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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
The Mindbenders  Shotgun   Options A Groovy Kind of Love: The Complete LPs & singles 1966-1968  RPM  1968    0:00:00 Pop‑up)  
Manganzoides  Estoy A 5 Anos De Aca   Options Sobredosis De Horror  No Fun  2002    0:05:03 Pop‑up)  
Moto-Gators  Clamdiggin'   Options Do the Sneak  no label  2011    0:04:55 Pop‑up)  
Bob Irwin And The Pluto Walkers  Joker's Wild   Options 7"  Spinout  2011    0:08:05 Pop‑up)  
The Phantom Keys  My Last Mistake   Options The Real Sounds of the Phantom Keys  Screaming Apple  2012    0:11:51 Pop‑up)  
The Fadeaways  Trip In Tyme   Options Lost Sounds!!!  no label  2010    0:14:49 Pop‑up)  
The Monsters  I Want You   Options Pop Up Yours!  Voodoo Rhythm  2011    0:17:06 Pop‑up)  
Die Zorros  The Shark   Options Future  Voodoo Rhythm  2012    0:20:04 Pop‑up)  
Thee Sgt. Major III  Ice Cold 10   Options The Idea Factory  Spark and Shine  2010    0:25:52 Pop‑up)  
The Skeptics  They Don't Know Nothing   Options 7"  Chickpea  2012    0:27:58 Pop‑up)  
The Gravemen  Haunted   Options 7"  Dirty Water    with Lee Tea from Thee Exciters!  0:30:36 Pop‑up)  
Rippers  You Can't Repent Now   Options s/t comp  Screaming Apple  2003/2005    0:34:33 Pop‑up)  
New Christs  Groovy Times   Options We Got This!  Smog Veil  2003    0:37:28 Pop‑up)  
Deniz Tek  Billy Was a Cathar   Options Citadel Years  Citadel  1998/2011    0:42:24 Pop‑up)  
Drugs Dragons  Predator Weapons   Options 7"  2010  Tony Sagger!  0:46:17 Pop‑up)  
The Enthusiasts  Sinkin'/Risin'   Options 7"  Magic Sleeve  2011    0:49:37 Pop‑up)  
The Siberians  Who's Laughing Now?   Options 7"  Killer Diller  2012    0:56:47 Pop‑up)  
The No-Goods  Baby Why   Options Hits Uit Het Noorden 10"  Kuriosa  2003    0:59:57 Pop‑up)  
Ian & the Aztecs  Eenie Meenie Miney Moe   Options 7"  Carlton  2012    1:02:02 Pop‑up)  
Gar Francis  Tragedy   Options Shine On  Bongo Boy  2012  Guitarist of the Doughboys. produced by Kurt Reil!  1:03:44 Pop‑up)  
Freddie Steady 5  My Whole World   Options 1000 Miles  Steady Boy  2012  Freddie of The Explosives!  1:08:04 Pop‑up)  
The Continental Co-Ets  Let's Live For The Present   Options 7"  Get Hip      1:12:08 Pop‑up)  
The Urges  Life to Live   Options 7"  Wicked Cool  2010    1:14:19 Pop‑up)  
Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors  Scream   Options 7"  Crypt  1962/2012  Back From the Grave classic, now on 45!  1:21:33 Pop‑up)  
De Keefmen  Wrong Kinda Place   Options 7"  Kuriosa      1:23:18 Pop‑up)  
Organs  Get It Right   Options 7"  Killer Diller  2011    1:25:38 Pop‑up)  
