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A genre-less playlist of music old and new, plus selections from the WFMU vinyl new bin and the Free Music Archive.

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Options May 18, 2018

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Chris Squire  Silently Falling   Options Fish Out Of Water  Cherry Red  0:00:00 ()
Encenathrakh  Thraate   Options Encenathrakh  P2  0:15:15 ()
Close Lobsters  Mother Of God   Options Foxheads Stalk This Land  Fire  0:19:03 ()
Jeffrey Lewis And The Deposit Returners  What Are You Doing After The Orgy?   Options Works By Tuli Kupferberg (1923-2010)  Don Giovanni Records  0:26:39 ()
Evil Genius  Tour De Stadt   Options Experiments On Human Subjects  Orenda Records  0:29:22 ()
Jemh Circs  000   Options (untitled) Kingdom  Cellule 75  0:32:11 ()
Marc Edwards / Mick Barr Duo  Solar Flares   Options The Bowels of Jupiter  Sleeping Giant Glossolalia  0:33:46 ()
Crass  Big A Little A   Options 7"  Crass Records  0:43:09 ()
Evil Genius  Skateboarders Versus Security Guards: Double Agents In A Proxy War Between The Forces Of Good And Evil   Options Experiments On Human Subjects  Orenda Records  0:51:49 ()
Aeolipile  Confession Box Compulsions   Options Observational Error  Foolproof Projects   0:52:44 ()
Encenathrakh  Evviceate   Options Encenathrakh  P2  1:01:52 ()
Pharoah Sanders  Summon Bukmun Umyun   Options Deaf Dumb Blind  Anthology  1:13:56 ()
Strobe Talbot  On The Go / Forever / Superstar / Werewolf Of The Timberland   Options Funland  Moone Records  1:41:05 ()
Xalph  MI   Options Xalph  Monster Melodies  1:41:16 ()
E-Saggila  Shifting Wounds   Options Tools Of My Purpose  Bank  1:55:46 ()
Infinite Music  Infinite Music / Magenta   Options A Tribute To La Monte Young  Fire  1:58:43 ()
Weeping Bong Band  Replay   Options Weeping Bong Band  Feeding Tube Records  2:22:51 ()
Eric Chenaux  Slowly Paradise   Options Slowly Paradise  Constellation  2:43:12 ()
Whetzel  Slow Waves   Options Slow Waves  No Label  2:43:20 ()
Mind Over Mirrors  Vermillion Pink   Options Bellowing Sun  Paradise Of Bachelors  2:52:56 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/18/18 12:10am Santos L Halper:

Nice, glad they're reissuing this!
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:10am Dean:

Used to play this album on summer afternoons to accompany naps. Nice memories. But ultimately I abandoned it. The solo albums don't approach the best of Yes.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:11am zenkoan:

Nick, are other members of Yes on this Chris Squire record? Sure sounds like it, especially keys
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 12:11am khd:

hi nick, et. al.
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 12:12am coelacanth∅:

excellent album!
hey Nick and others
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:12am Santos L Halper:

Just noticing the Brian Wilson vibe here
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:13am Santos L Halper:

Zenkoan, Alan White I think but mostly Chris IIRC
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 12:13am coelacanth∅:

koan Moraz & Bruford, so members at one time.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:14am rw:

Howdy! I was just thinking this sounded better than Yes but I see Dean disagrees!
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 12:15am coelacanth∅:

...yes Moraz on this track, hence the yessound.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:16am Santos L Halper:

D'oh, hear The Bruford now
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:16am Dean:

At this point, post-Tales, post-Relayer, Yes was undergoing a musical identity crisis. I think they sought a more pop-anchored sound, and the solo albums revealed that fact.
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 12:17am coelacanth∅:

i think it's not as good as the best of yes - not by far...but much better than anything yes did from this time onward. (1975)
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:18am sufferwords:

bought the CS new- oooops also saw Rick Wakenen at the Hollywood Bowl- Yes at the Fabulous Forum in 73- ah the folly of youth- fuck it 'teas rad!
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:19am Dean:

Except for "Don't Kill the Whale" and "Owner of a Lonely Heart." I love those!
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:20am zenkoan:

My kid thought they were saying "owner of a lonely horse"
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 12:20am coelacanth∅:

true they had some moments!
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:22am Santos L Halper:

Dig it, dig it!
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:25am Dean:

