhaustively wordy see also: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/laurus
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:13pm Matt from Springfield:

@Doug: And certainly Mike wasn't referring to Andy Breckman!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:14pm Marc:

Bring Lizsanity to Irwin's show.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:15pm Stan:

It certainly is, Ollie.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:15pm Doug S.:

@Matt that is correct, Sir!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:15pm hamburger:

oh the horrors this guy's bedroom mirror must have witnessed.. horrrrorr
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:21pm Web Listener:

I'm not fat! I'm, big spectrumed!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:23pm Ike:

I always take the stairs. Why risk it?
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:24pm Danne D:

only kind of bed bugs at FMU are Music Bed Bugs :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:24pm Matt from Springfield:

No bedbug problem, thanks to the Old Codger's volunteer duty of stomping out bugs.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:24pm Laura L:

Sorry, I had the interruption of work so missed my opportunity to say "Dissection" is not as gruesome as WFMU will be if people don't send in their pledges!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:24pm Danne D:

@Ike - I unthinkingly took the elevator at the beginning of my first marathon shift. Won't be doing that again :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:25pm Mark in VT:

I wonderif that elevator is so out of shape because of all the weight during the record fair. I imagine the max weight is way over at many times with all those boxes of records and band equipment.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:25pm hamburger:

and earwormss - so many ear worms...
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:28pm Martin.Copenhagen:

Sorry i only listened with half an ear for a second...Who was dying of lyme disease???
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:29pm \|----------|/:

Liz B. is not faking discomfort over the idea of having to take over if Ken dies. She is also not faking discomfort with Irwin, I don't think, or his creepy premium. makes the show very peculiar. Pledge for PECULIAR uncomfortable radio!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 4:31pm Liz B.:

Prizes up for grabs:
Amor de Dias CD
Deidre O'Connell Blind Tom book

pledge $15 or more to get in the running!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:32pm Laura L:

Peculiar radio and now playing a song called "Normal."
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:33pm Detroit Mac:

OK - I've put up my $180 pledge (@Martin... Station Manager KEN has Lymes disease.) No Puppy for me yet (for those who were commenting earlier today)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 4:34pm Liz B.:

Don't forget about the grand prize, people: pledge $100 or more to get in the running for the wood-covered Norman Pettingill book!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:36pm Caryn:

@Detroit Mac: well, your pledge is big enough for you to adopt one of the station dogs, if any of them are still left?
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:38pm Martin.Copenhagen:

If detected early lymes can be treated quite succesful.If you´ve had the infection for a long time it can create inreversible nervedamage etc...Hope the "Dying"-part was just meant to be a joke?
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:38pm Alison Porchnik:

Q: what is a "mouse of today"?
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:40pm Marc:

Found the bjork "fool on the hill" on youtube
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:41pm Alison Porchnik:

OK, Irwin - I'll believe in my powers of domination when I get the bag.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:41pm Marc:

@alison $365 pledge.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:45pm Matt from Springfield:

How insulting! That noise was ALL the EAS pledged??!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:45pm snipeypuss:

I thought Madonna was the global domination bag.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:46pm Danne D:

Didn't Kenny G once do a collection of Emergency Broadcast System messages for a premium one year?
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:47pm Martin.Copenhagen:

  Wed. 2/22/12 4:47pm glenn:

oh snipeypuss. or should i say SNAPpypuss.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:47pm Mark in VT:

Some of the pics that guy drew I wonder if he also had "wood" while drawing them. Some are creepy.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:47pm Danne D:

@Alison Funds at the Mouse of Today level are dedicated towards keeping the station's Webstream (and the expensive bandwith it takes) up and running :) Plus you are entitled to 7 DJ premiums!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:48pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Someone may be able to give more details, but I believe WFMU had a donation slogan "house of tomorrow" years ago. "Mouse of today" is a variation of that.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Julie just played 11 year old Björk's Icelandic "Fool On The Hill"! If I met Björk I would ask she still can sing it!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:50pm Officer Dan:

I was on Married With Children
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:50pm Alison Porchnik:

@Thanks, Danne and Ken. I already went into hock for global domination (and the drum kit) so the mouse of today will have to wait until a tomorrow long into the future (i.e., after I pay off my credit card).
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:50pm PMD:

