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$mall ¢hange returns to freeformland with the late late night space madness shee-it. Oh my beloved ice cream bar... how I love to lick your creamy center! HOOOWWWWWW... (bites soap)... and your oh-so-nutty chocolate covering! You're not like the others... you like the same things I do!
Waxed paper... boiled football leather... dog breath... We're not hitchhiking anymore! (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 15, 2017: w/ guest del Mar

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Pete Guitar Lewis  Ooh Midnight   Options 0:00:00 ()
Derrick Harriot  Do I Worry   Options 0:02:30 ()
Derrick Harriot  Solomon   Options 0:04:02 ()
Scotty  Riddle I Dis   Options 0:04:55 ()
Richie Spice  Youths Get So Cold   Options 0:06:53 ()
Buju Banton  Champion (Megasoid Sleng Teng Remix)   Options 0:09:00 ()
The Bug  Goodbye (feat. Miss Red)   Options 0:10:46 ()
Soundmurderer  Bad Sound   Options 0:13:28 ()
Rude and Deadly  Mash Them Down (Smokey Joe VIP Remix)   Options 0:15:53 ()
Action Man, Admiral Bailey, Frankie Paul  Jump Up (Drum and Bass Dub)   Options 0:17:58 ()
Firefox  Bonanza Kid   Options 0:19:57 ()
Foul Play  Open Your Mind (Remix)   Options 0:22:27 ()
Bizzy B and TDK  Wicked Man   Options 0:26:02 ()
Serial Killaz  One More Time   Options 0:29:27 ()
Diamond Bass  Stereotype (Global Bass Version)   Options 0:32:39 ()
Gangsta Na Play aka Numa Crew  Tuff Africa   Options 0:34:55 ()
Billy The Gent  La Mania (Sabo's Corto Edit)   Options 0:36:54 ()
Kev-E-Kev and AK-B  Keep On Doin'   Options 0:40:14 ()
Super Lover Cee & Cassanova Rud  Gets No Deeper (Bonus Bass Line Mix)   Options 0:43:43 ()
DJ del Mar in ze mixxx
Billions McMillions  Missted Nerve   Options 1:00:00 ()
Roxanne Shante  Go On Girl   Options 1:00:08 ()
YMO   Computer Games   Options 1:02:38 ()
Rhythm For Reasons  Smoker's Riddim   Options 1:12:00 ()
Badman  War in '94   Options 1:14:32 ()
Dillinja   Simple   Options 1:20:09 ()
Moby  Feeling So Real (Ray Keith Remix)   Options 1:28:10 ()
Future Forces  Flash Gordon   Options 1:28:28 ()
Lemon D  Break It Up   Options 1:32:01 ()
Optical  Moving 808s   Options 1:38:14 ()
Danny Breaks   Definition   Options 1:46:37 ()
DJ Krust  The Last Day   Options 1:46:45 ()
Photek  Still Life Remix   Options 1:50:47 ()
Wots My Code  Dubplate (Total Science Remix)   Options 1:56:21 ()
DJ Die  Live and Direct   Options 2:00:48 ()
Babylon Zoo  The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes (Goldie Remix)   Options 2:04:08 ()
Kaos Theory  Sooth My Soul   Options 2:11:44 ()
Artinus  4am   Options 2:16:02 ()
D Project  Faithless   Options 2:18:14 ()
Skanna  Find Me   Options 2:22:22 ()
Breakbeat Era  Bulletproof   Options 2:21:39 ()
Dillinja   Deadly Deep Subs Remix   Options 2:37:02 ()
DJ Die  Jitta Bug   Options 2:37:16 ()
Firefox and Glamour Gold  Bass Switch   Options 2:38:35 ()
The Noise of Art  Rollin' Deep..in the Realm of the Purple Diamond (Original Mix)   Options 2:45:12 ()
Rufige Kru  Fury   Options 2:48:31 ()
X Certificate  Strike A Dub   Options 2:48:51 ()
  The Joint   2:55:13 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 6/15/17 12:04am Friends call me Mel:

Will try not to zzzz Dj Del Maaaar
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:26am b:

A most excellent sound track for a celebration
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:27am b:

Was correctly judged "not guilty" in a major court case today.
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:30am b:

Worth mentioning that Weller bourbon is indeed an excellent companion to a "Le Bijou My Father 1922" $20 cigar. Whoopee. NOT GUILTY!
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:31am b:

Hey DJ, good job mixing. Sounds great.
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:32am b:

Red Auerbach smoked a ceegar with every major victory. He was onto something.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 6/15/17 12:34am Ken From Hyde Park:

I had a traffic violation (expired registration) excused because the arresting officer didn't appear in court. I was so relieved. Not guilty in a court case must be X times better feeling. I can hardly imagine.
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:34am b:

If WFMU isn't part of such a celebration, you're doing it wrong.
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:36am b:

20+ years in jail was on the line. Courtroom applauded when judge said "Not Guilty." A defining moment.
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:38am b:

Checking in from Oklahoma, Ken. Thanks for sharing.
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:41am b:

DJ most talented at mixing. Fun.
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:44am $mall ¢hange:

cheers party ppl!
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:45am b:

Heck, I'm not even a rap fan. Reggae reeled me in.
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:51am b:

James Brown rules.
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:58am $mall ¢hange:

congrats man!
  Thu. 6/15/17 12:59am b:

Avatar Thu. 6/15/17 12:59am Friends call me Mel:

Delmaur land
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:07am b:

Avatar Thu. 6/15/17 1:10am Friends call me Mel:

REalized I have netflix's "The Keepers" on without sound. Kind of like it better now to this hahaha
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:18am b:

Been hearing/seeing good things about "The Keepers." Will have to give in and watch it.
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:26am pp:

to b:
Avatar Thu. 6/15/17 1:30am Friends call me Mel:

@ B I dunno.. 2nd episode in. First episode seemed like just a bunch of old geezers werkin on a dead case. But now its twisted w/ horny priests to the sounds of D n B. I said horny is that ok
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:32am b:

:-) Religion that requires complete denial of God-given sexuality? Horniness expected.
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:33am $mall ¢hange:

horny is NOT ok. sorry. FCC
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:34am b:

Horniness requires context. You willingly surrender sexuality? Better stick to it.
Avatar Thu. 6/15/17 1:35am Friends call me Mel:

Father $mall Change (where is the cent symbol on the keyboard anyway??) Forgive me for I have sinned.
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:35am index:

  Thu. 6/15/17 1:37am b:

Most enjoyable music AND chat, Thx everyone for your part in this.
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:37am $mall ¢hange:

on a PC hold down 'alt' and type '0,1,6,2'


like magic.

macs its option + 4
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:37am Eric Hat:

Beautiful set.
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:38am $mall ¢hange:

yup del Mar is a pro. saw him kill many parties back in ze day
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:39am b:

Humanity is a beautiful thing in spite of its imperfections.
Avatar Thu. 6/15/17 1:41am Friends call me Mel:

+$ no change here
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:43am N. Ron Hubble:

£oose ¢hange
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:43am $mall ¢hange:

hold down option and hit $ for mac
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:43am Tim, your friend,... Tim:

Oooooooh I love this track. Smoooooooth,
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:44am $mall ¢hange:

that's tight haha haven't done that one. get called that all the time it should be an alias...just confuse ppl more
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:45am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

Haha, all the classics popping up. Can Dillinja be far behind?
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:45am $mall ¢hange:

yeah I'll find in a minute...btw the playlist is one track behind timewise, since I'm putting in the records as they're played.

(Operator Voice) Please make a note of it.
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:46am $mall ¢hange:

he already played. Chronic 1. classic 12". He played the B side, I used to play the A side a lot

Avatar Thu. 6/15/17 1:47am Friends call me Mel:

I got ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:47am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

Ha! I see it now. Just joining. Oh good lord! This is getting better and better. Tight snare on this oldie.
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:48am $mall ¢hange:

hahahah. I had faith
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:48am $mall ¢hange:

murder. been too long since I've seen him play in ze real world. great set
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:50am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

My first NYC friend, he took me to my first Konkrete Jungle. Hooked from there.
Avatar Thu. 6/15/17 1:51am Friends call me Mel:

ooh shit do
I hear eeeeek a squeek
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:52am $mall ¢hange:

nice! hope to see you soon Tim!
Avatar Thu. 6/15/17 1:52am Friends call me Mel:

more Wa do Dems plz
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:55am b:

wooo ++
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:55am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

Live and direct!
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:57am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

ANOTHER classic. Oh I miss that era of "bippy" bass beats.
  Thu. 6/15/17 1:59am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around... " wink and a nod
Avatar Thu. 6/15/17 2:01am Friends call me Mel:

Alright I will hear the last of this energy tmrw. Goodnight all xoxo (also ¢¢¢¢ if you could get D to speak on air would be cute)
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:03am $mall ¢hange:

we'll be on again inna bit. cheers! yes life moves fast indeed...where did all those yesterdays go?
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:05am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

HA! Oh god I'm back in the Cooler smoking a cigarette to this one.
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:11am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

Ooooh I vote for a Skanna track. There are only a few, might have to cut the intro.
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:11am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

Don't kill the messeng- the photographer. This set is perfect.
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:13am $mall ¢hange:

he might have one
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:19am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

YES!!!!!!! "Find Me"!!!!
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:20am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

  Thu. 6/15/17 2:20am Eric Hat:

Ooh ooh. It's like thatcha keep goin
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:21am Eric Hat:

Reminds of the days of seeking out tapes, that were always played to the brink...
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:23am $mall ¢hange:

  Thu. 6/15/17 2:27am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

Oh no he isn't... I know that break...
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:32am Eric Hat:

Jeez. So uplifting.
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:40am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

I think that sample was a sped up "Blasphemous Rumors" Depeche Mode, a bit ago.
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:40am Eric Hat:

Yup. Right there...
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:42am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

I'm with you, Eric.
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:43am fashiontashjian:

Checking in from Yerevan - great program today as always.
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:43am Tim as in Tim, the photographer:

Ok, it's 242 and I can't front. I have to hit the hay. THANKS Del and Jim, a fun late night. Love you guys.
  Thu. 6/15/17 2:44am $mall ¢hange:

best Tim! thanks for tuning in man!
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