I'm a staunch Tales fan. That is, to me, the pinnacle, even though I acknowledge Bruford's superiority. (I even corresponded with him recently.) Of course, Close to the Edge defines a genre, too, but "the best of Yes" ranges widely.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:25am zenkoan:

consider the close lobsters...
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:30am rw:

I never really got Yes though I felt like I was supposed to. I did like King Crimson, Hatfield and the North and such. I guess I should give Fish Out of Water a listen. But that box set looks kind of gross.
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 12:32am coelacanth∅:

i think we've been through this! i don't know tales that well and forgot to check it out again after a yes conversation a few months ago.
my favorites are the yes album, fragile, close to the edge, and relayer...so tales is right in there between the latter 2. i should like it.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:35am Nick Name:

Hello all, thx for chiming in
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 12:37am coelacanth∅:

it does seem a little strange to me to like king crimson (the first 7 albums, when they were really good) and not like mid-early yes. -unless king crimson was about as mellow as you got. (cuz yes is mellower)
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:38am Dean:

"we've been through this!"

For sure! Those early albums are wonderful. Tales is...overdetermined, more than anybody bargained for. I love its sprawl and, as I recall from a contemporary review in Time or some such, its "Mahlerian proportions."

As for "getting" Yes, if you don't get "Roundabout" you won't ever get them and so don't bother. My first introduction to them was "Close to the Edge," c.73, which I adored immediately, because it opens with a vast chirping of birds. I'm not particularly partial to birds, but that worked.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:39am Dean:

Mick Barr played with Ruins at Hemlock Tavern a few years ago. It was a show to cherish.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:40am PNW THC:

another blistering show so far!
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 12:45am coelacanth∅:

for what it's worth, regarding "getting it", i borrowed fragile from the library when i was around 12 and liked it a lot, but really just the heavier songs; but a year or 2 later my brother gave me an 8-track of relayer, and upon the third listen or so - that's when it clicked for me. i was full-ready for close to the edge and the yes album when i finally did hear them.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:45am rw:

Ha! I have always liked Roundabout. Other things here and there too. They just never grabbed me enough to want to dig more deeply. Around the time in my life that I should have been doing that digging punk rock was emerging and that had a much stronger pull for me.
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 12:48am coelacanth∅:

yeah it seems unlikely to be receptive to both punk and prog simultaneously. (though it does happen!)
i'd already submerged deeply in prog before punk. when i was heavy into punk the only other music i really embraced was classical...and dub, to some degree.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:50am Dean:

My first exposure to Yes was Close to the Edge on 8-track, borrowed from a neighbor. I was instantly captivated. This was around the time of its release. When punk struck, I was available for that, too. In fact, I participated fairly deeply in the early LA punk scene. (Just observed that some jerk on discogs is offering my band's record from '79 for $700. Utterly absurd.) But Close to the Edge, Tales, and sundry prog releases have remained among the canon for me. Punk and prog are not all that different in terms of musical intensity.
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 12:52am coelacanth∅:

well i have to ask...what band?
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:54am rw:

$700?? I'm sure it's worth at least $800. In my mind the correlation between prog and punk is their pushing of boundaries. That was (and still is) my interest in both.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:56am Dean:

Sound of M. You've not heard of us, but we were the very first band to record with Flipside fanzine, because I was working for them at the time. (Subsequent artists include Beck.) Alex Ferguson of Alternative TV might have shown up last minute to record with us, because he was staying with Flipside's photographer in town, but he declined to appear. We were utter shit, musically, but we made the record in my parents' garage, and I enjoy spinning it now and then.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:57am Dean:

Proof, of a sort: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/3851534?ev=rb
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:58am Dean:

That's me, third from the left.
  Fri. 5/18/18 12:59am rw:

Thinking out loud here, but maybe Yes seemed a little conservative for me at the time. Sound of M!! You're right. Of course googling only gets me pages upon pages of Sound of Music
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:01am rw:

You've Been Had. Nice. Looks cool!
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:02am Dean:

In fact, we went by M, but at that moment some British techno-pop guy with a hit was also named M. Conveniently, we'd prepared a cover that reads, "Sound of M," so we could distinguish our record.