I just heard this ad on the radio, for real, man.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:51pm Caryn:

OMG, Dan Tullis is Officer Dan? Oh sweet lord, they're rerunning Married With Children over here right now. Nice.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:51pm The New Yorker:

Jiselle:"Next time you talk to [Bjork], tell her a little girl says, `Wow!'"
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:51pm Wikipedia:

Dan Tullis, Jr. (credited as Dan Tullis) is an American actor most notable for his role as Officer Dan on the sitcom Married... with Children. He has also appeared in other shows such as The District, Home Improvement, 227 and Rachel Gunn, R.N..

Tullis is currently serving as a radio and television spokesman for Select Quote Insurance, a life insurance company. Tullis identifies himself by name at the start of each ad so as to avoid confusion with Dennis Haysbert, a spokesman for another insurance carrier.

In 1976, he appeared with his family on the game show Family Feud. Nine years later, he appeared on Tic Tac Dough, winning more than $15,000 in cash and prizes.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:52pm Alison Porchnik:

God I hope I don't win Tullis & Clark.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:52pm Danne D:

@Ken From Hyde Park You are correct. Back when the station was looking to escape the ghost campus in East Orange they had to raise money to buy the great location in Jersey City where they are now. That was called the "House of Tomorrow" fund. I got a nifty sweatshirt for it (which is now pretty much destroyed I think) :(

The Dan Tullis/Joel Clark commercial is one of those that just would drive you crazy on your commute home, tis true.

Right now I wanna shoot that guy that says "Mortgages should be illegal - because you are getting ROBBED every month".

The great thing about FMU is that you don't have such ads - well, except in remix form.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:52pm Matt from Springfield:

Embrace the "suck", Alison.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:53pm G:

Sorry, late! Gave a carless pal a ride to a dental surgery, and it lasted three hours!

I sponsored this comments board during its initial year of sponsorship, this past year, starting just before Dan & Joel last spring.

Last week, while I was wondering if I should give someone else a chance and not be selfish, Abby sponsored the comment board here. I'll still be on the board, but my benevolent nondictator days here are over for at least a year. (I pledged last week, and adopted Monica's board for this year, because I'm often by a keyboard on Sunday evenings, too.)

So does Abby use a different name when commenting? I don't see an Abby above, so far!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 4:54pm Liz B.:

You know you can't resist the suck of Tullis & Clark! Pledge $15 or more to get in the running!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:55pm Laura L:

@ PMD, I've heard that ad played on 1010WINS many times--now you can never hear it for real without waiting for it to be messed with!
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:55pm efd:

These Tullis and Clark remixes are the best thing ever. As I've said before, the only thing I don't like about it is that I didn't think of it myself.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:56pm glenn:

on the other hand , i do love katey sagal.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:56pm Danne D:

genius idea, getting to sponsor comments boards - someone must be a big fan of the comments boards to have thought of that :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:57pm Caryn:

@Alison: yesterday, someone explained that the "mouse of today", while referencing the "house of tomorrow" fund, is called what it is, because the money goes into the online bandwith costs (computers have mouses, thus it is the mouse pledge).
@G: maybe, like many benevolent dictators, she plans to stay in the background, while she has her minions comment for her. Except when there is something big going down, when she will comment herself.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:57pm Alison Porchnik:

I'd go for a T&C mega mix entirely in ASL. Even on DVD. Think about that for next year's premium, Irwin.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:58pm hopey:

I don't care what anyone says, I love these.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:58pm Carmichael:

Will the comments board actually be called the "Listener Joe Blow Comments Board"? For a whole year?!? That might be pretty cool.
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:58pm glenn:

for danne. - http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/trd/2865366296.html
  Wed. 2/22/12 4:59pm Danne D:

Tullis and Clark did such a good job with exploring the Louisiana Purchase
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:00pm Caryn:

My tv is on, with the sound down. Guess what show is on right now? Yep, Married With Children.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:00pm Jim:

Danne D @4:56 EST: WFMU once had a cinderblock on its adoption page. Make of that what you will.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:00pm Danne D:

@Glenn outstanding :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:01pm glenn:

huh. i was gonna guess get smart.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:01pm Danne D:

@Jim - I think it's a fine investment for those who like cinderblocks :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:02pm G:

I searched "playlist" and "comment board" in the adoption set and there are maybe ten or fifteen available. Monica's board was not available when I first looked the adoption set over, but it appeared last week, so more playlists may have been addded since I got done pledging the middle of last week. Last week there were only a few available, but I imagine more and more will be added in coming marathons as more boards get going.

