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Options April 10, 2019: Episode 19

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Extremo The Clown  Laugh Tutorial   Options https://www.youtube.com/user/1extremo  0:00:00 ()
Ultramagnetic MCs   When I Burn   Options   0:05:40 ()
Your Host  Akai 950 Collage-FatboySlim-DayDreamSound-NevilleWatson   Options   0:06:22 ()
Dok Brass  Finger Drumming Sunday "Yolo"   Options   0:07:05 ()
Jade Wii  January 2018 Jam   Options   0:11:41 ()
PATRICK D. MARTIN  Computer Datin'   Options   0:12:26 ()
Chasman  Synth-E-Fuge   Options   0:15:02 ()
Jelly Beans  Blue   Options   0:20:05 ()
Flobama  Makin' LoFi with Sp404Sx, Casio, Bass   Options   0:23:29 ()
Izumi Kobayashi  Coffee Rumba   Options   0:25:02 ()
The Carmets  Flying Woman   Options   0:31:21 ()
Les Models  Help Me, This Guy Is Crazy   Options   0:33:13 ()
J.E. Movement  Ma De Luv   Options   0:39:01 ()
Tiago  Tam Tam   Options   0:47:02 ()
La Dolce Vita  Das Model   Options   0:48:49 ()
Ferrante And Teicher  That Old Black Magic   Options   0:57:10 ()
Myra  Mouth Sounds   Options   0:59:32 ()
Unknown  It's Fun To Share   Options   1:00:02 ()
Vincent Price  Cooking With Vincent Price   Options   1:00:29 ()
Unknown  Bee Keepers   Options   1:03:30 ()
Fran├žois de Roubaix  Chapi Chapo   Options   1:04:13 ()
The Cyrkle  Turn-Down Day   Options   1:07:47 ()
Your Host  Audio Collage & Unknown Electronic Music   Options   1:10:44 ()
Lady LaFong  Sesame Street   Options   1:11:14 ()
John Leach  L'Esprit De Paris   Options   1:16:43 ()
I have No Idea what the Fuck this is      1:17:54 ()
Joe Raposa  Fruit Song   Options   1:21:33 ()
Your Host  Audio Collage & Unknown Electronic Sounds   Options   1:24:50 ()
  The Great Space Coaster Theme     1:25:34 ()
Richard Harvey  Exchange   Options   1:26:41 ()
Uknown  Jack Rabbit   Options   1:29:34 ()
Vince Fiorino Trio  Tuba Square Dance   Options   1:29:52 ()
Spizz Energi  Spock's Missing   Options   1:31:21 ()
Dr. Airlines  Bad Stuff Happens In the Bathroom   Options   1:38:13 ()
Seantos Y Arachna  Deform The Freeform   Options   1:40:14 ()
George Smallwood  Touching Is My Thing   Options   1:42:44 ()
Enchanting Enchanters  Boss Action   Options   1:46:40 ()
Guido & Maurizio De Angelis   Gangster Story   Options   1:48:11 ()
Rotary Connection  I Am The Black Hole Of The Sun   Options   1:52:05 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 3:56pm Martinibomb:

I like drugs.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:00pm Martinibomb:

Here we go!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:01pm Rich in Washington:

Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:01pm Mr Fab:

Hey Mr Bomb!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:01pm Jan Turkenburg:

I'm intriged immediately! :-)
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:01pm Martinibomb:

Extremo is one of the best Humans I know. Love him
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:02pm Rich in Washington:

How's he doing? I've only met him the one time but his art is just amazing.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:02pm Martinibomb:

He's a super bad ass underground cartoonist and paints windows here in portland so his art is everywhere
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:02pm Martinibomb:

@Rich I think he's getting ready to retire
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:03pm Martinibomb:

I HAD to put some delay on his laugh.. sorry you guys it's so over the top hahaha
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:04pm Rich in Washington:

I wonder if his fantastic murals are still inside whatever the theater is now that was once Sabala's.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:05pm Rich in Washington:

Does he still have the fountain car?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:05pm Rich in Washington:

For those that don't know, he's got this amazing art car that looks like a giant concrete fountain with gargoyles and everything.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:06pm Martinibomb:

I'm not sure if he still has that car I think so.. unless he sold it cause he has some fans. I know he had to stop driving it because the city wouldn't let him
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:08pm Rich in Washington:

I'm planning this clown/circus/carnival themed thing for tomorrow night on KBOO. I might have to borrow that extremo laughing.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:09pm Martinibomb:

@Rich visit his Youtube!!! He's got so much there
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:10pm Mr Fab:

I think i've probably mentioned this before, but my mom was a clown. Yep, balloon animals, kids parties, the whole bit. 20 years, part time.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:10pm Jan Turkenburg:

Just found his youtube, will dig into that later. Moving to the big lazy chair now to read comics with Medium Cool as soundtrack ;)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:10pm Rich in Washington:

Looking now. It's nuts! So, I have probably seen hundreds of his window paintings but didn't know it was him! He's really good.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:11pm Martinibomb:

@Jan oooh I wanna know what comics you're reading!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:15pm Rich in Washington:

Wow! This is incredible! Never heard of this guy before!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:15pm Jan Turkenburg:

Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:16pm Mr Fab:

Hmm, I've never dated a computer. Humans are more my type. Am I bigoted?
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:17pm Martinibomb:

ooh yeah pif gadge! I've got those issues with Rahan I can't read em tho lol and I've seen a little of the animated series
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:20pm Martinibomb:

@Fab the AI will probably look back at your post and judge weather you are or not some day in the future...
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:21pm Mr Fab:

ha ha, yeah. I was just kidding, HAL!
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:22pm Martinibomb:

Lol yes! No Offense your AI-ness us mortals are just kiddin' we love Friend Computer.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:36pm Mr Fab:

Every played anything in public that cleared the dance-floor? I did that once with a John Denver mashup. Oops. Fade down, put something else on...
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:38pm Martinibomb:

@Fab Oh yeah! Many a time.. used to specialize in clearing dance floors haha. Actually, this well known punk bar back in the day I used to DJ at.. to get the punks out at the end of the night I'd play the Free Design which drove them nuts for some reason.. I'd get glasses/bottles thrown etc.. all over Rain drops keep falling on my head. good times
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:40pm Martinibomb:

That's actually why I prefer to DJ on the radio - safer
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:41pm Mr Fab:

Crazy. I like punk AND the Free Design. Who doesn't? I mean, c'mon, kites are fun!
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:42pm Martinibomb:

@Fab I'm with you I think exotica + punk is pretty much the best thing ever
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:49pm Mr Fab:

Reminds me of a record store that used to clear out the customers by playing Wild Man Fischer. Had the opposite effect on me!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:52pm Jan Turkenburg:

I'm calling it a day. Hear you at the archive tomorrow, MB. Thanks for the all coolness sofar.
Bye everyone!
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:53pm Martinibomb:

Good to *see* ya Jan! Have a good nights rest
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:53pm Mr Fab:

good night Jan!
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:55pm Mr Fab:

what's with this kooky Kraftwerk kover?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 4:56pm Rich in Washington:

A couple of months ago Mary Wing of the wonderful show 100% Whatever (on the Drummer stream) did like an hour or more of The Model covers.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:58pm Martinibomb:

There's so many versions of the Model you'll never hear em all it's the new "Music to watch girls by"
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 4:59pm Martinibomb:

I discovered Kraftwerk thru Big Black's version of The Model
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:01pm Mr Fab:

Ah, found it:
had i known, i would have sent her my "Model" mashup.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 5:01pm Rich in Washington:

I was sort of amazed at how many versions there are.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 5:02pm Rich in Washington:

This sounds like Mel Blanc.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:02pm Martinibomb:

@Fab send me your version I haven't heard it!
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:02pm Mr Fab:

could be Mel Blanc?
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:03pm Martinibomb:

I'm really not sure? Could be??? I probably knew at one point what it was from but it's in my *sample* collecting bucket and I didn't label things so well there
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:04pm Mr Fab:

i'd wager it is.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 5:06pm Rich in Washington:

I found a Mel Blanc record that was simply him addressing the Portland Jewish Council. I gave it to film archivist and Mel Blanc researcher Dennis Nyback, but I stupidly didn't rip it. It wasn't that terribly interesting, from a sound standpoint, though.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:06pm Martinibomb:

It's a cool little song. Wish I could figure out what it was. Yeah your probably right about it being Mel Blanc
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:08pm Martinibomb:

I didn't realize Dennis was also a Mel Blanc researcher I guess I should have realized from his banned cartoon collection
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/10/19 5:08pm Rich in Washington:

I am sure there are some Blanc heads who could not only tell you who it was, but what Mel was wearing the day it was recorded.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:08pm Mr Fab:

looks like you can download my 'model' mashup here:
search for "(Models Gotta) Fight For Their Right (To Mambo)" or some variation thereof. I'm not even sure how much of my own stuff I have anymore!
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:11pm Martinibomb:

I've never heard of this free mp3 site? Hav you found much here?
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:12pm Mr Fab:

oh yeah, tons o' stuff. look up yourself!
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:22pm Mr Fab:

"I have No Idea what the Fuck this is" - ha, and i was just wondering. I have some tracks like that with made-up artist and/or song titles in the stream, because they weren't tagged properly. invent silly names, who'll know?
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:24pm Martinibomb:

I have this gigantic pile of stuff I've collected ya know while looking for samples but I wasn't particularly interested in what they were at the time only the sound if you know what I mean. So lots of crazy stuff around but some not labeled so well hah
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:30pm Mr Fab:

if you see "Grotesque Burlesque" by the Tor Johnson Experience, or a song called "Theme from The Slaughter Daughters" in the stream, those are some of the unknown tracks that i made up fictional info for
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:31pm Martinibomb:

Oh man! If we ever start a Sheena's Band it should be called The Tor Johnson Experience!
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:34pm Mr Fab:

ha, sure. Feel free to use the name for any unknown artist. We'll build up a large discography for 'em.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:37pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

@Mr Fab 5:22: Always watching
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:38pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

wtf, I was just listening to the Great Space Coaster theme today!. Oops back to my own collage...
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:39pm Martinibomb:

@Kenzo I knew we were on the same wave length -- I'll be onto your show after this
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:46pm Mr Fab:

"Deform The Freeform" now THERE'S a a motto for a future WFMU t shirt!
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:47pm Mr Fab:

gotta cut out soon. thanks MB, tons o' fun, as always.
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:48pm Martinibomb:

Okay! Take care o yer bad self Mr. Fab! yeah I'd love to see a Deform The Freeform shirt
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:50pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Waving at length. Will be waiting for you in 10 mins. wfmu.org...
Avatar Wed. 4/10/19 5:52pm Martinibomb:

One more song then that's it for this week's Medium Cool. Stay tuned for the Sheena's Jungle Room stream or move the party over to Kenzo's last ever.. which is where I'll be.
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