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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 30, 2017: Learning Andy About Game of Thrones

Andy has never seen Game of Thrones, and is exploring the idea of "hopping into it", asking Ken and the callers to help him get caught up on the storyline thus far. Ken is already a huge fan - he became addicted because the rest of his family was into it and he had little choice but to tune in.

To start, Andy is introduced to the concepts of Jon Snow and Westeros, as well as the usage of dragons, zombies, and incest. The callers delve deeper into the show with information on Beric Dondarrion, wild walkers, Varys, Arya, and much much more. Most callers confess their love for the show, but throughout it all, Andy remains skeptical and underwhelmed. It is however revealed that Andy and George R.R. Martin have one thing in common - they both use Wordstar for word processing, which apparently must be loaded from a DOS command line.

Earlier in the show, Andy discusses his daughters bat mitzvah, specifically the band he hired (My Brother's Penis), and his son's idea to design a quiz show to determine Ken's seating placement at the event. Also, Andy expresses concern for the situation Houston (which he heard about from Beth), and he crafts a plan to fill the city with tampons donated by callers. They estimate billions of tampons are needed.

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Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 5:56pm Bjarne:

hello there Ken and Andy
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:00pm Bjarne:

and fellow listeners
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:01pm zopa:

ohhhh no...
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:02pm dale:

i've never watched game of thrones. isn't it mostly medieval porn?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:03pm chris:

dale, yes. yes it is. though not lately, unless you have a dragon fetish.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:03pm BnowB:

lol @ dale yes
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:03pm Parq:

Tyrion is this short dude.
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:03pm zopa:

medieval torture porn
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:04pm JakeGould:

What is this?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:04pm common:

Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:05pm dale:

if i love lucy has taught us anything, it is that ladies like pretty hats. and hispanic men like to spank them.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:05pm JakeGould:

This is $500 dollars? That is $499.99 too much!
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:06pm dale:

....and midget porn at that!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:06pm Nick the Bard:

Has Peter Dinkliage ever sung Space Pants on GoT?
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:08pm Fredericks:

When Andy mentioned Otis Redding, I thought he was going get Veronica a mini-skirt-dress.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:10pm Fredericks:

Who is the woman with her tongue out?
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:13pm BnowB:

its a photo from game of throngs
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:14pm dale:

'tampons to houston' - fanfuckingTASTIC!!
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:15pm BnowB:

Def think they should be air dropping by plane lots of tampons and Trump wigs.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:16pm ultradamno:

Really Red- " No Art In Houston"

The Fall's cover of Dean Martin's "Houston"
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:16pm BnowB:

lmao @ andy i wanna hit you
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:17pm ultradamno:

Dragons and incest, that is all you've missed.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:17pm BnowB:

GOT may lack "good" people
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:18pm dale:

aunt/nephew incest isn't THAT bad....
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:19pm BnowB:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:19pm Nick the Bard:

  Wed. 8/30/17 6:19pm zopa:

Tell Andy it's "Friends" with dragons.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:20pm ultradamno:

I saw the hero(ine) is Arya.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:20pm Nick the Bard:

here i am, thinking i can trust djs.......
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:21pm herb.nyc:

Seriously, what's the best group(s) to send $ to help Houston? Ken said Houston Food Coop(?); link plz. Thx.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:21pm BnowB:

bahahahahahahahaha Ken you are not dumb hahaha
I think it is such an over hyped show. I waited for the dragons then i stopped this season and here come the dragons.. UGH
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:21pm Marcel M:

Haha.. just a little joke Nick. They said to lie in the email!
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:22pm ultradamno:

Also, The Night King seems really misunderstood, I think he has plans worth entertaining.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:22pm BnowB:

Andy ding ding ding ding ding.. Not worth it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:22pm Nick the Bard:

ok, never mind then (I reaqd the thing before i left the house)
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:22pm miles:

what shows has Andy worked on?
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:23pm BnowB:

Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:24pm BnowB:

ahhhahhaha @ he's banging his aunt..
"is he gonna pork her dad .. I think he's gonna pork her... "
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:24pm chris:

andy's resume - www.imdb.com...
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:24pm BnowB:

hahaha @andy.. Please don't watch it anymore. hahahaha
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:25pm dale:

does porn for the blind have a GoT selection?
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:26pm ultradamno:

I mean all The Night King wants is to winter down south. Is that so wrong. It's exactly what my parents do.
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:29pm zopa:

one guy doesn't have a penis, another doesn't have a hand.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:29pm BnowB:

She is a teen assassin wearing medieval drag.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:31pm Stephen Radford (Manchester):

One of the writers is Dave Hill - but not Dave Hill if you know who I mean.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:31pm dale:

andy - just like monopoly has multiple versions you could market 'who tooted - the game of thrones edition'
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:31pm Torbjørn:

Maybe Andy might find it more relatable if he knew it was from from Bayonne, NJ. Something about the Dothraki sea being a metaphor for the swamps of New Jersey. Failing government and cruel rulers being a comment Chris Christie and his predecessors. It seems quite local if you look at it in a certain way.
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:31pm herb.nyc:

Jerk me says the Harvey funnies earlier were, well, not. And I'm not a Game of T fan so I'm spacing out. Plz, let andy's 2 young kids call. They make me smile.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:32pm Stephen Radford (Manchester):

I have never seen Games of the Thrones.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:34pm BnowB:

We have 1 rule?
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:35pm Stephen Radford (Manchester):