You can name the board what you want, within reason. Last year this board was "the Endlessly Blathering... [etc. etc.] Irwin Show Comments Board Sponsored by [my name]." That label stayed up in the adoption set till it was reset a few weeks ago for this year's marathon.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:02pm Danne D:

@Jim though I did throw my shoulder out there patting my own back :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:03pm Scuttle:

What's the background music right now?
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:04pm trish:

Everybody clap!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:04pm Caryn:

@glenn: oh if only... I would love for them to rerun "Get Smart". I don't think they've ever rerun the whole series before.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:05pm Danne D:

Liz you were great doing Devo :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:06pm Crazy Rock Bluesman:

I'm your Herky-Jerky Man!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:06pm Danne D:

No surprise that Gaylord would be the leader :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:08pm Matt from Springfield:

OMFG YES IRWIN!! We will hold you to your decision!
Live Amanda covers! H&M!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:11pm Mark in VT:

who won the Blind Tom book and what else? Wife and kid came home with usual commotion and I missed it. And I was doing dishes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 5:12pm Liz B.:

Blind Tom book went to Paul in Chatham NJ.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:12pm Matt from Springfield:

Was I in the running for the Blind Tom and Amor de Dias? I pledged before then, but didn't hear me announced. Otherwise I would be in this one..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 5:13pm Liz B.:

You were in the running, Matt, but the prizes ended up going to others, sorry!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:15pm Mark in VT:

Sometimes I got a prize and did not know it until the time the swag comes in the mail later in the year. A nice surprise.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Liz, as long as I know which side of the divide I'm on!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:16pm Carmichael:

Get back on those dishes, Mark!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:16pm Danne D:

lol I've had that happen to me too, Mark, always cool when that happens :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:16pm G:

Matt is always on the side of the divide :-)
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:17pm Danne D:

I have this song from a previous Irwin marathon premium :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 5:17pm Liz B.:

Hey, big spenders! Where are ya???
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:18pm Alison Porchnik:

I love the chord shifts in this song. I think it's time for me to devise an arrangement for ukulele.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:18pm lewis:

you know that you have been listening to wfmu for a long time when tracks start showing up on multiple premium CDs in your collection - my iPod played this track for me this morning on the way to work...
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Yeech! This is the roughest Camp Akiba cut I've heard!

@G: Yes, whenever there's a divide, you can bet I'm on the side of it!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:19pm Eddie V.:

@Alison: I thought of that first, nofair!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:19pm G:

Exactly what I meant, Matt :-)
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:20pm Alison Porchnik:

@ Eddie - We could do a duet then.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:20pm glenn:

mel brooks and buck henry together. what's not to love about get smart?
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:20pm Lou:

Damn corporate firewall's keeping me from listening today...well, I have confidence you're doing fine without me listening. You're not like that tree falling in the forest, right??!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:21pm Eddie V.:

No 50/50 royalties, split, though. Have your people call my people for details.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:21pm Danne D:

LOL @lewis yeah - it's like getting doubles with baseball cards, but much more rare
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:22pm trish:

the movie remake of GS in recent years wasn't exactly, uh, lovable
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:27pm glenn:

i didn't see it. i uh, kinda hate steve carell.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:28pm Caryn:

@trish: well, no, but that wasn't Mel Brooks & Buck Henry. Or Don Adams. Or Barbara Feldon. Or... well, you get the idea.
"Get Smart" quotes are definitely the no.2 source of dialogue in our family (after clear leader Monty Python, but ahead of Star Wars and the Blues Brothers movie). Just this weekend, a loss at a board game was followed by the words "Missed it by that much..."
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:30pm G:

To get the younger demo into the tent, start referring to the station as:

  Wed. 2/22/12 5:31pm Alison Porchnik:

Someone tell Irwin to take a deep breath - that last bit about WFMU bumper stickers was beginning to sound like a standard public radio fundraising spiel.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:31pm glenn:

trish, as a torontonian, i'd like to think i speak for you and me when i say "if you don't support wfmu, you support child pornographers"
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Cash Wednesday! Not, Crash Wednesday!
Make a pledge, people!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:32pm Matt from Springfield:

@glenn: Do The New Pornographers support child pornographers?
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:32pm trish:

"Get Smart" - a deceiving film title.