The Angel Sluts  Love   Options 7"  Chickpea  2012    1:28:34 Pop‑up)  
The Long Gones  Nowhere To Go (But Down)   Options Highway Sound: 1996-1998  Shake It  1998/2008  at Don pedro may 19!  1:31:39 Pop‑up)  
Dixie Trash  Times Are Tough   Options s/t        1:34:33 Pop‑up)  
Cry Baby Killer  Skull Shake   Options 7"  Blank Generation  1996    1:36:12 Pop‑up)  
OBN III's  You Ain't My Friend   Options The One and Only  Tic Tac Totally  2011    1:45:35 Pop‑up)  
Rob K  The End of the Earth   Options The End of the Earth  Orange Recordings  2005  from the Workdogs  1:46:20 Pop‑up)  
Goodnight Loving  Scary Bad   Options 7"  Dirtnap  2009    1:49:14 Pop‑up)  
Guilty Hearts  Gimme Some Water   Options s/t  Voodoo Rhythm  2005    1:51:24 Pop‑up)  
Andre Williams  Swamp Dogg's Hot Spot   Options Hoods and Shades  Bloodshot  2012    1:54:35 Pop‑up)  
Jigglers  Bite Your Butt   Options     2011    2:02:04 Pop‑up)  
Los Buddies  Moon Bars   Options 7"    2011    2:02:56 Pop‑up)  
Mean Magic  Incinerate, Incinerate   Options cd single    2011    2:06:02 Pop‑up)  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires  Reba   Options There Is a Bomb in Gilead  Alive  2012    2:17:20 Pop‑up)  
Lydia Loveless  Do Right   Options Indestructible Machine  Bloodshot  2012  edited version!  2:21:39 Pop‑up)  
Guitar Lightnin' Lee and His Thunder Band   Missing Momma   Options Just an Ol' G  Rhinestone  2012    2:24:05 Pop‑up)  
Justin Townes Earle  Baby's Got a Bad Idea   Options Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now  Bloodshot  2012    2:27:32 Pop‑up)  
Al Staehely  Mr. X-Terminator   Options 10K Hours  Steady Boy  1982/2011    2:29:27 Pop‑up)  
The Ace  Get Me Home On Time   Options Strung Out Love Strung  no label  2012    2:32:14 Pop‑up)  
Neutron Drivers  It's Not Me (It's You)   Options     2011  from right here in Jersey City.  2:33:53 Pop‑up)  
Vulgar Boatmen  Cry Real Tears   Options Wide Awake  No Nostalgia  ?/2003    2:36:26 Pop‑up)  
Imperial Teen  Don't Know How You Do It   Options Feel the Sound  Merge  2012    2:39:26 Pop‑up)  
Bare Wires  Dirt Beach   Options Cheap Perfume  Southpaw  2011    2:44:24 Pop‑up)  
Night Beats  War Games   Options s/t  Trouble In Mind  2011  playing live here on the show April 17  2:46:47 Pop‑up)  
Brian Wilson Shock Treatment  London Bridge   Options cd single    2011    2:48:23 Pop‑up)  
Le Kid & les Marinellis  T'es pas d'ici   Options 7"  Telephone Explosion    from Montreal  2:51:55 Pop‑up)  
The Retros  High Energy Love   Options Inner City Rockers: The Retros 1979  BDR  1979/2012    2:55:08 Pop‑up)  
Hell-O-Hill  Dressed In Black   Options s/t  Chickpea  2006/2011  teengenerate cover  2:56:49 Pop‑up)  

