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Andrew Sandoval's Come To The Sunshine is the home of the bah bah bah's and the la la la's. Each week he ushers you into his record room for a two-hour tour of scintillating 1960's sounds by a stunning array of no-hit wonders. Hear beat, psych, folk-rock, garage, soft pop, baroque, singer-songwriters and so much more (mostly in MONO).

Mondays 6 - 8pm (EST) (Web-only) | On WFMU's Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban (Info)
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Options February 5, 2018: Featuring Los Bravos

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format
Neal Ford & The Fanatics  Little World Girl   Options   Hickory  1968  45 
The Higher Elevation  Here Comes Sunshine   Options   Liberty  1968  45 
Lothar & The Hand People  L-O-V-E (Ask For It By Name)   Options   Capitol  1967  45 
Jade  Sunshine   Options   General American Records  1971  45 
The Crystal Ball  Trans-Love Airways (Fat Angel)   Options   Smash  1967  45 
Del Shannon  Move It On Over   Options   Amy  1965  45 
Majic Ship  Green Plant   Options   B.T. Puppy  1968  45 
Barry Darvel  Beggar's Parade   Options   Columbia  1967  45 
The Sensations Of London  Look At My Baby   Options   York  1967  45 
The Hands Of Time  Midnight Rider   Options   Sidewalk  1966  45 
The July Four  Frightened Little Girl   Options   Cameo Parkway  1967  45 
The Circuit  I Felt So Good (Just Yesterday)   Options   Pac Three  ?  45 
Bob Dileo  Mind Excursion   Options   Columbia  1969  45 
Forever And Ever  Early Morning Bath   Options   Jubilee  1967  45 
The Haystack  A Letter To Josephine   Options   United Artists  1969  45 
Kris Kristofferson  Golden Idol   Options   Epic  1967  45 
The Family Album  And Soon The Snow Is Gonna Fall   Options   December  1967  45 
The Other Four  How Do You Tell A Girl   Options   Decca  1966  45 
The Flame  Another Day Like Heaven   Options   Brother  1971  45 
Mother's Worry  Yesterday, Where's My Mind   Options   Look  1968  45 
Los Bravos  You Got Until The Morning   Options Dame Un Poco Amor  Columbia (Spain)  1968  LP 
Los Bravos  Bring A Little Lovin'   Options   Decca  1968  45 
Los Bravos  Wearing A Smile   Options   Decca  1967  45 
Los Bravos  Going Nowhere   Options   Decca  1966  45 
Los Bravos  Like Nobody Else   Options   Decca  1967  45 
Los Bravos  Black Is Black   Options     1966   
Los Bravos  I'm Cuttin' Out   Options     1966   
Los Bravos  Trapped   Options        
Los Bravos  Don't Be Left Out In The Cold   Options     1966   
Los Bravos  I Don't Care   Options     1966   
Los Bravos  I'll See You Through   Options Dame Un Poco Amor  Columbia (Spain)  1968  LP 
Los Bravos  Live Girl   Options Dame Un Poco Amor  Columbia (Spain)  1968  LP 
Los Bravos  No Si Mi Nombre   Options   Columbia (Spain)  1966  45 
Los Bravos  We'll Make It Together   Options   Columbia (Spain)  1968  45 
Los Bravos  Wait A Minute   Options   Columbia (Spain)  1968  45 
Los Bravos  Come When I Call   Options Black Is Black  Decca (U.K.)  1966  LP 
Los Bravos  I Want A Name   Options   Decca (U.K.)  1966  45 
Los Bravos  Two Kinds Of Lovers   Options Black Is Black  Decca (U.K.)  1966  LP 
Los Bravos  Como Superman   Options Illustrimos Bravos  Columbia (Spain)  1969  LP 
Los Bravos  You Won't Get Far   Options Black Is Black  Decca (U.K.)  1966  LP 
Los Bravos  Cool It   Options   Columbia (Spain)  1969  45 

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:00pm cometothesunshine:

Avatar 🎃 Mon. 2/5/18 6:02pm Woof:

Hello everyone! Hello Andrew!
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:02pm ?:

Hey and howdy!
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 2/5/18 6:03pm bigplanetnoise:

Let's try that again. Hey and howdy!
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:03pm mce1965:

Little did Roy Acuff realize his little label would one day produce some fine sunshine pop
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:04pm cometothesunshine:

hey hey everyone
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:05pm cometothesunshine:

Coming up: I am playing a Hands Of Time 45 that foreshadows Bob's show that follows CTTS at 8 eastern.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:07pm cometothesunshine:

Most of today's 45's are new to my collection as of this past week - a fresh selection of old records.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 2/5/18 6:07pm Dominick:

Avatar 🎃 Mon. 2/5/18 6:08pm bigplanetnoise:

Great. Lots of fun to make a show out of new acquisitions...
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:09pm blotter:

hello, love this show! what was your theme music, playing under your intro?
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:09pm cometothesunshine:

welcome Dominick & Blotter
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:09pm cometothesunshine:

The theme is "Come To The Sunshine" by Harper's Bizarre from 1967
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:09pm SteveBonilla:

hiya from bklyn
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:10pm cometothesunshine:

welcome Steve - hello from Los Angeles
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:12pm blotter:

thanks and feelin' groovy!
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:12pm SteveBonilla:

The intro soulds like a loop!
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:12pm cometothesunshine:

A very psychedelic show thus far.
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:15pm SteveBonilla:

The first time I 'saw' music (psychedelically speaking) was when i saw The Buffalo Springlfield & Moby Grape (Sacto. '68).
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:17pm mce1965:

Heavyocity levels are high so far
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:17pm cometothesunshine:

Del achieved total who-v-ocity on his last single for Amy
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:18pm cometothesunshine:

i wonder what this tape sounds like?
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:19pm mce1965:

Does it even exist?
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:19pm SteveBonilla:

This track is so heavy and manic. Awesome. There's some Kinks in the vocals (verse melody), too.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:20pm cometothesunshine:

This version of Green Plant does remind me of the time Ray Davies looked at me and just said: Vanilla Fudge. I knew what he meant.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:21pm mce1965:

Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:23pm cometothesunshine:

4 Seasons style fuzz
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:24pm cometothesunshine:

An anti-hippie ode from Crewe/Gaudio
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 2/5/18 6:24pm Dominick:

This is Charlie Calello arranging isn't it?
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:25pm cometothesunshine:

Dominick - actually that was a John Abbott arrangement. Produced by Steve & Bill Jerome.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 2/5/18 6:26pm Dominick:

All right then!
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:26pm cometothesunshine:

I love Charlie Calello arrangments - especially the Cyrkle
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:27pm mce1965:

Wow, this show is Hard and Heavy iwith marshmallow)
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:27pm cometothesunshine:

Big Planet - are you playing Midnight Rider later?
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 2/5/18 6:27pm bigplanetnoise:

I am indeed.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:28pm cometothesunshine:

but not that version, right?
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 2/5/18 6:29pm bigplanetnoise:

Yup. Same, I believe.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:29pm cometothesunshine:

well, there won't be any further overlap, I am guessing
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:29pm cometothesunshine:

Plenty of softness on the way
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:30pm cometothesunshine:

I poured Snuggle all over my playlist.
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 2/5/18 6:30pm bigplanetnoise:

You're not playing anything from Naked Angels tonight? I'm outta here.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:30pm mce1965:

  Mon. 2/5/18 6:30pm SteveBonilla:

Aww. Fluffy time.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:32pm cometothesunshine:

Next up - some soft pop from the inner city: Detroit, Michigan's The Circuit.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 2/5/18 6:32pm Dominick:

Don't touch the bear
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:33pm blotter:

they were first called "WFIL's July Four," because they won a Philly radio station battle of the bands. Paul Leka produced. I used to work with a woman whose boyfriend was in the band. I think, not sure, they may have morphed into The Buoys??
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:33pm SteveBonilla:

Kick out the marmalade...
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:34pm cometothesunshine:

Fab info, blotter!
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:34pm cometothesunshine:

Love me some Leka
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:34pm SteveBonilla:

Sounds like it was inspired by Help Me Girl.
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:34pm blotter:

Rice is nice!
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:35pm cometothesunshine:

that's what they say...
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:35pm mce1965:

No matter if it's soft pop, it still has four-to-the-floor Motown drums as long as it comes from Dee-troit
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:36pm cometothesunshine:

Thank the Lord for the superior mastering of Columbia studios.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:37pm mce1965:

For what it's worth... Discogs lists that Circuit 45 as 1969
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:37pm cometothesunshine:

Avatar 🎃 Mon. 2/5/18 6:37pm bigplanetnoise:

CSL mastering rules.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:38pm cometothesunshine:

I have trouble trusting the Discogs braintrust
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:38pm cometothesunshine:

45cat is my fave
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:38pm mce1965:

Thus my caveat
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:39pm mce1965:

Mine too but the year ain't listed there
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:39pm cometothesunshine:

Forever & Ever=Faux Brit
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:40pm cometothesunshine:

I love John Carter in all his guises.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:42pm mce1965:

Stormy Petrel is my fave
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:45pm cometothesunshine:

Kill your Idols
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:45pm mce1965:

A star is born
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:46pm cometothesunshine:

Jerry Reed?
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:46pm mce1965:

Has a Ray Stevens-serious vibe about it
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:47pm SteveBonilla:

Tupper Saussy was serious Nashville. He made a couple of decent jazz records, too.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:48pm cometothesunshine:

I got to meet Tupper a few times in Los Angeles
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:48pm SteveBonilla:

December will never be the same.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:49pm cometothesunshine:

You are correct, SB
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:49pm SteveBonilla:

Wow! Very cool.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:49pm cometothesunshine:

This Other 4 single is excellent faux Pet Sounds
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:49pm cometothesunshine:

Too bad the tape really did burn in a fire
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:50pm SteveBonilla:

Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:50pm mce1965:

Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:51pm cometothesunshine:

Feel The Flames
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:52pm cometothesunshine:

Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:52pm mce1965:

I'm still waiting for all those digital backups to surface they claimed they had at the time. "Nothing to see here"
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:52pm cometothesunshine:

I have seen this tape
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:52pm mce1965:

But I thought it was in quad
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:53pm SteveBonilla:

Ambitious. I've never heard this.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:53pm cometothesunshine:

Desper made a mono mix for this promo
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:53pm cometothesunshine:

Big Star meets the Beach Boys
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:54pm cometothesunshine:

a.k.a. The Beatles
  Mon. 2/5/18 6:54pm SteveBonilla:

...dinner time, here. I'll be monitoring. with a little Abbey Road thrown in.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:57pm mce1965:

A little Morning Dew-ish
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:57pm cometothesunshine:

Nashville trippy
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:58pm cometothesunshine:

Psychedelic banjo
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 2/5/18 6:59pm bigplanetnoise:

Tony Hicks - grandmaster of psych banjo.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 6:59pm cometothesunshine:

Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 7:02pm cometothesunshine:

The 2nd Los bravos movie- yes there were two- is amazing looking
  Mon. 2/5/18 7:04pm blotter:

Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 7:04pm cometothesunshine:

My favorite - Vanda/Young excitement
  Mon. 2/5/18 7:11pm blotter:

the "forward momentum" of 60s music is superb! 3 minutes of revved up heaven.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 7:11pm cometothesunshine:

This is a great song written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 7:13pm cometothesunshine:

with a Rave Up
  Mon. 2/5/18 7:17pm blotter:

WOW, Andrew, THIS IS GREAT!!! the true test of a band is hearing them without the production, no? these guys are tight! Viva Los Bravos!!!
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 7:20pm cometothesunshine:

I have to say they sound great live.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 7:22pm cometothesunshine:

"in the first 20 records" sounds better than Top 20, actually
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 7:23pm mce1965:

Another fine show, Andrew... thanks for the burnin' hot Sunshine today.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 7:25pm cometothesunshine:

Thank you for listening!
  Mon. 2/5/18 7:32pm Steve Bonilla:

The lead singer has some Gene Pitney in him. And, that's a good thing.
  Mon. 2/5/18 7:34pm blotter:

And a little Matthew Fisher/Procol Harum organ, too.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 7:36pm cometothesunshine:

I always think Tom Jones vs. Pitney
  Mon. 2/5/18 7:39pm Steve Bonilla:

Yes, he has that soulish grit, too.
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 7:40pm cometothesunshine:

Another great Easybeats song
Avatar Mon. 2/5/18 7:58pm cometothesunshine:

Thanks everyone for listening!
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 2/5/18 7:58pm Woof:

Thank you, Andrew! Fantastic show!
  Mon. 2/5/18 8:02pm blotter:

Excellent show, Andrew, many, many thanks!
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