Wear comfortable shoes - not a rule, but generally good advice.
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:35pm zopa:

i hope everyone dies
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:35pm ultradamno:

It occurs to me that comparing The Night King to my parents doesn't really make him seem less evil.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:35pm BnowB:

I really think I watched it with hope. I tried so hard to find it "awesome"... it is a lot of random fantasy... there are almost no redeeming characters. The kid assassin was until she started to kill people.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:35pm Stephen Radford (Manchester):

Will this be like ER and just go on forever?
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:37pm BnowB:

I will say in the "gay bear world" its is a PHENOM!
I don't know a gay bear friend who doesn't LOVE!!! IT!!
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:37pm dale:

i wonder why l.a. law never saw itself in perpetual reruns like frasier or two and a half men? they sucked too.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:38pm BnowB:

LMAO@andy its like marriage after some time you just go with it.. .omg my life..
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:39pm BnowB:

rem was best caller :) award
  Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:39pm oogoo:

Andy there is a horny dwarf in it. I met a girl from Belgium who was obcesssed with him wanted to be him and so obcesssed she w as in Myanmar beg her friend to go north to see the Burmese midgets. Give them a hug. Too much back story. Only reason im thinking of watching. Cant do the dragons but midget porn maybe.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:40pm ultradamno:

So the woman bent on world domination is the relatable one?
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:41pm BnowB:

Andy.. def some good gay bear porn.. if your into big sexy lumber jack men .. me me
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:41pm zopa:

She will birth a human-dragon hybrid!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:41pm Richard S:

The closest to GoT I've seen is the Sesame Street parody "Game of Chairs"
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:42pm BnowB:

lmao - andy anything could happen.. they would explain it away!
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:43pm BnowB:

LMAO flying moose .. in a show full of magic.. can explain everything or anything
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:44pm Richard S:

George R. R. "Rail Road" Martin
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:44pm ultradamno:

I got to say I don't know that Pinky The Flying Moose is wackier than the elfin tree people...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:44pm Jeff:

R. R.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:45pm dale:

they were all married to his current wife?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:46pm Jeff:

  Wed. 8/30/17 6:47pm zopa:

@jeff: ha ha ha ha. lmao!
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:48pm BnowB:

SNL? connection?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:48pm chris:

you only use typewriters to write?
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:50pm BnowB:

by accident.. .its the most searched for TV show on YOUTUBE ... algorithm
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:50pm Blinda:

omg fan girrrrrrrl
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:51pm BnowB:

lol blinda
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:52pm Vanessa Berse:

Wordstar! Sorry, eating dinner don't feel like calling
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:52pm BnowB:

Did ray davies really have a slave? WTF..
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:52pm BnowB:

my mind just exploded .. heading to google
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:52pm Blinda:

Ray Davies?? I think he meant Jeff whatsisname from Led Zeppelin
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:53pm dale:

ding ding ding! jeff is the winner!
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:53pm Blinda:

he kidnapped a 14 year old from a disco
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 6:53pm Jeff:

And one other guy in Canada!
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:54pm BnowB:

MS DOS??? Word.. program in 85... WORD STAR.. OH YEAAAA i remember word star.. doesn't know word "internet" lol word star.. oh andy hahahahah
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:56pm Blinda:

It IS a horrible affliction, and it is a terrible show that I have seen every episode of.
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:56pm dale:

i have to go do some animation on my amiga now.
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:57pm Blinda:

I'm gonna play Oregon Trail on my Apple IIC
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:57pm BnowB:

wow Ken knew house of cards and name of character so fast.. Gotta respect that!!! :) Ken is quick as lightening. I love this show.
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:57pm Veronica:

I don't want your stinking gift card
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:58pm Rai:

dale, who needs Premiere or photoshop when you have Deluxe Paint 2.0?
  Wed. 8/30/17 6:58pm Veronica:

Keep your stinking apology bribe to yourself BRECKMAN
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:58pm BnowB:

Ah-Scared .. haven't heard that in long time.
I say that now.. lol
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:59pm dale:

true rai!
Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 6:59pm BnowB:

word star for life en.wikipedia.org...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/30/17 7:03pm Jeff:

WordStar was the program of choice for conservative intellectual William F. Buckley, Jr.,[28] who used the software to write many works, including his last book. This was noted by his son, Christopher Buckley, who wrote of the almost comical loyalty and affection his father had shown for WordStar, which he had installed into every new computer he purchased despite the technical difficulty of such an endeavor as the program became increasingly outdated and incompatible with newer computers. He said of WordStar, "I'm told there are better programs, but I'm also told there are better alphabets."[28]

Ralph Ellison also used WordStar.[29]

Canadian science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer continues to use a customized version of WordStar for DOS to write his novels,[30] as does George R. R. Martin.[31]

Andy Breckman, the creator of Monk, is a devout WordStar user[32].

Vampire fiction writer Anne Rice was another faithful user of WordStar who struggled to have it installed on newer computers until it could no longer reasonably be done. She then grudgingly transitioned to Microsoft Word, whose design she felt was comparatively unintuitive and illogical: "MS Word was a nightmare by comparison, made perhaps for students and men who liked to 'play' with a mouse. Learning it was like learning something thrown together by maniacs."[33]

Avatar Wed. 8/30/17 7:41pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

WordStar could be annoying but yeah way way better than dealing with Word. There is something to be said for sticking with tools that work and that you're fluent with. People didn't upgrade their typewriters every two years but that's what the software industry would have you do.
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