Listener comments!

  Tue. 3/27/12 12:19pm paula pc:

great set, joe...everyone is diggin it too much to type!
  Tue. 3/27/12 12:21pm SmokinJ:

Howdy Joe & all! Great tunes!
  Tue. 3/27/12 12:24pm Marmalade kitty:

Hi Joe, listeners!!
  Tue. 3/27/12 12:27pm groucho:

Manchester, England signing in. great tunes so far Joe
  Tue. 3/27/12 12:29pm kate:

love your show joe, way to keep rocknroll alive!
Avatar Tue. 3/27/12 12:30pm Joe B:

Hi Paula, J, MK, Groucho and Kate! Thanks for tuning in! and commenting! Thanks for all the kind words!
  Tue. 3/27/12 12:30pm joe:

'ello folks
  Tue. 3/27/12 12:36pm SHIMMY:

afternoon joe. ever see the rippers? they should've been called the spitters!
Avatar Tue. 3/27/12 12:37pm Joe B:

Hi Joe, and Shimmy! no, never saw the Rippers unfortunately. did they ever come to the US?
  Tue. 3/27/12 12:40pm SHIMMY:

As far as I know, only once. I happen to catch them near LA somewhere. They were playing with the Guilty Hearts and another band on Alive whose name i can't recall (they did a cover of time has come today, sort of motorcycle gang garage rock)
Avatar Tue. 3/27/12 12:42pm Joe B:

funny, I've got a guilty hearts cut picked out for today!
  Tue. 3/27/12 12:42pm SHIMMY:

they covered the stage in spit. just kept turning their heads skywards and spitting. it seemed to turn off the meager crowd but they were amazing live.
  Tue. 3/27/12 12:45pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Howdy, Another day in the Belock neighborhood!
Avatar Tue. 3/27/12 12:52pm Joe B:

Hi Kevin!
  Tue. 3/27/12 12:56pm Marmalade kitty:

going to see Mark Stewart tonight :)
  Tue. 3/27/12 12:58pm SHIMMY:

Just FYI but the Siberians aren't playing the Lyres show. Real bummer as it was to be their last show with this lineup... but the drummer was unavailable.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 3/27/12 12:58pm Fiveash:

I just walked back into the room and missed it. Lyres are playing? Where? When?
  Tue. 3/27/12 1:00pm SHIMMY:

3/31 Local 269
Avatar Tue. 3/27/12 1:01pm Joe B:

thanks for the update Shimmy. that's too bad. Matt, saturday at Local 269
  Tue. 3/27/12 1:01pm Cheri Pi:

Sorry I'm late!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 3/27/12 1:07pm Fiveash:

Thanks Joe. Gotta work that night unfortunately. Too bad, haven't seen Lyres in a long time. Connolly is sure to love the professionalism of Local 269.
  Tue. 3/27/12 1:20pm pierre:

I wasn't with Cheri Pi but i'm late too, sorry.
  Tue. 3/27/12 1:20pm pierre:

Bonjour people of the radio
Bonjour Joe !
Avatar Tue. 3/27/12 1:24pm Joe B:

Bonjour Pierre!
  Tue. 3/27/12 1:32pm Cheri Pi:

Bonjour Pierre!
  Tue. 3/27/12 1:46pm SHIMMY:

OBN III's dates are confirmed:
Friday June 1 @ Cake Shop with Twin Guns, Thee Omens (Denver, ex-Down'n'outs), Foster Care, Guest DJ Eric Davidson
Saturday June 2 @ Don Pedro w/ Livids, Thee Omens, The Othermen
  Tue. 3/27/12 1:47pm geokopp:

Hope you can make it to Maxwell's tonight, Joe!
  Tue. 3/27/12 1:49pm David Shortell:

Didn't Beetle Bailey lose his hat when he got his leg blown off in Iraq? No, wait, that was another strip.
  Tue. 3/27/12 2:01pm paula pc:

that andre williams track was hot stuff!!
  Tue. 3/27/12 2:03pm Magda:

Dave I love the song, it's so not work safe. I had to spin this and say he singing about bunt cake.
  Tue. 3/27/12 2:03pm John L:

My customers are quite amused by "Bite Your Butt."
  Tue. 3/27/12 2:04pm Magda:

Yeah, my coworkers love the music, but "Bite Your Butt" needed to be changed to "Bite Your Bunt" like bunt cake.
  Tue. 3/27/12 2:07pm Thierry:

Super Andre Williams! I confirm Cheri Pi, Pierre & myself were enjoying springtime at an outdoor terrasse in Paris... Just kidding, I'm actually listening from the north of France. Wish I could teleport myself to Local 269 next week-end, though. How old is this venue? If only some of your listeners could describe the Lyres show on next week's accuplaylist...
  Tue. 3/27/12 2:12pm kate:

thanks for the mpls love!
  Tue. 3/27/12 2:52pm Mike East:

Great show, Joe!
Avatar Tue. 3/27/12 2:55pm Joe B:

thanks Mike!
  Wed. 3/28/12 2:06am Jay:

great show! bite your butt was a good one
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