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Postwar atmospherica. High bop modernism and Afro-Latin sounds, twilight exotica and soundtrack moods, soul stompers and weepers, hypnotic R&B and blues, mystical '60s pop, lonely country, lonelier rock 'n' roll, instrumental weirdness, electronic creaking. Bringing worlds beyond into the worlds at hand.

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Options November 17, 2016

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Artist Track Album
East New York Ensemble de Music  Bent-el-Jerusalem   Options At the Helm 
Herbie Mann  Incense   Options Impressions of the Middle East 
Jay Hoggard  Listen in Silence   Options Mystic Winds, Tropic Breezes 
Luis Delgado  Los Pabellones De Los Sentidos   Options Vathek 
Tor Lundvall  Empty City   Options Empty City 
Music behind DJ:
welcome to the club    
A. C. Ducey  Spaceman   Options 7" 45 
The Imperial Seven  Midnight Tom   Options 7" 45 
Jan Mink  Come On In   Options 7" 45 
The Avalanches  Avalanche   Options Ski Surfin' 
John Barry  Beat Girl   Options Beat Girl 
The Hall Brothers  Lobo   Options 7" 45 
ESG  My Love For You   Options Come Away With ESG 
James K-Nine  Live It Up   Options 7" 45 
King Herbert  Natural Song   Options Fantabulous: Natural Funk Rarities from the Early 70's 
Music behind DJ:
the wide open    
Starship Commander Woo Woo  Master Ship (Excerpt)   Options Personal Space (v/a) 
Dirty Beaches  ELLI   Options Drifters 
Port Said  Trail of the Sphinx   Options 7" 45 
Broadcast  Arc of a Journey   Options Tender Buttons 
The Sound Breakers  Marooned   Options 7" 45 
Don Tiare and His Orchestra  Sampan Landing   Options Exotique: The Music of Les Baxter 
Music behind DJ:
jungle speaks    
Nat Adderley  Pretty Memory   Options Work Song 
Chico Hamilton  Swampy   Options Chic Chic Chico 
Wanieta Vess  It's Heaven   Options 7" 45 
Max Roach Quintet  Tomorrow Pt. 1 & 2   Options The Boppers In Europe Vol.2 (1949-52) 
Oscar Lindsay  Blue Prelude   Options 7" 45 
Music behind DJ:
isle of somewhere    

Listener comments!

Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 9:54pm Little Danny:

Welcome, stowaways, to the Cool Blue Flame!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:01pm JtotheK:

good evening one and all.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:03pm Little Danny:

J2tK! So glad you made it. I've a feeling that ours may be a small party tonight. But memorable
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:03pm melinda:

hi flamers
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:03pm Little Danny:

And I should ask: how are you this evening?
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:04pm Little Danny:

OMG Melinda, you're here. Thank you! And hello in turn
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:07pm Little Danny:

How is everyone feeling this evening? (Evening from where I sit/slouch, at least.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:11pm JtotheK:

hi melinda!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:12pm JtotheK:

Danny, I saw your post elsewhere about The Three Suns 'Volcano' 45...that was the 2nd mention of that 45 this week, I didn't know it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:12pm melinda:

I'm having a flare-up of dry eye/sinus syndrome but enjoying the music.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:13pm JtotheK:

I'm convincing myself that I'll come across that 45 'in the field' in a dollar bin now that I'm aware of it.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:14pm geezerette:

Hello Danny and all blues.

Am I blue? Ain't these tears in my beers telling you?
Gorgeous music!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:14pm Little Danny:

It's soooo good, J2tK. You must be on the message board that dare not speak its name!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:15pm Little Danny:

Sorry, Melinda, but thanks. Eyedrops and a wet towel over your eyes, maybe?
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:16pm Little Danny:

Hello Geez, so glad to have you aboard! And thank you
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:17pm geezerette:

Melinda, Danny's advice is excellent.
Or,a sad movie.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:19pm JtotheK:

hi geezerette. and Danny, said message board i've been a member of for a while, but never ever post - but do lurk because there's always something interesting to learn. i used to post on soulstrut many years ago.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:22pm geezerette:

...or, an onion...or, a REALLY funny joke...,or,a teaspoon of wasabi...
Howdy JtotheK.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:24pm Little Danny:

@geezerette: videos of cute animal "best friends" do it for me most reliably. Horses & rabbits or cats & deer, that sort of thing. Really any kind of interspecies bro-downs
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:34pm melinda:

I think I need to stop staring at the computer, been using eye drops all day but it's a chronic (and probably autoimmune-driven, my tear glands are impaired) problem that doesn't respond well to simple remedies, unfortunately. The problem is that computer screens are transfixing and it's hard to pry myself away.
  Thu. 11/17/16 10:35pm Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

Hey Danny, great mellow start to the afternoon or evening where you guys are, nice version of Feelin Good your using as music behind the back announce BTW
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:36pm melinda:

It was a bummer to tune in at 8:00 and not find the Explorer's Room, glad the Blue Flame is in place!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:41pm Little Danny:

Pete! Thanks! I owe you an email
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:41pm hyde:

haha, melinda. without the Explorer's Room lead in i got totally distracted and forgot to sign in before it's almost time for me to cut out. Sorry, Little Danny!

will catch the archive. hello to friends geezerette and JtotheK.

Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:42pm Little Danny:

Noooo, hyde, don't go!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:42pm JtotheK:

hi hyde!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:45pm JtotheK:

these 45s are all new to me...and they are all fantastic!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:45pm hyde:

gotta do it. will be a mess tomorrow otherwise. i'm sure you can carry on without me ;)
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:46pm geezerette:

hiya hyde, see ya!
  Thu. 11/17/16 10:51pm Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

Ahh the Beat Girl theme from same named fab Britt Troubled Teen classic from 1959!! The vocal version by Adam Faith , who stars in the flick is also killer
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 10:56pm geezerette:

Love "Beat Girl" and her Bardot hair-do.
  Thu. 11/17/16 11:02pm Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

Hey geezerette: Yes that gal is amazing! And you check out the UK version of the movie, the US released version was censered. UK version has some great SoHo strip tease club scenes to great John Barry instros, great movie
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:06pm geezerette:

Thanks Pete! Sixties Soho strippers+John Barry, what's not to love?
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:09pm geezerette:

Guess you could say '59 was a dress rehearsal for the sixties. Kinda.
  Thu. 11/17/16 11:15pm Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

Yep, geezerette: start of mod Britian and the end of the 50s, but that Greaser or Rocker culture (Motorcycle riding Youths that werent interested in being Mods) hung around in the UK well into the mid to late 60s.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:21pm Little Danny:

Pete: based on Aussies' interests in cars/hot rods and general rock 'n' roll attitude, I'm guessing there musta been a serious greaser/rocker culture there, too
  Thu. 11/17/16 11:25pm Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

Yep Danny, it was huge, big early Rock n Roll scene, back in the 50's then a great Surf Instro Scene, Bands like the Denvermen, Joyboys, The Playboysetc cut some sensational deep surf, later 60s Band scene, Easybeats being the biggest and most famous at the time. But yep the Rocker bike thing and the Hotrod thing goes back a long way. Still very strong, in an underground kind of way!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:26pm geezerette:

I just saw "Leather Boys" recently,think it was on youtube.
Good film!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:29pm Little Danny:

Had to google "Leather Boys" - looks fascinating!
  Thu. 11/17/16 11:30pm Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

geezerette: Leather Boys is a fantastic flick, lots of great gritty UK movies came out in the early 60's, real golden era for English films, and first time Working Class subjects and actors took over. Check out 'Billy Liar' stars June Christie, from 1963, I think, wonderful movie
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:35pm geezerette:

Rita Tushingham.Pete,yes, "Billy Liar" and "Darling" are jascinating and heartbreaking! Also,"The Girl With Green Eyes", there are lots of them. :)
  Thu. 11/17/16 11:37pm Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

And of course Alfie with Michael Cain, dunno, the British irony and humour may not get picked up by some Americans, but a very funny film.
Check out 'The Servant' Dirk Bogard, 1963, very dark and very interesting, real twist towards the end
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:39pm melinda:

Nice winding-down music in the last set. Nighty-night!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:41pm Doug Schulkind:

My favorite is Little Danny's cool blue period.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:42pm geezerette:

Wow,I've seen & loved those too! Actually got deeply into Pinter for awhile.
Dirk Bogarde was incredible,really fine.

Goodnight Melinda!
  Thu. 11/17/16 11:43pm Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

geezerette: Cool so glad youve seen 'The Servant' Andsee if you can see 'All Night Long '1962 British modern Jazz film, great film, and stars one of Danny's faves the great Tubby Hayes!
And hey Danny you really need to check this film out, pretty sure its your thing
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:43pm geezerette:

Doug,wow! I love that too! (hahaha :)
  Thu. 11/17/16 11:44pm Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

And thanks for the music Danny, great and varied show as usual
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:45pm Little Danny:

Whoa, Doug! I gotta look like I'm actually working when the boss shows up!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:45pm Little Danny:

G'night Melinda! Thanks for being here, and hope your eyes/sinuses feel better!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:46pm geezerette:

Unbelieveable! I've seen that too! Know whats hilarious? Everyone here is some sort of cultural anthropologist. It's so great!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:47pm Little Danny:

Thanks, and thanks Pete! I remember you recommending "All Night Long." I swear I'll look it up this weekend
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:47pm geezerette:

Another great show Danny!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:48pm Little Danny:

I totally agree geezerette: it's our curiosity that brings us together (and keeps a lot of us going). And thanks!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:48pm geezerette:

Danny you're going to like that film.
  Thu. 11/17/16 11:50pm Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

geezerette: Wow isnt that funny, world is certainly becoming a much smaller place! Gonna have to start recomending 60s Italian films, think youve seen most of my faves! But see if you can see 'Expresso Bongo', lot of fun, about SoHo in London, in 1960, pretty cool. Get the UK version though, again the US version had all the striptease chopped out!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:54pm geezerette:

I even have the novel,"Expresso Bongo"! Dopplegangers Pete!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:55pm geezerette:

But probably not U.K. version,and every edit makes a new film.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:55pm Doug Schulkind:

People calling me the boss makes me wanna throw up. With pride.
  Thu. 11/17/16 11:56pm Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

geezerette: Ha Ha, thats great..how abot 'Mix Me A Person' from 58?
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:57pm geezerette:

Got me! Nope! :D
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:59pm geezerette:

Doug,hee hee,:)
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 11/17/16 11:59pm Little Danny:

Doug, don't worry, when people call you "boss" it's generally tempered with a curious mix of sarcasm, love and appreciation!
  Fri. 11/18/16 12:02am Pete from Melbourne Austraila:

great show, night all, even though its only 4.30 in the arvo down here!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 11/18/16 12:06am Doug Schulkind:

I sarcaprecialove you to, Little Danny.
Avatar 🎃 Fri. 11/18/16 12:08am Little Danny:

Thanks everybody, and goodnight/good afternoon!
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