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Andrew Sandoval's Come To The Sunshine is the home of the bah bah bah's and the la la la's. Each week he ushers you into his record room for a two-hour tour of scintillating 1960's sounds by a stunning array of no-hit wonders. Hear beat, psych, folk-rock, garage, soft pop, baroque, singer-songwriters and so much more (mostly in MONO).

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Options April 9, 2018: Come To The Sunshine featuring The Sunshine Company

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Approx. start time
John Simon  The Wabe   Options   Columbia  1968  45   
Plant Life  Flower Girl   Options   Date  1967  45   
The Byzantine Empire  Shadows and Reflections   Options   Amy  1968  45  0:06:22 ()
The Birdwatchers  Mary Mary (It's To You That I Belong)   Options   Mala  1967  45  0:08:45 ()
The Chain Reaction  When I Needed You   Options   Date  1966  45  0:11:06 ()
The Guilloteens  Wild Child   Options   Columbia  1966  45  0:14:58 ()
Ravin' Blue  Love   Options   Monument  1966  45  0:18:14 ()
Mickey Lee Lane  Tutti Frutti   Options   Mala  1968  45  0:20:16 ()
The Breakers  Don't Send Me No Flowers, I Ain't Dead Yet   Options   Amy  1965  45  0:22:28 ()
The Creatures  It Must Be Love   Options   Columbia  1966  45  0:24:27 ()
The Sting-Rays of Newburgh  Friday's Gone   Options   Columbia  1967  45  0:29:55 ()
Dearly Beloveds  It Is Better   Options   Columbia  1966  45  0:32:27 ()
Tony & Terri and the Pirates  Back On My Feet Again   Options   Monument  1966  45  0:34:36 ()
Central Park  Flower Hill   Options   Amy  1968  45  0:36:37 ()
The Parrots  Hey, Put The Clock Back On The Wall   Options   Mala  1967  45  0:40:03 ()
A.M. Gately  Battle In The City   Options   Columbia  1969  45  0:44:24 ()
Bobby Langford  Love Seeds   Options   Mala  1968  45  0:47:34 ()
Moby Grape  8:05   Options   Columbia  1967  45  0:49:57 ()
The Young Ideas  Melody   Options   Date  1968  45  0:52:00 ()
Donna Marie  Sunshine Mind   Options   Columbia  1968  45  0:55:42 ()
The Sunshine Company  Four In The Mornin'   Options Happy Is  Imperial  1967  LP  1:00:27 ()
The Sunshine Company  Love, That's Where It Is   Options Risin'  Imperial  1968  LP  1:03:19 ()
The Sunshine Company  You Don't Know Her Like I Do   Options Risin'  Imperial  1968  LP  1:05:20 ()
The Sunshine Company  Reflections On An Angel   Options Risin'  Imperial  1968  LP  1:08:20 ()
The Sunshine Company  Look, Here Comes the Sun   Options   Imperial  1968  45  1:10:52 ()
The Sunshine Company  Wingate Square   Options Sunshine and Shadows  Imperial  1968  LP  1:14:44 ()
The Sunshine Company  I Can't Help But Wonder   Options Risin'  Imperial  1968  LP  1:18:41 ()
The Sunshine Company  On A Beautiful Day   Options   Imperial  1968  45  1:20:54 ()
The Sunshine Company  If You Only Knew   Options Risin'  Imperial  1968  LP  1:23:32 ()
The Sunshine Company  I Just Want to Be Your Friend   Options   Imperial  1967  45  1:25:36 ()
The Sunshine Company  Just Beyond Your Smile   Options Happy Is  Imperial  1967  LP  1:28:51 ()
The Sunshine Company  To Put Up With You   Options Sunshine And Shadows  Imperial  1968  LP  1:31:08 ()
The Sunshine Company  Warm In My Heart   Options Happy Is  Imperial  1967  LP  1:33:29 ()
The Sunshine Company  Happy   Options   Imperial  1967  LP  1:36:09 ()
The Sunshine Company  It's Sunday   Options   Imperial  1968  45  1:38:18 ()
The Sunshine Company  Back On The Street Again   Options   Imperial  1967  45  1:41:05 ()
The Sunshine Company  Blue May   Options   Imperial  1967  45  1:43:29 ()
The Sunshine Company  Rain   Options Happy Is  Imperial  1967  LP  1:45:49 ()
The Sunshine Company  I Need You   Options Happy Is  Imperial  1967  LP  1:48:24 ()
The Sunshine Company  Springtime Meadows   Options Sunshine And Shadows  Imperial  1968  LP  1:51:40 ()
The Sunshine Company  I'm Gonna Love You   Options Sunshine And Shadows  Imperial  1968  LP  1:56:14 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 5:43pm cometothesunshine:

welcome to the show!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 5:57pm mce1965:

Nice to be here in the company of sunshine
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 5:58pm Woof:

Hello everyone!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:00pm cometothesunshine:

Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:04pm mce1965:

nice segue
  Mon. 4/9/18 6:06pm uptownjen:

Hi from sunny and snow-dusted Chicago! Thanks for the sunshine, Andrew. ❤️
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:08pm cometothesunshine:

welcome and thanks!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:14pm cometothesunshine:

so, i am not ignoring you all! I am doing a lot of typing.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:18pm cometothesunshine:

how does it sound out there - too heavy?
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:19pm cometothesunshine:

The next single is my favorite of the whole show
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:19pm mce1965:

