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A genre-less playlist of music old and new, plus selections from the WFMU vinyl new bin and the Free Music Archive.

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Options February 20, 2015

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO  Dark Star Blues   Options Astrorgasm From The Inner Space  Important  0:02:36 ()
Karen Mantler  Wintertime   Options Business Is Bad  ECM  0:20:04 ()
George Van Eps  Peg O' My Heart   Options Once In A While  Delmark  0:24:06 ()
Colin Langenus  Transformation   Options Proven  Col Enterprises  0:29:23 ()
The Dagoes  Kid's Got Style   Options Supreme  Sinister Torch / Greasy Pop  0:30:35 ()
Taraf de Haidouks  Moldavian Shepherds' Dance   Options Of Lovers, Gamblers & Parachute Skirts  Crammed Discs  0:34:27 ()
Bliss  Hippies and Cops and a Bunch of Rocks   Options Hadley Murrell Presents The Best Arizona Garage Bands 1967-1970  HDM  0:37:59 ()
Venom   The Death of Rock and Roll   Options From the Very Depths  Spinefarm  0:40:21 ()
White +   Purple   Options White +  Maybe Mars  0:42:49 ()
Liturgy  Follow / Kel Valhaal   Options The Ark Work  Thrill Jockey  0:46:38 ()
Alasdair Roberts  In Dispraise Of Hunger   Options Alasdair Roberts  Drag City  0:57:07 ()
Lacerda / Manso / Nilssen-Love / Zenicola  Bota   Options Bota Fogo  PNL Records  1:06:54 ()
Kraftwerk  Numbers   Options Computer World  Kling Klang  1:16:40 ()
Max Brennan  Blue Book   Options Alien To Whom?  Sublime  1:21:53 ()
Arthur Lee Harper  Sunshine Soldier   Options Dreams and Images  Light In The Attic  1:29:31 ()
Zs   Corps   Options Xe  Northern Spy  1:37:28 ()
Richard Pinhas And Yoshida Tatsuya  Welcome In The Void : Part One - Intro   Options Welcome In The Void  Cuneiform  1:46:15 ()
The Notwist  Object 6 / Object 7   Options Messier Objects  Alien Transistor  1:53:36 ()
Gary Bartz Ntu Troop  Celestial Blues   Options VA: Spiritual Jazz 6: Vocals  Jazzman  1:58:59 ()
Vijay Iyer Trio  Hood   Options Break Stuff  ECM  2:05:39 ()
Roland P. Young  estimationism   Options Confluences  EM  2:08:58 ()
Henry kaiser   No Trouble With The Tromba   Options Garden Of Memory: Live Electric Guitar Solos  Henry Kaiser  2:13:33 ()
Maurizio Bianchi  Untitled 2   Options Untitled 1980 / Untitled 2013  Important  2:21:52 ()
Horse Lords  Outer East   Options Hidden Cities  Nna Tapes  2:41:49 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/20/15 12:05am Claw!:

Acid Mothers, nice!
Good evening, Nick!
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:05am V Priceless:

Hey there, Nick!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:06am Claw!:

Quit following me, Priceless.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/20/15 12:09am Tome:

hey NIck & everyone ,, nice melting start off !
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:10am coelacanth:

Hi Nick,Claw!,V P,Tome!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:11am Claw!:

Ugh... this guy.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:11am tom:

it wasn't melting at first, but now its getting melty
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:12am V Priceless:

Hi Claw - just trying to dislodge this last small piece of M. Loaf from my ear, truth be told.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:13am Claw!:

Shit, did I say those things out loud??
I meant:
Hey Coelacanth!
Hey V!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:13am High Water Mark:

i'm not
i'm someone else
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:13am Claw!:

Whatever, V. That Meat Loaf ROCKED. YOUR. WORLD.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:14am rw:

Hey Kids!
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:15am rw:

Super groovy Melting Paraiso UFO
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:15am Quotation Mark:

I think we scared Bob away! I hope that's not the case. :-P
If you're reading this, Bob, come baaaaaack!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:16am coelacanth:

yeah,reign it in Claw!
we all have to be here together.'might as well try to be cordial.

olá rw.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:16am V Priceless:

Hey coelacanth and fellow Namers too
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:17am V Priceless:

I was cracking up with the ML remarks from earlier. Funny stuff
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:17am Carmichael:

This is one noisy-ass show.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:18am Mark Of The Beast:

Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:18am Mark Of The Beast:

Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:18am Karl Mark:

i think it may have happened,Claw!. he's sensitive.
and as he disappeared,i wanted to,but didn't express that it's just fun & nothing personal.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:19am rw:

I would do anything for love but I won't pick Meat Loaf out of my ear.

Hello coelacanth!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:21am Groucho Mark:

Aw, nuts!
Well, if you see him before I do, please tell him that it was all in fun. :( I feel kinda bad now.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:22am V Priceless:

Meat's daughter Olive does some wild music. A sonic casserole of crazy.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:23am meat laugh:

i once went out with someone who really liked meatloaf. (the guy!). i often had it stuffed into my ears,and her singing along as well.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:23am coelacanth:

(and i was a vegetarian)
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:23am Carmichael:

This is one mellow-ass show.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:24am Nick Name:

Hi all - thx for joining -
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:24am Nick Name:

@ Carmichael : ha ha - building back up for sure…get ready
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:25am V Priceless:

haha Carmichael
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:25am Mark My Words:

Olive is dolphinitely not as talented as her father, though.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:26am Mark My Words:

So I guess your use of the past tense means you are no longer vegetarian, then?
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:27am Meat Market:

i- i didn't mean to.
i didn't want to.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:27am Carmichael:

I can hear the turntable fluttering. Totally cool.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:27am V Priceless:

auto correct wanted to change 'haha' to 'Hagar' WTF?
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:28am ScottC:

Peg 'o My Heart?
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:28am ScottC:

yep! that's the one... ingrained
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:29am Carmichael:

On the Karen Mantler, I meant.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:29am Missed The Mark:

You didn't want to be vegetarian? Or you didn't want to stop being veg? I am confused.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:29am coelachrist:

i eat fish now,about 1-2X/week.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:31am Carmichael:

All things in moderation, coel. Except for drugs.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:32am Book Mark:

Right on. I'm a fish or fowl broad, myself.

And Carmichael has the right idea.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:33am rw:

Was thinking yesterday about the difference between my daughter's generation and my dad's generation. My daughter won't eat fish because she's afraid of mercury poisoning. My dad used to swirl mercury around in his hands.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:33am Carmichael:

Funny how an open statement can lead to the right idea. :)
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:33am Book Mark:

This band name is racist.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:34am Carmichael:

Are you Italian, Birth Mark?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/20/15 12:35am Ike:

Hello everyone! How may I offend you this evening?
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:36am V Priceless:

Hey Book...when's Makers Mark gonna show?
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:36am coelacanth:

i was a true vegetarian then,and i never felt deprived. but after a few years i realised i still had tons of energy,but not as much strength as i did.so i worked sushi into my diet.
it made an enormous difference; but if i eat it too often,i'm not my best either.
so- what Carmichael said.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:36am ?:

OMG The Dagos. Such memories from Adelaide Uni days. Richard Cant on vocals he was so good. When Im Ten Years Older seems so far away
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:36am On Your Marks!:

No, but I'm gonna go ahead and be outraged on behalf of all the Italians I know.
They're probably all too busy eating fettuccine or some shit to notice, anyway.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:37am coelacanth:

Hi Ike
be creative!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:37am guido:

oh my !!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:38am Maker's Mark:

You rang?
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:39am Carmichael:

I saw this band accidentally with Birelli Legrene. Amazing night.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:40am coelacanth:

now you're talkin'!
i'm ready.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:40am V Priceless:

Oh jeez. Careful what you wish for, VP
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:41am Mark Ingtime:

Hey @DJ Nick & Co. ! Just took a little stroll to the store after Dave's show. 10 degrees and breezy, and headed south, maybe 3 above zero by dawn.
Lots of folks at the store, all buying beer(!) Just seems like that kind if night I guess.
Oops, sorry Nick, that's -12.22 degrees C now, -16.1 by dawn.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:42am Carmichael:

Tairif De Haidouks = Mighty Band of Brigands.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:43am Fake Mark:

Holy shit, it's a real Mark!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:43am coelacanth:

so- maybe the dagoes are actually italian?
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:44am P-90:

Nope, just lil ol' me, marking time...
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:44am JakeGould:

So cold. So very very cold.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:44am coelacanth:

no! Imposter!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:44am Claw!:

Aw, P-90, you rascal.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:45am P-90:

  Fri. 2/20/15 12:45am Carmichael:

This is one metal-ass show.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:45am Claw!:

Haha, Carmichael. Nick did say he was gonna kick it up!
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:46am P-90:

Nick does have his metal-ass moods
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:47am Claw!:

Nick, do you have a metal ass? There are rumors, you know...
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:48am V Priceless:

Fat analog synth! Yummy!
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:50am Carmichael:

Can't you just see the hair flying??
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/20/15 12:50am Ike:

Isn't anyone going to say, "Bite my shiny metal ass!"?
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:50am Claw!:

Oh, God, yes, V. I'm right there with ya. Analog synth makes me all tingly in my special zone. Mmmmmm.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:51am Claw!:

I'd go so far as to say that it makes may meat loaf moist.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:52am Claw!:

It was set up just for you, Ike.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:52am P-90:

@ike:would be redundant, while listening to this.
Also: you were missed at the Simpsons Scenario meetup in Brooklyn, on that other fucking frigid night
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/20/15 12:53am Ike:

Your special zone? You mean Area 61, where they keep the giant claw monsters unlawfully imprisoned? (It's near Albuquerque.)
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:54am Meat Loofa:

P-90,got any more? i'm still trying to put this filing cabinet together here.'can't be bothered with these shenanigans.

okay,i'm going to get that whiskey now.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:54am Carmichael:

I am one tired-ass dude. Lets all drone together tomorrow on Bryce's board.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:54am Claw!:

Speaking of synths - I finally got that new John Carpenter record in the mail, and it was absolutely worth the wait. Fucking brilliant!
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:55am V Priceless:

Uh oh CD player freakin?
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:55am Carmichael:

Ph and thanks Nick!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:55am JakeGould:

@Ike! Heya. I am 1/2 way through “Superman III” first time I have watched it since being a teenager disappointed in it when it was released. It still stands up as an utter piece of crap decades later.
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:56am Carmichael:

*Oh* ... I dont give a tinkers cuss for your ph level.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:56am Claw!:

Shhh, Ike! That info isn't supposed to be released yet. Damn it!
  Fri. 2/20/15 12:56am P-90:

JC's always been a good musician, always had his own style. He pioneered the "one-man synth soundtrack orchestra" thing later taken up by Danny Elfman and others
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:57am Claw!:

lol @ Meat Loofa
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/20/15 12:57am Ike:

Hey Jake. You wouldn't think so, but Superman: The Animated Series from the late 90s is much better. And much less silly. Though not as good as Batman: TAS.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 12:59am JakeGould:

@Ike: Hmmm… I never cared for any of the animated TV shows past what I grew up with as a kid. Like those old 1960s Marvel animations that were stiff and based on actual artwork. Also, never cared for D.C. Just interested in “Supergirl” and ““Superman III” as artifacts of my teen years.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:00am Claw!:

Yeah, P-90, fersure. I love how you can pretty much always tell a Carpenter song within the first few seconds. The man has a distinctive sound, without a doubt.
  Fri. 2/20/15 1:03am P-90:

Haven't even considered re-watching Superman III in all the years since it came out, once was enough for a lifetime. But you guys have me considering watching Supergirl; as I said the other night, I've never actually seen it at all, just a few moments here and there, like on TBS.
  Fri. 2/20/15 1:05am P-90:

Maybe Nick is transitioning into one of his Prog-ass moods...
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:05am JakeGould:

P-90: The thing with me and “Supergirl” is there was this well-to-do kid in my JHS whose brother worked for Warner Brothers back then. And he would always be showing off the advance stuff he got. Including constantly bragging about seeing “Supergirl.” So that’s my main obsession. Very specific thing. Also, the film is HORRIBLE on so many levels. The effects are charming and Helen Slater is decent but the whole thing is like a big joke.
  Fri. 2/20/15 1:05am V Priceless:

I need to revisit Bakshi's reboot of Mighty Mouse, as I remember it being pretty funny and well-drawn. Pretty much a Looney Tunes lifer.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:06am coelacanth:

okay,rye not bourbon.
...maybe i need an education in John Carpenter?
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:07am JakeGould:

“Superman III” is past belief. Richard Lester shoves the worst gags/jokes in every scene. It’s past belief. It’s like he actually thought that junk was funny. And this is the same director who brilliantly directed “Hard Day’s Night.” What a fall from grace.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:10am coelacanth:

Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:10am Claw!:

Aw, 'canth, you gotta get hip to his songs. Check out the soundtracks to "Assault on Precinct 13," "The Fog," and "Escape From New York."
There's also the obvious "Halloween," but I'm sure you're already familiar with the main theme, at least.
Also - I'm just gonna start calling you "Fish." So there.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:10am BEAVO:

Checking in Nick. I'll just sit back and listen.
  Fri. 2/20/15 1:12am P-90:

Lester didn't write Supe 3, he was hired to direct because he had done such an excellent job for the Supe producers on The Three Musketeers, and they knew he could bring it in on its budget, which was much smaller than the previous two Supes. It was their idea to make it more of a low comedy. The bulk of Lester's oeuvre is brilliant. Ever see 'The Bed Sitting Room"?
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:14am JakeGould:

P-90: From what I read, he brought in his own writers for “Superman III” but the writing is not the core issue. The whole direction of the film is pitiful. And Richard Pryor is just so bad in this… And I love Richard Pryor.
  Fri. 2/20/15 1:18am V Priceless:

well, off to dreamland for me, gang...until next time, keep it warm!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:18am Claw!:

Bye, V! Sleep tight. Dream of meat loaves.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:19am JakeGould:

P-90: Will say I am interested in seeing his “Three Musketeers” as well as the half-assed sequel “Four Musketeers.”
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:19am coelacanth:

Claw!, i've heard him on fmu-Fabio's show i think; but halloween theme i would know if i heard it,but,not off hand. i'd like to know more- and i will!
...and changing my name on me might turn around & bite you on your metal ass!
  Fri. 2/20/15 1:19am P-90:

@V. Priceless: The Bakshi Mighty Mice are indeed worth revisiting. A lot of it was done by his protege John Kricfalusi, whose Ren and Stimpy show it resembles in many ways.
It used to precede PeeWee Herman's show in its original Saturday morning run. Mighty Mouse got in a little bit of trouble for a wildly blatant drug reference that slipped right by the network, and was subsequently cut from the reruns...
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:19am coelacanth:

'night VP.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:20am Claw!:

Einz! Svei! Drei!
Fuck yeah, Kraftwerk!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:22am Claw!:

John Kricfalusi is a god amongst modern-day animators. Ren and Stimpy made me who I am today.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:23am coelacanth:

Hey,Nick -not to push,but i'd like to ☆ that Lacerda/ etc. track!
  Fri. 2/20/15 1:24am P-90:

The Four Musketeers is in no way a "half-assed sequel." Those two movies were originally one movie that got so long they split it into two, it was one script and shot all at once. (In fact, the actors sued because they were paid for one movie, which then became two big money makers for the producers.)
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:24am Claw!:

Whatever, Fish. Just do yerself a favor and listen to some Carpenter. You can thank me later on another comments board. ;)
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:25am JakeGould:

Ahhh… Well, good to know, P-90… To me the whole title of “Four Musketeers” just reeks of half-assed. Seems like it was more full-assed.
  Fri. 2/20/15 1:30am P-90:

"3M 1&2" are an interesting pair because the way it worked out, most of the lighthearted, romantic stuff is in the first movie, then the second one contains all the serious and sometimes tragic outcomes.
That one movie becoming two was the inspiration for shooting Superman I and most of II at the same time, same cast, crew, sets, schedule, budget, etc.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:36am JakeGould:

The older I get the more fascinated I am with the way seemingly all creative ventures have some aspect of “Let’s squeeze this even more creatively…” It’s the Salkind’s just were illegally subdividing all of their creative output at all times.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:37am coelacanth:

Claw!,if you're still here- tell me,does that snake have teeth? i've wondered that before.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:42am Claw!:

Yes? I think so. It looks like it from here.
  Fri. 2/20/15 1:42am P-90:

Does this snake here have teeth? HELLS yeah, baby!
Oh. That question was for someone else. Sorry.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:44am Claw!:

Of course I'm still here! I wouldn't just leave without bidding your lovely selves adieu. I'm not some sort of tactless animal.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:45am Claw!:

... well, most of the time, at least.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:47am coelacanth:

sometimes i drift off to somewhere else...i'm pretty sure a lot of people cry,wondering what could've happened to the fish.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:47am JakeGould:

I know it from some SPAM ad, but here is a nice, larger version of the facebite. guides.wikinut.com...
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:49am coelacanth:

so,yeah,some captive snakes have their fangs removed. either way it'd be shocking to the bite-ee...but if that's a toothed strike,it's a fucking crazy shot!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:52am Claw!:

Fish, if you were to swim away, this would be my coping song:
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:54am coelacanth:

a dog bit me on the face 2 night ago. no skin broke,so obviously she didn't want to.she was scared.
...it still reeled me!

so,if not now; when?
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:54am Claw!:

Huh. I never really looked at it that close! Well, I'll be darned... I guess that snake is toothless!
I still don't think I'd want it biting me, though. Unless it gave me mutant powers or something.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:55am coelacanth:

snake powers! i'm down.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:56am Claw!:

Bit you on the FACE?? Yikes!

You bit her back, though, right?
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:57am coelacanth:

i'm flossing with her fur,still.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 1:58am Claw!:

Hah, yeah! Being bitten by a toothless snake would give me the power to... bite other people? Without causing any real damage?

That's kind of cool, yeah?
  Fri. 2/20/15 1:59am P-90:

@coel: what did you say to her that made her do that?
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:00am Claw!:

Either that, or it would give me the power to give a killer gum-job.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:00am coelacanth:

no- she laid down right on top of the other dog,and i forgot how touchy she is about her paws (unless we're playing-when she totally trusts me) and i started to pull her off him & she wasn't having it.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:01am Claw!:

What a bitch!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:01am coelacanth:

...and you wouldn't have to wait till you're 85 & toothless.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:03am Claw!:

Yeah, cos who wants to wait for old age to gain that ability, amirite?
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:04am coelacanth:

pro n cons. pros n cons.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:05am Claw!:

*nods approvingly*
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:11am Claw!:

Man, I do feel kinda bad about Bob - What about Bob???
But that Mark thing really had me rolling. I couldn't stop!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:12am Claw!:

Ah, you changed your pic, I see.
Is that the biter?
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:14am coelacanth:

most people would not take that personally...but- not that i KNOW him,but i think he might have.
...yeah,you couldn't stop.
and i'm glad you didn't,even though i sorta did.

yes that's the bitch.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:17am coelacanth:

she adores me. she just panicked,that's all.
if she wanted to hurt me she sure's hell would've.
...she's very fast and agile.
she actually tagged me twice-within about 1/4 second. once across my jaw,& then on my eyebrow.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:21am Claw!:

Aww. Well, at least she's cute. That always helps.

