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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 7, 2018

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Listener comments!

  Wed. 2/7/18 6:05pm Listener Robert:

Skype taking a while to cx?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:05pm Sebastian:

that's it, play the hell out of that theme song!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:05pm dale:

are we live or memorex
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:06pm queems:

i think live
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:07pm Sebastian:

I'm doing the dishes, starting now!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:07pm Srđo (Sergio, Serge) in Serbia:

i'm digesting dinner and smoking my pall mall
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:07pm dale:

i'm sitting in the kitchen listening to the tivoli radio and drinking wine. i will probably break wind at some point. or enter my own masturbatorium
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:08pm TehBadDr:

I don't stare at the wall when I listen, I stare at the corners of the walls!
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:08pm Kurt:

I'm watching Russian dashcam videos. Seems appropriate for this show. I couldn't find any train wrecks on youtube.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:09pm ultradamno:

Back to radios being a huge piece of furniture!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:09pm herb.nyc:

Maybe mom is baking in kitchen. She's a master baker.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:09pm queems:

i eat pizza every week when i listen to this so i like the show by association
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:09pm em2cl:

"December 19, 2012: Tell Us What You're Doing Right NOW"
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:09pm Sebastian:

yes,you did this
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:10pm Sebastian:

what em2cl said
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:10pm dungee:

I'm trimming art prints to make greeting cards. I hafta make 70 of them.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:11pm dale:

don't tell andy about pink's wardrobe nip slip.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:12pm Srđo (Sergio, Serge) in Serbia:

play some sheer mag, regardless where they're from. don't tell andy where they're from
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:12pm Mattie Nice:

Just finished cleaning the
kitchen and getting dressed to go out to meet with friends.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:12pm dale:

how about 'what did you do 5 years ago RIGHT NOW'
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:13pm dale:

this is a 'mourning' show.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:13pm common:

  Wed. 2/7/18 6:13pm khd:

i smell a bad show coming... getcher claims ready
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:14pm LCBD:

@dale, you are cracking me up. YOU should be on this show!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:15pm queems:

i'm trying to explain this show to my boyfriend while it is happening
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:15pm queems:

it's not working out
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:16pm Lewis:

good luck with that @queems....
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:16pm dale:

lcbd - i'd crack under pressure.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:16pm Srđo (Sergio, Serge) in Serbia:

my nose has a right to this hotline
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:16pm Sam:

How about a hotline for Jews with PMS?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:16pm Lewis:

what if my mother wished that she was jewish, but wasn't..
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:17pm dale:

i'm only 47% driving. i'm 53% immobile.
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:18pm Sam:

Making pizza AND latkes! I want to get in on that.
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:19pm misterCaz:

I am Driving now.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:19pm Linda Lee:

same girl, gentlemen.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:19pm dale:

jewish pizza has a nice piece of fish on it.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:19pm queems:

what is going on
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:20pm Linda Lee:

same girl. she didn't hang up. then she hung up.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:20pm queems:

succinct explanation, i like it
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:22pm Srđo (Sergio, Serge) in Serbia:

her name was Deborah... DE BO RAH
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:22pm yippie:

which phone line does someone use if his mother converted to jewish after he was born?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:23pm dale:

my wife's last name is bernstein but she's not jewish - but she'll play that card if she wins something.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:23pm Sebastian:

the escher loop zinger was gold
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:25pm dale:

so many jewish drivers - it's like the bob hope desert springs classic!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:25pm chris:

i always thought it was pronounced more like manesh-ma'
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:25pm Listener Robert:

khd, never mind claims -- this one if it continues like this could start the Train Wreck Count, which if it ever gets to 8 uninterrupted, results in termination of 7SD with prejudice. However, Ken often comes up with a great last-minute save that keeps it from being a train wreck.

I'm going to e-mail him a show idea to keep next week's from running the Train Wreck Count to 2.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:26pm Kelly Jones:

Ah bah bah bah bah...
Dad is coming and he's bringing a sheep.... I AM STILL LAUGHING.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:26pm TehBadDr:

What's the number for half jews?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:26pm Srđo (Sergio, Serge) in Serbia:

half the numbers
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:26pm LCBD:

Sometimes, just sometimes, Andy, you make me laugh!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:27pm dale:

klaatu barata nikto.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:27pm TehBadDr:

  Wed. 2/7/18 6:28pm Sam:

Didn't they do this already too?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:28pm dale:

andy, it's not too late -you've only had three wives so far.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:28pm melinda:

what is tonight's theme?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:29pm Srđo (Sergio, Serge) in Serbia:

don't cook and drive
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:29pm queems:

@melinda "what are you doing right now"
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:29pm βrian:

Hooray for Burlington!
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:30pm khd:

@sam - they've done both of these types of shows (pms hotline and what are you doing now) but not together
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:30pm Sam:

Gelt, matzoh, shalom - speak English dammit!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:31pm dale:

nelinda - what are you doing RIGHT NOW - there is a jewish door and a non-jewish door.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:31pm ultradamno:

Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:31pm All out Scott:

Hey ken hey andy. I cant listen cuz im in rehab but still wanted to chime in
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:32pm Sebastian:

whoa, that was weird laugh
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:32pm Unknown:

How do we tell if we're Jewish or Gentile? I think you need a third call-in line.
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:33pm Sam:

This show is only an hour long, but it feels like it's 8 hours long. It's a Hannukah miracle!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:33pm Linda Lee:

hi Scott! :-)
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:33pm All out Scott:

Hi linda
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:34pm anon:

he's gardening at night
what generation am I from
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:34pm Sebastian:

Sam, are you giving the insurance police holders a hint here?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:34pm Linda Lee:

good to see you check in!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:34pm LCBD:

Hi Linda Lee!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:35pm All out Scott:

I am about to get yelled a but... I m not scared
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:35pm Linda Lee:

hey LCBD! how are you?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:35pm dale:

i think she's a liar - jewish woman don't do their own hair. they go to bumble and bumble.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:36pm LCBD:

Doing well, Linda Lee, thanks. How are you this evening?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:36pm queems:

i went to that lush once. it stinks in there
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:36pm queems:

but so does every lush
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:38pm Linda Lee:

glad you're doing well! i'm fine! wwatching the fire in a dark living room by myself! :-)
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:38pm LCBD:

That sounds delightful, Linda Lee.
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:39pm jane:

lying in bed staring at the ceiling, because influenza
hi linda lee, ken's show
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:41pm geo in jc:

I'm actively listening with my insurance certificate in hand.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:41pm Linda Lee:

it is. :-) glad i don't have to be out in the snow tonight! it's knee high & still falling!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:41pm dale:

i gotta go check my woodstove but butters the cat is sitting on my lap and i don't want to bug her.
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:41pm yippie:

in modern hebrew "ken" means "yes" in ancient hebrew "ken" means "thus"
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:42pm SeanG:

butt tattoo!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:42pm Linda Lee:

hi jane! sounds like you're where you should be.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:42pm melinda:

I'm cooking lentils and trying unsuccessfully to post on Instagram.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/7/18 6:43pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Zats, I fell asleep toward the end of Irwin's show. Awake now, so I guess 1/2 sleeping and 1/2 active listening?
Hi, Bjarne!
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:43pm herb.nyc:

My cat pooped. So I just cleaned litter box. So many possibilities for joke.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:43pm Linda Lee:

darling, up here in the catskills we barter for deer meat all the time!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:43pm dale:

had venison once - meh.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:44pm dale:

they use deercoin and tilecoin over there.
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:44pm dungee:

I think Bjarne just redeemed the show.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:44pm Linda Lee:

all venison is totally different. give it another chance dale!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:45pm βrian:

Deer meat in this area is risky. The herds are afflicted with a wasting disease akin to Mad Cow disease.
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:45pm Listener Robert:

I should've gotten Mrs. Breckman #2 to buy out the remaining 55 gal. or so of my bath foam years ago, before it degraded to uselessness. If only I'd known. Unlike Lush, it didn't stink or release bits that would clog your drain and grind into your towels.
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:46pm dungee:

CWD - chronic wasting disease.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:46pm dale:

trying to stay vegan linda, so i won't seek it out. but if somebody hands me a chunk i'll try it.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:47pm dale:

was he from norway? he probably had reindeer.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:47pm JakeGould:

What is this show about?
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:47pm herb.nyc:

Seriously, I'm doing kenken now.
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:47pm Sam:

They're getting so many calls tonight! And a lot of them are first time callers, and most of them are quite interesting. I think that makes it a good show.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:48pm JakeGould:

So we’re categorizing people?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:48pm JakeGould:

Jews versus Gentiles?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:49pm βrian:

Oy, our neighbors had a Lego foundation. Cost them 70K to have it fixed.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:50pm Sebastian:

not versus, Jake, with!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:50pm JakeGould:

  Wed. 2/7/18 6:50pm Sam:

How about only listeners from Denmark and Norway call, and see which has more. Denmark vs. Norway would be an intense show.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:50pm Sebastian:

like noodles with sauce
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:51pm βrian:

No, Jews and Gentiles versus everybody else.
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:51pm Sam:

Losing the will to live: One
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:51pm dale:

add me to that '3' ken.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:51pm Sebastian:

that's the will to live
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:52pm MiniTeeny:

Staring into space - 1
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:52pm dale:

or maybe drivers can't call and drive at the same time. like they shouldn't. be doing.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:52pm Sebastian:

bit late, though
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:52pm VT Knit Girl:

hey what about cooking?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:52pm βrian:

Why would you even accept calls from drivers??
Unless only passengers, of course.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:53pm dale:

wait - evan isn't the golden child?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:53pm Fredericks:

Are you a jew or are you a regular?
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:54pm Sam:

I want someone to call who's in the middle of a wrestling match
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:54pm βrian:

@dale: Amen.
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:54pm fletchernyc:

Josh's idea has to happen!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:54pm dale:

that would be like the roomba version of the show.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:54pm JakeGould:

Friend of mine got her DNA profiled: 96% Sicilian 4% Jew. She’s a good person. I like her!
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:55pm fletchernyc:

In this Millenium drivers have hands free magic steering wheels.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:55pm JakeGould:

Also, if it was in the men’s room it has traces of urine and feces on it. WHAT MEMORIAL TO ANDY!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:56pm Sebastian:

when is this damn tv show finished, I like Andy in the studio
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:57pm βrian:

Why don't you stream the dashcam movie freeform.wfmu.org?
  Wed. 2/7/18 6:57pm Sam:

The dark web is fine, but not dashcam videos?
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:58pm Fredericks:

Those DNA things are very unreliable.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:59pm Jeff Moore:

I don't think Mikhail Kalashnikov got rich from his weapon.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:59pm Sebastian:

thanks guys!
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:59pm chris:

and he hated that it was so popular, Jeff.
Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 6:59pm Fredericks:

Avatar Wed. 2/7/18 7:00pm chris:

thanks, Ken and Andy. wish i could be there for the meet up, especially since Andy won't be there!
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