The Sunshine Company will take the garage edge off soon enough
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:23pm cometothesunshine:

Rock you out before I lull you into softness
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:24pm mce1965:

I do notice that the singles played so far are all currently owned by Sony. Do I win the prize for the day?
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:26pm cometothesunshine:

Hmm - maybe!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:27pm bigplanetnoise:

Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:29pm cometothesunshine:

Would make some great comps?
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:29pm mce1965:

Man alive, would they!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:30pm cometothesunshine:

This one has a Lady Fingers vibe
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:31pm mce1965:

Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:36pm cometothesunshine:

getting softer
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:36pm cometothesunshine:

setting up that Sunshine Co vibe
  Mon. 4/9/18 6:37pm Michael Luciano:

middle eastern funk
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:38pm cometothesunshine:

great genre!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:43pm cometothesunshine:

It is all a set-up for Big Planet Noise which follows this show!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:45pm cometothesunshine:

Hey let's put out the unissued Michael Gately album on Columbia
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:47pm cometothesunshine:

Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:48pm mce1965:

I'm with ya brudda
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:48pm bigplanetnoise:

Yeah man!
  Mon. 4/9/18 6:48pm Babinga:

better late than never....Howdy everyone
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:49pm cometothesunshine:

Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:50pm cometothesunshine:

Lovin' the Ray Whitley vibes on this Bobby Langford 45
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:50pm mce1965:

You'd almost think it's the same guy
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:52pm cometothesunshine:

hmmm?! Do people do that?
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:53pm mce1965:

Just ask Gene Merlino
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 6:53pm cometothesunshine:

we are the home of the bah bah bahs and the la la lahs!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 4/9/18 7:00pm Rich in NC:

Hey. Andrew
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:00pm cometothesunshine:

hey Rich
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 4/9/18 7:02pm Rich in NC:

Thanks for the moby grape
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:02pm bigplanetnoise:

Impossible to do anything but a spectacular job on this song.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:04pm cometothesunshine:

I agree!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:04pm cometothesunshine:

happy these Imperial albums clean-up as nicely as they do.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:05pm bigplanetnoise:

Yeah. They were always great sounding records, even when well-played.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:06pm bigplanetnoise:

45s, a different story. Lotsa styrene there.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:06pm cometothesunshine:

the 45s were amazingly well-mastered. Never heard much about Joe Saraceno, but these albums came out great.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:07pm cometothesunshine:

other than the Ventures, of course
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:07pm cometothesunshine:

But someone in his team did a nice job with the cutting.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:09pm mce1965:

Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:09pm cometothesunshine:

yes, the 45's all say from the album Risin'
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:10pm cometothesunshine:

No notice in the trades or on the label - but makes more sense than a second self-titled album
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:10pm mce1965:

Wonder why they decided to not use that.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:11pm cometothesunshine:

Maybe they forgot or the letraset fell off?
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:12pm mce1965:

The Beatles Again
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:12pm mce1965:

Man, I can't believe you got this single to sound this good
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:13pm mce1965:

Every copy I've ever had sounds like an electrical storm is in the mix
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:13pm cometothesunshine:

I had a lot of copies!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:18pm cometothesunshine:

3rd album better than I remembered - there is reportedly a fourth
  Mon. 4/9/18 7:21pm laynent:

Somehow lost track of them after the first two, but really enjoying this one.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:24pm mce1965:

Well, on this Boettcher note, another fine CTTS installment, Andrew... I must head home but thank you for all you put into this one and every episode...
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:25pm cometothesunshine:

thanks MCE!
  Mon. 4/9/18 7:29pm uptownjen:

This is some great sunshine pop and new to me. Thanks for always turning us on to new sounds, Andrew!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:33pm cometothesunshine:

thanks so much for listening, jen!
  Mon. 4/9/18 7:34pm uptownjen:

Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:35pm cometothesunshine:

I have to say, I was not impressed with their take on Up, Up & Away. But their great stuff is really great.
  Mon. 4/9/18 7:38pm laynent:

My first and always fave!! "Happy" - to be listening!!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:38pm cometothesunshine:

This single - It's Sunday - sounds amazing
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:39pm cometothesunshine:

I think Jim Gordon drums on some of these recordings
  Mon. 4/9/18 7:39pm uptownjen:

Sound good here as well!
  Mon. 4/9/18 7:40pm uptownjen:

That tambourine!
  Mon. 4/9/18 7:42pm uptownjen:

Oh, yeah! I forgot about this one. I had a comp in the late 80’s/early 90’s with this on it. It’s lovely.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:44pm cometothesunshine:

Yeah, maybe should have been on LA Nuggets
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:45pm cometothesunshine:

They ripped this part off from the Byrds
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:45pm bigplanetnoise:

I'll say.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:53pm cometothesunshine:

If they were Fairport Convention, people would rave about these albums
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 4/9/18 7:56pm Rich in NC:

Thanks Andrew
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:56pm Woof:

Thank you, Andrew!! Great show!
  Mon. 4/9/18 7:56pm laynent:

Thank you!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 7:57pm cometothesunshine:

thanks everyone! enjoy big planet noise!
  Mon. 4/9/18 7:57pm uptownjen:

Thanks again, Andrew! Have a great night.
Avatar 🎃 Sat. 4/14/18 7:38pm Richard.Whig:

Listening in the archive...man thatjohn Simon track to open the show! Wow!
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