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Music to slaughter livestock to; 5,000 factory farmers can't all be wrong. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 17, 2012: Playing Live at 12:30: NIGHT BIRDS

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Powerwolf  Night of the Werewolves   Options   0:00:00 ()
Drunks with Guns  Beautiful Happiness   Options   0:05:56 ()
Discharge  The Final Bloodbath   Options   0:08:49 ()
No Rock Stars  STOP   Options   0:10:11 ()
Phantom Ratio  Bring Us yer Young   Options   0:10:50 ()
The Flops  Sleep Can't Be Taught   Options   0:12:52 ()
The Adverts  On the Roof   Options   0:14:06 ()
Leatherface  Ship Song   Options   0:17:07 ()
Magazine  Recoil   Options   0:20:35 ()
Means  U.S.M.C.   Options   0:23:01 ()
Night Birds live in the studio!
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Escape from NY   Options   0:29:31 ()
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Killer Waves   Options   0:31:29 ()
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Paranoid Times   Options   0:31:56 ()
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Landfill Land   Options   0:34:32 ()
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Prognosis Negative   Options   0:35:55 ()
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Thrilling Murder   Options   0:38:02 ()
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Other Side of Darkness   Options   0:39:53 ()
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Midnight Movies   Options   0:42:38 ()
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Bad Biology   Options   0:44:19 ()
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Born Of Man and Woman   Options   0:46:26 ()
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Sex Tape   Options   0:48:05 ()
Night Birds live on WFMU!  Oblivious   Options   0:49:42 ()
Wild Hunt  Panorama   Options   0:52:24 ()
Syrach  Are You Able To Breathe Fire?   Options   1:00:14 ()
Red Fang  Undertow   Options   1:06:43 ()
Avenger  Vtej Zpatky Doma.. u krajine   Options   1:11:32 ()
Parasytic  Poison Minds   Options   1:14:38 ()
Iron Lung  Nails   Options   1:19:36 ()
Sally Crewe & the Sudden Moves  It's Only Love   Options   1:24:35 ()
The Normals  Got You Runnin'   Options   1:28:45 ()
Radio Birdman  What Gives?   Options   1:30:53 ()
Parting Gifts  Keep Walkin'   Options   1:33:56 ()
The Heads  Delwyn's Conkers   Options   1:36:53 ()
Ribeye Brothers  DWI   Options   1:40:14 ()
The Brought Low  Slow Your Roll   Options   1:42:32 ()
Offenders  You Keep Me Hanging On   Options   1:52:11 ()
Boys Next Door  Shivers   Options   1:53:25 ()
Rose Kemp  Flawless   Options   1:54:10 ()
The Mob  I just Want To Go Home   Options   2:03:42 ()
Pins of LIght  My Revenge   Options   2:05:22 ()
Kong  Overcrowd/Underdog   Options   2:09:10 ()
Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel  Clothes Hoist   Options   2:13:52 ()
Membranes  Everything's Brilliant   Options   2:17:30 ()
Frumpy  Morning   Options   2:20:41 ()
Deadbeat Echoes  Surge of Youth   Options   2:24:04 ()
Torche  Kiss Me Dudely   Options   2:25:50 ()
Voivod  Overreaction   Options   2:27:37 ()
Xaddax  Lives on Nerves   Options   2:32:51 ()
Shinng  The Madness and the Damage Done   Options   2:35:20 ()
Black Face  Monster   Options   2:40:39 ()
Slomatics  Lose the Five   Options   2:47:03 ()
Fleshcrawl  Between Shadows They Crawl   Options   2:55:44 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 5/17/12 12:03pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 5/17/12 12:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The news reports are showing that Donna Summer has passed away at age 63.
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:04pm northguineahills:

Phew, I thought you were referring to Jason Forrest!
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:05pm andymorphic:

man these guys sound like killing joke
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:09pm andymorphic:

ah! thought it was power wolf
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:11pm r i s k y:

  Thu. 5/17/12 12:13pm Joe B:

Night Birds LIVE at 12:30!
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:16pm Todd 76%:

Hi Diane - Stumbled onto a recording a week or so ago that immediately made me think of your show: Voivod covering Die Kreuzen's "Man In the Trees". I imagine you know it well. Could you play it sometime?
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:20pm andymorphic:

discharge! first band i ever saw....83
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:20pm r i s k y:

THE FLOPS! Jersey's most blasted!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/17/12 12:31pm efd:

ha, I was thinking this was a John Carpenter theme - I just couldn't place it!
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:32pm Rodney:

Escape from NY!
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:35pm Bad Ronald:

Digging the set. Thanks! Is that the People's Champ behind the board?
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:39pm Droll:

I can't always make out the lyrics, but "Pulaski Skyway" was definitely in there somewhere. Kudos to the band's ripping rendition of whatever that was about.
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:42pm andymorphic:

donna summer dead
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:45pm Bluto:

Niedermeyer... Dead!
  Thu. 5/17/12 12:51pm Brutus:

Bob Hope...Dead!
Steve Jobs...Dead!