(Steve Carell is still excellent by my estimation. )
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:33pm Danne D:

have fun kids - I am gonna try and go get pretzels for the marathon shift (but the place closes at 9 (!))

Keep Pledging!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:34pm Hata:

I liked that last bit of silence. Keep it going.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:35pm glenn:

you'd probably have to follow canadian politics to get why i made that comment.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks for volunteering, Danne!
Don't nobody choke on a pretzel! :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:37pm Caryn:

I will say, Alan Arkin was good in the "Get Smart" movie. And I have no problem with Steve Carell in general (although some of his more manic characters, like Yorgo, can be annoying).
@glenn: knowing who you referred to, I just hate to think of that d-bag and WFMU in connection with one another...
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:37pm trish:

I dunno, glenn, I think civil liberties transcends geography. A topic bigger than a bread box. I mean, text box.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:37pm David:

A WFMU marathon without an AMANDA track is like an analog television set without something involving Robbie Benson.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@glenn: Yeah, you explained on Mary Wing's playlist. Reductio ad absurdum is the desperate step of a dying argument, hopefully that minister's ratings took a hit.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 5:39pm Liz B.:

Prizes up for grabs:
Eleanor Friedberger CD
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti CD

pledge $15 or more to get in the running!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:39pm glenn:

a hit? uhhh. poor vic is getting hammered from all sides. it's vastly gratifying.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:42pm David:

Wow. She can hit that one note really well.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@glenn: Good to know! Now that's the schadenfreude!™ :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:45pm jim from budapest:

cool fountains of wayne song!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Pledge, for the WFMU Elevator you don't want to get on!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:46pm Carmichael:

I'm certain you must pledge for Amanda. That's how I'd do it if I was Stashed in Your Dash for Your Evening Drive.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:47pm Caryn:

Hmm, I wonder when they'll show the Zecchino d'Oro on tv again? It's an Italian 5-day children's singing competition also judged by a panel of children. Sort of goes along with this year's premium. Been going strong since 1959.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:47pm Carmichael:

I would probably also threaten everyone with Robby Benson if you DIDN'T pledge.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:47pm dinatekno:

Man, Fountains of Wayne singer sounding eerily similar to Liam Gallagher!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/22/12 5:48pm Liz B.:

Don't forget about the grand prize, people! Pledge $100 or more to get in the running for the Norman Pettingill book!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:48pm Scuttle:

  Wed. 2/22/12 5:50pm Martin.Copenhagen:

Hey nice track!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:52pm jim from budapest:

anybody out there remember WHFS?
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Yeah, WHFS in DC. It went downhill after the 80s but I do have a tape of them from '84. They were legendary in the 70s for freeform and exotic programming.
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:53pm J from Maryland:

pre-HFStival WHFS? Weasel's "My Three Songs" WHFS?
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:54pm Caryn:

@jim & Matt: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WHFS_%28historic%29
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Also, I'm so glad Liz Berg was so nice to Irwin, considering what he and Monica said LAST YEAR about Liz!!

(Check out Mar 2 2011 episode at the 2 hour mark. I searched the Archives to refer you to this. It's a funny listen! :)
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Blinded by the fabulous volunteer-osity! Thanks to all those able and willing to volunteer!
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:57pm jim from budapest:

oops, i meant WGTB -- was thinking about steve lorber and how he turned me on to yo la tengo, new wave hot dogs, and found out about wfmu through them
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:59pm G:

Matt is a troublemaker :-P

My math answer is 666, wtf???
  Wed. 2/22/12 5:59pm Laura L:

It's "champing" at the bit, not "chomping!"
  Wed. 2/22/12 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Irwin and Liz!
Still another week to pledge if they didn't get you tonight! :)
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