I chose M for our name in response to the early ascent of LA's X, whom I have never liked. Who would give a band a name like X? Is that dumb or what? So, I figured, my band will be M.
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 1:02am coelacanth∅:

heh okay it's true i never heard of you! (though i may have seen you, if you played in new jersey. i saw so many bands that i only remember maybe 1/2 the names)
- it's pretty cool though that someone thinks the record'll fetch $700.
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 1:05am coelacanth∅:

"m" did "pop music" if i remember correctly.
...and i agree about la's x. the female vox are unbearable.
australia's x is good though!
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:07am Dean:

Ha, New Jersey! We wish! We opened for Levi & the Rockcats and The Motels. Doug Feiger's pre-Knack band opened for us. All Los Angeles. (I'm including an earlier iteration of the band, The Twits, in this history.)

Yes, "Pop Music."
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:08am Dean:

Point of all this, other than exercising bragging rights: LA punk scene was amazing. Open, inviting, inspirational...a scene in the best way.
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:10am zenkoan:

Dean, what would you say was the best output of that scene?
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 1:10am coelacanth∅:

hey you never know. i know people in bands in new paltz ny who will not be remembered 10 years from now but they still get in a van and drive across the country -do a few shows in ca.
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 1:13am coelacanth∅:

see,Dean? Nick wants you to send your record to him!
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:22am Dean:

zenkoan, I imagine you've heard about most of the high points: The Germs, Weirdos, Screamers, Bags, Skulls, and so on. Those shows were always impressive. My personal take on "the best" would have to acknowledge my clear experience c.'78, heading to a show, or hanging out on Hollywood Blvd., a response to the effect that "I'm in the middle of something here that has a claim to history." At the time I had the self-awareness to acknowledge this. It was a thriving social scene with a robust artistic output. Loved it.
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:23am rw:

coel, I was thinking the same thing!

Nick! Show's sounding great as always. I'm glad you play as much Weasel Walter as you do. Seems like just the right amount for my life at this point.
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:25am Dean:

I didn't hear Nick's remark! I sent the record and other recordings to Tony Coulter. I'll see if I can dig up the file and send it to Nick, too. Truly, though, it's a novelty, not worth hearing for musical quality. The value of our record is purely a matter of its having been Flipside's first record, even though they don't generally acknowledge it in their catalog (and understandably so).
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 1:29am coelacanth∅:

Dean Nick didn't specifically mention your band, but it seemed a respectable coincidence then that he said if one wants to send him music please do.
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:31am Dean:

Heh, he'll get what he asks for.
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:34am zenkoan:

Pharoah Sanders is completely amazing on every listen--it's like the first time, every time
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:34am rw:

The comment was something like, "It's not that hard to get your music played on my show. I just have to like it!"
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:35am rw:

zenokan, I agree about PS. Always.
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:36am Dean:

For my band(s), a high bar.

I second the PS assessment.
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:39am Fashion Tashjian:

Good day from Yerevan to Nick and all y'all.
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:40am rw:

Someone last week played Jad Fair when my mom was in the car. She didn't get it.
  Fri. 5/18/18 1:42am rw:

Hey FT!
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 1:42am coelacanth∅:

greetings Tashjian
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 1:43am coelacanth∅:

rw hahaha
...i'm sure my mom wouldn't get it either!
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 1:45am coelacanth∅:

(i'm not sure i get it, actually...but anyway i often like it)
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 2:03am coelacanth∅:

i'll just be listening now
Thank you Nick - stellar as always!
good night all
  Fri. 5/18/18 2:12am Nick Name:

If Dean's taste in the gig's he's been to is anything to go by then M shall be played!

Are you sure that's not Coulter trying to flog the record for 700!!!
  Fri. 5/18/18 2:14am Nick Name:

Welcome Fashion Tashjian and hello to Yerevan, a first for this show
  Fri. 5/18/18 2:14am rw:

Haha! I'm out too. 'Night all. Thanks Nick!
  Fri. 5/18/18 2:16am Nick Name:

thx coelacanth∅ / rw - have a good weekend
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/18/18 2:21am osvi:

What up, Nick Name? Digging these sounds.
  Fri. 5/18/18 2:24am Nick Name:

Hey osvi, all good - thx for checking in
Avatar Fri. 5/18/18 3:01am khd:

thx Nick Name!
  Fri. 5/18/18 3:02am Nick Name:

thx for hanging Khd
  Fri. 5/18/18 3:03am Nick Name:

thx all - have a good weekend
  Fri. 5/18/18 3:16am Fashion Tashjian:

This has been a fabulous soundtrack for me to be doing my first nonprofit application paperwork in Armenia to. Keep this in mind that this set will directly be responsible for all of my future successes and failings in this endeavor.
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