If an ugly dog bit me, I'd cap it like Old Yeller, because fuck that. Not *this* face!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:24am Claw!:

Nah, that's not true. I wouldn't cap no dawg.
I'd probably panic, causing it to bit me even more. And then I would get dog-powers.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:25am coelacanth:

Ha! well i have nothing to lose! maybe some scars would help!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:28am coelacanth:

i smacked her upside her head,like my mom slapped me once for saying "fuck" to her face. then i said "what the hell are you thinking?" !...as if she understands that!
i actually felt terrible all night.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:30am Claw!:

Facial scars are cool. I have one on my eyebrow. I got it from running into a doorknob when I was around three - some little turd ran into a room when I was chasing them and slammed the door behind them. So I got bit in the face by a doorknob. But it gave me the power of looking tough, so that's pretty cool, I guess.
*cries softly*
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:31am coelacanth:

Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:33am Claw!:

Oh, it's ok. Dogs are smart. I'm sure she knew she fucked up. The smack just reinforced that.

Sometimes you just gotta lay down the law.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:35am coelacanth:

i only have a few small facial scars. i reserved the big one for my leg.
so...i kinda hate to ask you, but-is it not your picture in your profile?
(not that i looked.)
  Fri. 2/20/15 2:37am rw:

Kind of digging this M. Bianchi track. It's got a sense of humor.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:39am Claw!:

The guy getting gummed by the snake is not me. I'm the one facepalming. I... was pretty blasted when that pic was taken. It was also taken about, oh, maybe six years ago.
I have a few more tattoos now. And a weird grown-out mohawk thing.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:40am coelacanth:

i was just wondering if anyone else was here!
- i think Nick's selections are so phenomenal this morning that folks are JUST listening.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:41am Claw!:

Hah! I was gonna say - I think we're the only ones left.
Glad that's not the case. :)
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:42am coelacanth:

yes that's the one i meant! it must be a small scar then.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:43am coelacanth:

there's always lurkers. sometimes one of them is me!
Jake & P-90 are probably still nearby.
  Fri. 2/20/15 2:47am rw:

I'm still here but checking out soon. Good night all and thank you Nick Name! Excellent set of musics as always!
  Fri. 2/20/15 2:49am rw:

PS I looked up Maurizio Bianchi. From the bit I found I can't figure out if he had a sense of humor or not. Seems like maybe not.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:49am coelacanth:

g'night rw.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:50am Claw!:

Yeah, I guess it's kinda hard to see in that picture - my hair and index finger are kind of in the way. It's about a half-inch long.
I actually really like it. Sometimes, when I get drunk and someone asks about it, I like to make up stories about how I got it.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:50am coelacanth:

oh...well,he made/makes great music anyway!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:51am Claw!:

Adios, rw! Sleep tight. Don't let the toothless snakes bite!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:52am coelacanth:

like the one you just told?...pretty badass! 3 years old!
  Fri. 2/20/15 2:53am rw:

:) 'night kids!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:55am Claw!:

Hahahah, no! That's the true story! You can't tell anyone, though! I NEED my street cred.

But now I may add "snakebite to the face" as one of my tall tales. I like that one.
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:57am coelacanth:

shit- Nick's about to leave!
Thank you Nick!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/20/15 2:57am Tome:

great set once again NIck ,, ty for being here and braving the cold too .! have a great weekend !
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:57am Claw!:

Or maybe I'll say that I got it while fighting V Priceless over who likes Meat Loaf more. ;)
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:59am coelacanth:

so whenever you're on these here comment boards,a little tipsy, i want to hear i new story about your illusive scar!
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 2:59am Claw!:

Good night, Fish, it's been real.

Good night, Nick! Thanks for rockin it!
  Fri. 2/20/15 2:59am tom:

thx nick
Avatar Fri. 2/20/15 3:00am coelacanth:

'night Claw!; Nick and everyone
  Fri. 2/20/15 3:03am Nick Name:

thx all - have a good weekend
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