  Thu. 5/17/12 12:56pm BSI:

@Brutus: HA, that mention of bob hope launched a long-forgotten earworm (DIE BOB DIE by The Fiends)... this one's gonna stick around a long time, I bet...
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:23pm Luna:

Hoory for T h u r s d a y
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:26pm Luna:

L o v e to Love You Baby
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:27pm Mr Donut:

@Droll- second that
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:28pm Cecile:

hola! damn, missed drunks w/ guns
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:28pm Mr Donut:

DK got time for Black Breath this week?
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:29pm Luna:

Yeah, I have not heard Black Breath yet...please, pretty, pretty please.
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:30pm Cecile:

Chuck Brown of DC gogo fame also passed...
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:35pm SteveL:

Radio Birdman!! My favorite song on this album, (Aloha Steve and Dano very close second.)
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:36pm Cecile:

Is Greg Cartwright involved with Parting Gifts?
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:37pm BSI:

Indeed, Cecile. The spackle-buckets are flying at half-staff down here. Spontaneous dance party/memorial outside the Howard Theater last night, not far from BSI HQ...
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:38pm Cecile:

That's awesome, BSI.
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:50pm Jim:

  Thu. 5/17/12 1:55pm Luna:

Damn great set today
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:55pm Jim:

Donna Summer Died
  Thu. 5/17/12 1:59pm David Shortell:

Ribeye Brothers are doing their free annual "day before Memorial Day" show at Red Bank's Dublin House again.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:00pm BSI:

RIBEYE is an incredibly awesome word. Just look at it, fer crissakes. RIBEYE...!
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:04pm dc apt:

may I just poke my head in to say Chuck Brown will be greatly missed. OK as you were.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:04pm Cecile:

he was a legend, dcp
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:05pm BSI:

Yes, you may.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:10pm dc apt:

""Godfather of Go-Go" Chuck Brown was especially cherished in the Washington, D.C.-area - or, as it's called, the DMV...."

uh....."the DMV"??? I've never heard that in the 20 years I've lived here.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:12pm Luna:

  Thu. 5/17/12 2:13pm Chris from DC:

The first time I heard that in my lifetime spent here was two weeks ago. Probably started by the same folks who try to rename north of Mass Ave NOMA and such.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:15pm dc apt:

Chris: yeah really. I think we can all safely ignore that one. To me it's DC....and if it's not, it's Stinkin Virginia or the State to the North.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:16pm BSI:

Classic Foetus!
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:16pm fred von helsing:

just tuned in... don't tell me wot i missed... don't torture me...
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:18pm BSI:

DCP: I went on a rabid screed recently about this "DMV" thing. I had seen it mentioned in the City Paper's music blog for a while before it clicked what they meant.... and immediately felt ill. ... and intensely violent.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:19pm Cheri Pi:

Oh no-did Chuck Brown pass???
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:20pm Mr Donut:

District of Motor Vehicles? I've heard traffic is horrible anywhere within 50 miles
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:20pm BSI:

aye, CP.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:22pm Cheri Pi:

I'll have to listen to the Soul Searchers tonight and pour one out (into my mouth) for him.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:23pm Luna:

(into my mouth) = haha
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:23pm BSI:

FRUMPY! ... Jeezus Diane, you're batting several million now.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:23pm dc apt:

Yeah can't stand when news media and developers decide what we call shit.

Mr Donut: I don't go anywhere near my car normally.

CP: indeed.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:25pm Cheri Pi:

I just read that a man has admitted to making love to over 1,000 cars.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:27pm Cheri Pi:

awkward silence
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:28pm Bad Ronald:

That must be exhausting!
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:28pm Jim:

deep in thought
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:29pm BSI:

I suppose if they're all consenting vehicles of a certain age...
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:29pm Jim:

  Thu. 5/17/12 2:29pm Cheri Pi:

I have no problem with his behavior as long as he...VoivoD!!!
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:30pm Luna:

It's an Over! Overraction!
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:30pm RichC:

Harmonicraft is badass !!! It has the tunes that would appeal to anybody....unfortunately
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:30pm dc apt:

So Cheri when you're searching for stories like this, what search terms do you use?
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:30pm Cheri Pi:

...Is changing his lube / oil/ filters on a regular basis.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:31pm Luna:

Overraction? hahaha. Stupid hangover.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:31pm Cheri Pi:

vanilla, cinnamon....mechaphilia
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:33pm BSI:

I once knew a sassy little cobalt blue Karmann-Ghia in Tucson... I just never thought to pursue the matter....
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:33pm BSI:

...oh, what could've been.......
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:34pm Cheri Pi:

who am I kidding-I'd hit that too BSI.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:36pm Cecile:

bringing new meaning to the term auto-erotic.
I had to go there, even though it's a gimme.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:36pm Luna:

You are killing me, haha.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:40pm dc apt:

I've always been more of a GTO kind of guy myself. I like the big and bossy types...
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:42pm Bad Ronald:

I hope he was doing automatics, cause if he was messing with sticks that would be sick.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:42pm dc apt:

crap, for this not being my cup of tea, it's floating my boat pretty well... the Shinng that is.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:42pm Cecile:

diane can even sometimes make me like true power metal.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:43pm Luna:

Yeah, my sloshy brain is enjoying this bit of the show
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:43pm BSI:

The Ghia was small but "fit." Kind of bookish & quiet during the day, but... already I've said too much...
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:43pm Cheri Pi:

Just when the Shining was getting too Mr. Bungly then it would rock out again. -Likey muchy.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:44pm Cheri Pi:

He must be a master of flicking off the car bra using just one hand.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:46pm Roger Taylor:

  Thu. 5/17/12 2:47pm dc apt:

Chuck Dukowski?? huh.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:49pm dc apt:

sediment club!!
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:50pm Cheri Pi:

Nice one, Roger Taylor.
  Thu. 5/17/12 2:54pm dc apt:

Eyooo, ick Roger Taylor! Now I have to wash my eyes and ears!!
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