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For more than 25 years, Bob Irwin, the Dean of Sundazed Music, has befuddled, disoriented, and otherwise thrilled collectors and consumers alike by refusing to drive between the lines. Swerving wildly from garage to psych, from surf to soul, from biker to bossa, Bob’s steering with his elbows and hollerin’ like a banshee as he careens all over Route ‘60s, knocking over traffic cones.

The show is called Big Planet Noise! – and it’s hosted by Bob and Gina Frary Bacon, the gal with the great voice. It’s almost always all-vinyl, from Bob’s insane collection. The show became a must-listen in Nashville, a town unaccustomed to such carryings-on, and it’s now primed to become a part of your not-too-proud-to-be-surprised lives. Strap in and head to WFMU.org’s Rock ’n’ Soul Ichiban stream, every Monday from 8-10 pm EST!

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Options April 15, 2019: Big Planet Noise! Show #144

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Artist Track Album Label Format Approx. start time
The Rolling Stones  Street Fighting Man   Options   London  45  0:00:00 (MP3 | )
The Byrds  Have You Seen Her Face   Options   Columbia  45  0:03:11 (MP3 | )
Buffalo Springfield  Leave   Options Buffalo Springfield  Atco  LP  0:05:35 (MP3 | )
The Remains  Why Do I Cry   Options   Epic  45  0:08:18 (MP3 | )
The Wailers  You Won’t Lead Me On   Options   United Artists  45  0:11:00 (MP3 | )
The Sparkles  No Friend of Mine   Options   Hickory  45  0:13:15 (MP3 | )
The Turtles  Let The Cold Winds Blow   Options It Ain’t Me Babe  White Whale  LP  0:15:39 (MP3 | )
The Syndicate of Sound  Little Girl   Options   Bell  45  0:17:48 (MP3 | )
  Big Planet Chat!         0:20:21 (MP3 | )
The Gestures  Run, Run, Run   Options   Soma  45  0:24:24 (MP3 | )
The Squires  Going All The Way   Options   Atco  45  0:26:43 (MP3 | )
The Buckinghams  I’ve Been Wrong   Options   USA  45  0:28:55 (MP3 | )
Saturday’s Children  You Don’t Know Better   Options   Dunwich  45  0:30:46 (MP3 | )
The Beau Brummels  Laugh, Laugh   Options   Autumn  45  0:33:12 (MP3 | )
The Knickerbockers   I Must Be Doing Something Right   Options   Challenge  45  0:36:01 (MP3 | )
The Critters  Mr. Dieingly Sad   Options   Kapp  45  0:38:36 (MP3 | )
The Guess Who  Gonna Search   Options It’s Time  Quality  LP  0:41:18 (MP3 | )
The Knaves  Leave Me Alone   Options   Dunwich  45  0:43:46 (MP3 | )
  Big Planet Chat!         0:46:14 (MP3 | )
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels  Walking The Dog   Options Breakout!  DynaVoice  LP  0:50:02 (MP3 | )
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs  Red Hot   Options   MGM  45  0:52:22 (MP3 | )
The Sir Douglas Quintet  It’s A Man Down There   Options  The Best Of  Tribe  LP  0:54:35 (MP3 | )
The Strangeloves  It’s About My Baby   Options   Bang  45  0:57:43 (MP3 | )
Question Mark & the Mysterians  Smokes   Options   Cameo Parkway  45  1:00:10 (MP3 | )
The Castaways  Liar, Liar   Options   Soma  45  1:02:01 (MP3 | )
The Kingsmen  Long Green   Options   Wand  45  1:03:52 (MP3 | )
Paul Revere & the Raiders  Over You   Options   Columbia  45  1:06:17 (MP3 | )
Roy Head & the Traits  Just A Little Bit   Options   Scepter  45  1:08:28 (MP3 | )
  Big Planet Chat!         1:10:08 (MP3 | )
The Animals  Hey Gyp   Options Animalism  MGM  LP  1:13:05 (MP3 | )
The Pretty Things  Progress   Options   Fontana  45  1:16:54 (MP3 | )
The Kinks   Party Line   Options Face To Face  Reprise  LP  1:19:26 (MP3 | )
The Yardbirds  Smile On Me   Options Little Games  Epic  LP  1:21:56 (MP3 | )
Tony Colton & the Big Boss Band  Further On Down The Track   Options   ABC Paramount  45  1:25:14 (MP3 | )
Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames  Sitting In The Park   Options   Imperial  45  1:27:41 (MP3 | )
The Meddy Evils  Place Called Love   Options   Pye UK  45  1:30:35 (MP3 | )
Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger & the Trinity  A Kind of Love In   Options   Marmalade  45  1:32:48 (MP3 | )
  Big Planet Chat!         1:35:13 (MP3 | )
Kaleidoscope  Keep Your Mind Open   Options Side Trips  Epic  LP  1:38:58 (MP3 | )
Country Joe & the Fish   Superbird   Options Electric Music For The Mind & Body  Vanguard  LP  1:41:18 (MP3 | )
St. John Green  Spirit of Now   Options St. John Green  Flick Disc  LP  1:43:21 (MP3 | )
Lowell George & the Factory  Candy Cane Madness   Options Lightning Rod Man  Edsel  Other  1:45:52 (MP3 | )
The Models  Bend Me, Shape Me   Options   MGM  45  1:47:57 (MP3 | )
The Seeds  A Thousand Shadows   Options   GNP Crescendo  45  1:50:34 (MP3 | )
Love  Softly To Me   Options Love  Elektra  LP  1:52:53 (MP3 | )
The Strawberry Alarm Clock  Unwind With The Clock   Options Incense & Peppermints  UNI  LP  1:55:42 (MP3 | )
Afterglow  Afternoon   Options Afterglow  Modern Harmonic  LP  2:00:24 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 7:52pm AlexClarkCaprio:

  Mon. 4/15/19 7:56pm Julie P.:

Hi Alex! What's for dinner tonight? ;)
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 7:56pm Gina Bacon:

Alex is ready!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 7:57pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Alex! Gettin' close! I see the laptop, the whisky... where's Liz?!?!?
  Mon. 4/15/19 7:57pm Julie P.:

Yo! Gina!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 7:57pm AlexClarkCaprio:

cast iron chicken and sauteed veggies
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 7:57pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Julie! ❤️
  Mon. 4/15/19 7:57pm Julie P.:

Halloooo Bob!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 7:57pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Bob, Liz is next to me on the couch
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 7:57pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Julie P!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 7:58pm bigplanetnoise:

Alex - goooood!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 7:58pm bigplanetnoise:

Hi Liz!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 7:58pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Liz!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 7:59pm Daffodil2:

Tuned in and ready to rock! Hi, Gina & Bob!
  Mon. 4/15/19 7:59pm Julie P.:

I was so disappointed that Gin and Orange wasn't on yesterday morning! I must have missed the memo about it being once a month. Hey Liz!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:00pm Snayle:

Howdeeee !!! Let's rock this joint ! YAY !
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:00pm Jay S.:

Hi everyone! Really enjoyed Gin & Orange, by the way!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:00pm Gina Bacon:

  Mon. 4/15/19 8:00pm Julie P.:

Great start to the evening!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:00pm Gina Bacon:

Happy Monday, everyone!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:00pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Daffodil! Welcome back!!!! ❤️
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:00pm Daffodil2:

Wow! Way to start to set! Love it!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:00pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Snayle and Jay!!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:01pm Julie P.:

Hi Snayle! Hi Jay! Hi Daffodil2!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:01pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Snayle!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:01pm bigplanetnoise:

TurnItUp! TurnItUp! TurnItUp!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:01pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Jay S!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:01pm Snayle:

Hi Bob N Gina !!! Hi Planeteers!
Pass the Stroh's, a Camel, a light, and a Gin & Orange Pleeeze?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:02pm bigplanetnoise:

Jay and Julie - thank you for listening to Gin & Orange! I LOVE doing that show! Monthly for now, maybe more eventually! Thanks again for listening!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:02pm Richard.Whig:

Hey hey!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:02pm Mailman Tom:

Street Fighting Man still makes me shiver!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:02pm Gina Bacon:

Hey Richard!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:02pm bigplanetnoise:

Snayle!!!! Pass me a Stroh's!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:03pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Mailman Tom!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:03pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Richard!!! Howdy Mailman!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:03pm Daffodil2:

Wayne is thrilled! Thank you!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:03pm Mailman Tom:

My favorite Byrds song!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:03pm Snayle:

All righty ! Rock-Folkin' outa the gate ! YAY !
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:04pm Julie P.:

Hi Richard and Mailman!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:04pm bigplanetnoise:

Mailman - Street Fighting Man is one of the most complicated Stones songs ever recorded - so confusing and weird and wonderful!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:04pm AlexClarkCaprio:

So I've seen original mono Byrds LPs while shopping and every time I think "No, I'm going to buy these from Bob" - It's important for me to support what you do!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:04pm bigplanetnoise:

Always looking to make Wayne happy, Daffodil!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:04pm Gina Bacon:

I'm just learning how complicated it is!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:05pm bigplanetnoise:

Ha - thank you, Alex! Just as long as you have the monos - that's what's important!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:05pm Zan:

Hi, Bob and Gina and all, from Downtown Los Angeles <3
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:06pm bigplanetnoise:

Zan!!! You made it! ❤️
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:06pm TheNewLexGofer:

Good evenin' all from Perry County, Ohio!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:06pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Zan!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:07pm Zan:

I needed a li'l lift :)
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:07pm bigplanetnoise:

NewLex!!! Glad you made it!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:07pm Zan:

Hiya, Miz Gina!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:07pm vanhooserd:

Penty of maracas & tambourines, just what is needed.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:08pm bigplanetnoise:

I love having my Ichiban family here!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:08pm TheNewLexGofer:

I'm hooked!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:08pm Gina Bacon:

Howdy, TheNewLexGofer!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:08pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey David! You're here early! Perfect!!! Welcome!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:08pm Gina Bacon:

And yay!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:08pm Jay S.:

Why wasn't this no. 1 for six weeks???
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:08pm bigplanetnoise:

One of the most perfect 45s ever recorded????
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:08pm Sonny Rickles:

Hi y'all! Amazing set so far!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:08pm Gina Bacon:

Hi vanhooserd!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:09pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Sonny Rickles!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:10pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Sonny!!! Thanks for being here!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:10pm Mary:

Hi Everyone!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:11pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey M-M-M-M-Mary!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:11pm bigplanetnoise:

Jay - you mean the Remains song? I agree!!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:11pm Snayle:

Happy (Belated) Birthday Mary! Cheers ! :D
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:11pm Doug in Boston:

Boston's own Barry and the Remains!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:11pm Tim from LH:

Hello, happy Monday everyone. Just in time for some Remains!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:12pm Jay S.:

Seriously - how was that not a smash hit? It's just baffling to me
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:12pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Doug!!! Howdy Tim!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:12pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Mary! Hi Doug in Boston! Howdy Tim!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:13pm bigplanetnoise:

Snotty and Snarly!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:13pm Zan:

This is a total twist on "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone!"
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:14pm Gina Bacon:

I hear that, Zan!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:14pm bigplanetnoise:

It sure is that, Zan!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:14pm Jay S.:

Good call, Zan
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:14pm Doug in Boston:

How many drinks does it take until a listener can't solve those little arithmetic problems to submit a comment?? ;-)
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:15pm bigplanetnoise:

Doug - hahahahahahaha!!!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:15pm Tim from LH:

Snotty and snarly yet they call themselves The Sparkles?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:15pm Gina Bacon:

Hahaha...congratulations for making it in, Doug In Boston!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:15pm bigplanetnoise:

Yes, Tim - and they were as clean cut as they came!!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:16pm Julie P.:

Turtles every week!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:16pm bigplanetnoise:

All my favorite peoples are here tonight!!!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:16pm Snayle:

The Sparkles were to "Stepping Stone" as this Turtles is to "the very last day"
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:17pm Gina Bacon:

That's why it's the best night of the week, Bob!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:17pm bigplanetnoise:

  Mon. 4/15/19 8:18pm Jay S.:

Another stone-cold perfect single
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:19pm Doug in Boston:

The Turtles outdoing Peter, Paul & Mary.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:19pm bigplanetnoise:

I agree. Though I always wondered why the drums were twice as loud as the Rickenbacker in it!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:24pm bigplanetnoise:

Did everyone leave?
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm Jay S.:

Still here!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm bigplanetnoise:

  Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm Julie P.:

No, I'm eating and my mouth and hands are full, but I am listening!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm Gina Bacon:

I like to think they were listening to our rundown, Bob!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Said it before but The Gestures Sundazed LP was a total blind buy from one my trips to Double Decker, I love the drums in this song
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm bigplanetnoise:

Whew. Good.
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm Snayle:

No, just paying attention to you, Professor ...:D
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm Zan:

I'm here! Just multi-tasking...
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm TheNewLexGofer:

Ran to the fridge for a beer!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm Tim from LH:

We were actually listening to you two back announce! Ha!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm Doug in Boston:

I'm here, but failing the math tests!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Didn't leave, was chopping vegetables in the kitchen
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm Gina Bacon:

I figure it's dinnertime just about everywhere.
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:25pm Julie P.:

As if we'd leave only 15 minutes into the show, Bob!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:26pm Gina Bacon:

Thanks for checking in, everyone! (:
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:26pm RandyF:

Elm Street checking in !!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:26pm bigplanetnoise:

Hahahahaha!!! Dinner, beer, math tests, multi-taskers!!! All good!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:27pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Oh hell yes! This Squires song rips!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:27pm Snayle:

Doug- I had the same issues every week... if you sign in via WFMU you can skip the math tests...
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:27pm bigplanetnoise:

Alex - we're gonna get you a Veg-A-Matic for your birthday!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:27pm Gina Bacon:

Hey, RandyF!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:27pm Jay S.:

Another classic Nugget
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:27pm Alan M:

Hey Bob and Gina!! Loved the first set! Another great show in motion!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:27pm bigplanetnoise:

Elm Street!!! Hey Randy & Louise!!!! Thank you guys for being here!!!! ❤️
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:27pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Alan! Thank you!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/15/19 8:27pm Dominick:

Hi Gina, Bob, and everyone!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:28pm AlexClarkCaprio:

June 16th - You're all invited to my BBQ
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:28pm Gina Bacon:

Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:28pm Gina Bacon:

The phone app is super easy, too!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:28pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Alan!!! And Dom!!! Glad you're here!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:29pm bigplanetnoise:

Hope all my NorthEast friends are doing okay with the weather - we had it two days ago!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:29pm bigplanetnoise:

Buckinghams play the Hollies!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:31pm bigplanetnoise:

The mighty Dunwich label.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:31pm Mailman Tom:

Hey Randy, I live on Elm Street. Are we neighbors?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:32pm Gina Bacon:

Hollies every week!!!
Too soon?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:32pm bigplanetnoise:

Alex - what will you do if everyone here flies in to Jersey for your birthday?!?!?!?
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:32pm Julie P.:

Never too soon for that, Gina!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:32pm Snayle:

Wasn't too bad up here... Rain, Thunder Lightning...even a couple rainbow sightings in Brooklyn .
Played Hollies all afternoon today... YES Hollies Every Week! Love this !
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:32pm Gina Bacon:

BPN party at Alex's!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:32pm RandyF:

Mailman Tom, Upstate NY ??
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:32pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Bob, I'll feed you all and get you all drunk
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:33pm Mailman Tom:

No, southwestern Connecticut
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:33pm Zan:

  Mon. 4/15/19 8:33pm Julie P.:

Looking up cheap flights now!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:33pm Snayle:

Hitting all the right spots tonite, Sir Bob ! ooohhhh !
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:33pm Doug in Boston:

Yeah, I know. Singing in -- uh, signing in -- would help. But I have so many, many sign-ins. My password manager is my memory!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:34pm AlexClarkCaprio:

My dad had a great 45 selection, so as a kid I made a cassette of all of them, I can't hear "Laugh Laugh" without then wanting to hear We Five's "You Were On My Mind"
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:34pm Gina Bacon:

I wonder how many Elm Streets there are. Like the town of Springfield.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:34pm AlexClarkCaprio:

One of my Montclair apartments was on Elm St
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:34pm Mary:

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes- Everyone xo!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:34pm bigplanetnoise:

Sal Valentino - sings like no other....
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:35pm TheNewLexGofer:

@AlexClarkCaprio: Hint, hint??
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:35pm Zan:

Exactly, Alex...
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:35pm Julie P.:

Sounds like a request, Alex! I second the motion!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:35pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Hint to what?
And happy birthday Mary!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:36pm bigplanetnoise:

You guys want it, I'll play it for you!!! In mono!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:37pm Jay S.:

Knickerbockers, like the Remains, criminally underrated
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:38pm bigplanetnoise:

You bet.
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:38pm Snayle:

Bob..Your Knicks Box is just amazing... LOVE playing it over and over !
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:38pm bigplanetnoise:

Anybody want to slow dance?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:38pm Gina Bacon:

Duly noted, Alex! And everyone...
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:38pm Tim from LH:

@jay s agreed!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:38pm Jay S.:

Yay! The Critters!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:38pm Snayle:

Ladies choice?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:38pm Zan:

OHMYGOD...I haven't heard this in SO LONG...
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:39pm Julie P.:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this Critters song!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:39pm Julie P.:

Those harmonies!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:39pm bigplanetnoise:

So good.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:40pm Gina Bacon:

Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:40pm Zan:

So much shaker action...and that bass line...
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:40pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Critters, speaking of New Jersey!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:40pm bigplanetnoise:

Zan - from the orig 45 - nothing sounds this good.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:40pm Zan:

Those top voices. Seriously, this is transportation for me.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:41pm AlexClarkCaprio:

I had this 45, with a pic sleeve too
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:41pm bigplanetnoise:

When the Guess Who ROCKED hard!!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:41pm Jay S.:

The Guess Who sounding Devo-ish
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:42pm Gina Bacon:

Lots of good screamage tonight.
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:42pm Doug in Boston:

Why did you have to play the Critters? Her name was Linda.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:42pm bigplanetnoise:

Hahahaha! That's hysterical, Jay! And right!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:42pm Gina Bacon:

Hahaha Jay S!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:42pm bigplanetnoise:

You can even see the jerky body moves!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:43pm Gina Bacon:

Love that manic keyboard.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:43pm Zan:

I knew Alan Myers ...he might say Devo sounded Guess Whoish :D
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:43pm bigplanetnoise:

Oh no, Doug. Did we upset you?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:44pm bigplanetnoise:

Zan - right!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:44pm Gina Bacon:

Sorry, Doug. ):
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:44pm Doug in Boston:

HA! Not enough, actually.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:45pm bigplanetnoise:

I say this all the time, but you guys can request anything you want to hear, and I'll do my best to make it happen!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:46pm Zan:

I'm only here for another 14 minutes...how about a Monkees album cut? Your choice...
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:47pm Doug in Boston:

Zor and Zam?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:48pm Zan:

YEAH, Doug!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:49pm Zan:

Or Sweet Young Thing-a...
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:49pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Zan, Devo are great
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:50pm bigplanetnoise:

You guys tell me! I'll play ANY Monkees tune you want!! Mono or stereo!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:50pm Julie P.:

Get DOWN and walk the dog!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:50pm Doug in Boston:

As soon as you're done tonight, I will be listening to Eric Burdon & the Animals - The Twain Shall Meet.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:50pm bigplanetnoise:

Mitch Ryder every week!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:51pm Zan:

They are, Alex...and Alan was an awesome guy. We really miss him.
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:51pm Tim from LH:

Talk about criminally underrated!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:51pm Zan:

This version of Dog is slammin'...
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:52pm bigplanetnoise:

Doug - I LOVE that album! Why is that your choice for tonight??? I'm gonna play a fave Animals cut later tonight.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:52pm bigplanetnoise:

I love the snare in this!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:52pm Mailman Tom:

Best version of Red Hot, no mistake!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:53pm Zan:

I wish I didn't have to jump off at 6 (9, for all y'all) :(
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:53pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Wish you could all smell what's in my kitchen: chicken with apples, garlic, red onion, mushrooms, mixed peppers and tomatoes - and a lot of butter
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:53pm bigplanetnoise:

Mailman - it IS! AND they do the BEST version of Mystery Train, too IMHO!!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:53pm Doug in Boston:

It's still in the shrink wrap -- the only new thing in a recent stack of used acquisitions.
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:54pm Tim from LH:

Great version!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:54pm bigplanetnoise:

Glad you stopped by Zan - I'll play that Monkees cut for you next week! ❤️
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:54pm Gina Bacon:

Making me hungry, Alex!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:54pm bigplanetnoise:

That sounds pretty damn great, Alex!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:54pm Julie P.:

For the Monkees track, maybe The Girl That I Knew Somewhere, or You Just May Be the One?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:55pm bigplanetnoise:

Insane slide guitar - is playing it with a Lone Star bottle???
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:55pm Julie P.:

Good thing I already ate, Alex! That sounds delicious!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:55pm Doug in Boston:

I missed Record Store Day to indulge another habit.
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:56pm Snayle:

I had that Red Hot STS 45 and dug the flip better... Long Long Way... Mishandled by pre teen rekord players, one I miss.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:56pm bigplanetnoise:

Fly fishing?
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:56pm Doug in Boston:

Ha! Old comic books,
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:57pm bigplanetnoise:

Snayle - that's one of my most fave Sam songs!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:57pm TheNewLexGofer:

Doug Sahm rules!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:57pm Zan:

Thanks, Bob...I'mma hold you to it. 'Nite, Gina and everyone!
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:58pm Julie P.:

Oh Lordy, Doug! Don't get me started on comic books!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:58pm bigplanetnoise:

Night, Zan!! ❤️
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:58pm Julie P.:

Nite, Zan! Seeya next week!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:58pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Dinner progress
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:58pm bigplanetnoise:

I like all the wrong comic books.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:59pm Gina Bacon:

Goodnight, Zan! See you next time! (:
  Mon. 4/15/19 8:59pm Snayle:

Rock On Zan... !
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 8:59pm Gina Bacon:

Nice, Alex!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:00pm bigplanetnoise:

Alex - that truly looks great.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:00pm AlexClarkCaprio:

I should be a chef when I grow up!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:01pm Julie P.:

That does look tasty, Alex! I may have to try making that!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:01pm Jay S.:

Flip of "Can't Get Enough of You Baby"
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:01pm bigplanetnoise:

Alex - that sounds more fun than long-distance trucking.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:02pm bigplanetnoise:

One of my most fave 45s ever recorded.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:02pm AlexClarkCaprio:

I would be doing local trucking, and the pay for a chef is terrible - not to mention the hours
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:02pm Mailman Tom:

Liar Liar was in heavy rotation on my turntable back in the day!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:03pm Snayle:

Oh hell yeah....!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:03pm Doug in Boston:

Yet another awesome playlist! How do you do it?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:03pm bigplanetnoise:

Where is Snayle?
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:03pm Smoketown Joe:

Sorry I'm late BPN. Playlist looks fantastic, keep up the good work
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:03pm bigplanetnoise:

Hahaha! Snayle - I was thinking of you for that song!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:04pm bigplanetnoise:

Doug - I'll do it EVERY week for you guys, promise!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:04pm Snayle:

Ohhhh ! Any particular reason? I always try to tell the truth... :p
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:04pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Smoketown!!!! So good to see you!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:04pm Gina Bacon:

Hey Smoketown Joe!! Never too late!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:05pm Jay S.:

B-side of The Jolly Green Giant
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:05pm bigplanetnoise:

Snayle - I just knew you'd dig the tune - no high concept!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:05pm bigplanetnoise:

Love those B-sides, Jay!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:06pm Snayle:

Whew!!!!! I love them Castaways.... you know me too well ! :o
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:06pm Gina Bacon:

Good trash talkin'
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:06pm Snayle:

Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:07pm bigplanetnoise:

This was when Mark Lindsay was having probs with his adenoids - listen to his voice squeak!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:07pm Doug in Boston:

Hey, the show's only half over! Wa-HOOO!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:07pm Julie P.:

Beat me to it, Snayle! Yes! Raiders every week!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:07pm Jay S.:

Peaked at no. 133 in 1964
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:08pm bigplanetnoise:

Jay shoulda been top ten!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:08pm Gina Bacon:

Thanks, Doug!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:09pm Jay S.:

Took the Raiders six years to get to the top 10!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:09pm Snayle:

Right On Bob !!! That was an amazing and Seamless Segue ! You are the Master ! WHOOHOO
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/15/19 9:09pm Dominick:

The groove on this one !!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:09pm bigplanetnoise:

Dom - you are SO right! No goofy overdubs on this!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:10pm TheNewLexGofer:

@Snayle: Wasn't it, though?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:11pm vanhooserd:

Do you remember seeing Roy Head do his JB-style steps on TV? The cat was sharp.
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:11pm Snayle:

Absolutely @TNLG ! Those ain't easy to pull off...
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:13pm bigplanetnoise:

I do remember that, David! And he STILL does those steps to this day!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:13pm Gina Bacon:

You know a thing or two about segues, Snayle. You're really good at them!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:14pm vanhooserd:

Eric does Donovan. Or at least Donovan claimed writer's credit...
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:14pm bigplanetnoise:

Yeah, Snayle. Gina's right! YOU are a master of segues yourownself!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:15pm bigplanetnoise:

Donovan def did it first. Do you think he cribbed it?
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:15pm Snayle:

Aw, Miss Gina and Sir Bob, thank you...thank you (blushing)!!!! I learned from the best ... aka Yous Guys ! OX
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:16pm bigplanetnoise:

I love the way Hilton bashes his guitar here
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:16pm Tim from LH:

Nashville’s own Raconteurs just released a version of Hey Gyp.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:16pm vanhooserd:

From one of those Lomax field recordings, I think. Like ''Inside Lookin' Out""
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:16pm Gina Bacon:

Angsty all around.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:17pm bigplanetnoise:

Cool - I did not know that, Tim!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:17pm bigplanetnoise:

Ahhh - that makes sense, David.
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:18pm Tim from LH:

I’d be ok with Pretty Things every week!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:19pm bigplanetnoise:

I'll do it, Tim! Whatcha want to hear next week?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:19pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Dinner is ready!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:20pm coelacanth∅:

greetings big planet noise!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:20pm Tim from LH:

Your pick Bob. Just saw Dave in Nyc this Friday! He’s still cranking out the Riffs!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:20pm Gina Bacon:

Hi coelacanth∅!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:21pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey coelacanth∅!!!!! So glad you're here!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:22pm kids today∅:

i don't know what a "party line" is but it must be fun!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:22pm bigplanetnoise:

Hahahaha!!! You're so right, kids today!!! Damn kids.
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:23pm Smoketown Joe:

The Yardbirds are making my speakers smoke (and that's a good thing)
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:23pm coelacanth∅:

it's, like a chat room, right?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:23pm Gina Bacon:

I see what you did there, kids today∅!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:24pm bigplanetnoise:

Pagey burning.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:24pm Gina Bacon:

It's like an unintentional chat room.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:24pm bigplanetnoise:

I agree, Smoketown!!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:24pm Julie P.:

Ha, kids today! A party line was a shared phone line. Not so much fun if you had to wait for someone else to get off so you could make a call. And others could listen in. Not the same as an extension, though - people were in different houses!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:24pm Gina Bacon:

With the neighborhood.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:25pm Mailman Tom:

Cut the chatter, I need to use the phone!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:25pm bigplanetnoise:

All the neighbors listening in....
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:26pm Julie P.:

So glad THOSE days are gone!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:27pm coelacanth∅:

and... i agree with Tim (^) ...except my vote doesn't count, as i'm not here every week.
but pretty things and kinks, anytime.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:27pm Gina Bacon:

Another swoony one!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:28pm Richard.Whig:

Sorry to be so quiet...am listening whilst wrapping things up at work today. Great show!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:28pm Gina Bacon:

Thanks, Richard!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:28pm bigplanetnoise:

coelacanth∅/kidstodayh∅ - happily play them both every week!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:29pm Jay S.:

Never heard this version!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:29pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Richard!!! Music to Wrap to!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:30pm bigplanetnoise:

Jay - tough to top Billy Stewart, but this is pretty darn cool.
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:30pm Jay S.:

It sure is!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:32pm Gina Bacon:

We're swinging now!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:32pm bigplanetnoise:

I LOVE this 45!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:33pm Gina Bacon:

The teletype/morse code keyboard!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:33pm Jay S.:

This group making a return appearance from Gin & Orange!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:34pm bigplanetnoise:

That's true, Jay!!! Thank you for listening!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:34pm TheNewLexGofer:

  Mon. 4/15/19 9:34pm Snayle:

Down the Backstretch they come with Jools and Brian... C'mon! Horns N Keys akimbo !
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:34pm bigplanetnoise:

I've been on a weird Auger kick lately.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:34pm Gina Bacon:

My new favorite show!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:35pm bigplanetnoise:

The Backstretch!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:35pm vanhooserd:

Julie Driscoll is fascinating.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:35pm Mailman Tom:

Brian Auger playing here on May 2nd!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:36pm Snayle:

Where's here Mailman ?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:38pm TheNewLexGofer:

It would be worth the drive to Norwalk, Tom.
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:39pm Julie P.:

Ooooo! Light the incense!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/15/19 9:39pm Doug Schulkind:

Big love to the Big Planet!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:39pm coelacanth∅:

if i'm not mistaken the reissue of that pretty things album has a version of photographer before the horns were added (against their wishes or maybe even their knowledge)
but strangely no hornless version of progress. (which the band also objected to the horns on)
...i'd like to hear it with no horns (even though i like photographer both with and without)
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:39pm Julie P.:

And gimme that paisley Nehru jacket!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:40pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Doug!!!!! So very glad you stopped by!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:40pm Gina Bacon:

Hey there Doug!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:40pm coelacanth∅:

..and -i love this song! my favorite kaleidoscope song
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:40pm Mailman Tom:

Wall Street Theater Norwalk CT. Tickets only $30. State of the art venue!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/15/19 9:40pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

great show! I've been listening while crafting a new lysergic wardrobe...
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:40pm TheNewLexGofer:

Black Lights! Lava lamps!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:41pm Gina Bacon:

Hey, Glynis!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:41pm bigplanetnoise:

coelacanth∅ - I love the balance of tasteful (operative word) horns mixed in to a good psych song.
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:41pm Julie P.:

Got any pics, GGGG?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:41pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey GGGG! Thanks for coming by!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:41pm coelacanth∅:

oh man CJ &F!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:41pm Snayle:

Gimme an F -
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:42pm Mailman Tom:

There are 2 versions of Superbird, with slightly different lyrics on the EP
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:42pm Julie P.:

Gimme a U!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:42pm bigplanetnoise:

Julie - GGGG is the QUEEN of the cool wardrobes!!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:43pm Julie P.:

Now I REALLY want to see pics!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:43pm bigplanetnoise:

I love that this feels soooo Strawberry Alarm Clock-ish.
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:44pm Jay S.:

Totally SAC.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:44pm coelacanth∅:

bpn i do to! "the butterfly & i" is a great example; but i don't like 'em much on progress. i'd like that same horn arrangement played on a vox organ or something.
...i just wanna run the world don't i!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/15/19 9:44pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

can't post pix here! This is totally Birds in Our Tree!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:45pm vanhooserd:

What's wrong with the sound??? Oh, stereo...
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:45pm Doug in Boston:

From now on every week I'm going to say BEST BIG PLANET NOISE EVER!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:45pm bigplanetnoise:

coelacanth∅ - put a Vox or Farfisa on most anything and I'm 100% in. Run the world!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:45pm Gina Bacon:

Hahahaha...that's great, Doug! (:
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:45pm Julie P.:

Doug, that's because it's true!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:46pm bigplanetnoise:

Hahaha! THANK YOU, Doug!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:46pm coelacanth∅:

(and i almost said farfisa but then i thought of that vox wah wah ad the 'prunes did!)
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:46pm bigplanetnoise:

David - I think it was the ONLY stereo cut of the night!!!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:47pm Snayle:

I'm In with the In Crowd ! BEST BPN EVERY WEEK !!!! :D
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:47pm AlexClarkCaprio:

we're still here, just full and on the couch
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:47pm bigplanetnoise:

❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:48pm Julie P.:

Speaking of fuzz -
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:48pm Jay S.:

Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:48pm AlexClarkCaprio:

I love this track, stand out from the first Girls In The Garage
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:48pm bigplanetnoise:

ME TOO!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:48pm Gina Bacon:

Thank you all so much. ❤️
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/15/19 9:49pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Here's a big fave.
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:49pm Snayle:

This Bend Me Shape Me is AH-MAYYYZZZING ! WOW
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:49pm bigplanetnoise:

Tough 45 to track down.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:49pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Bob, yeah it is!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:50pm bigplanetnoise:

GGGG - do you have the picture sleeve? I've never ever seen one in person...
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:50pm Smoketown Joe:

Lowell George and the Factory?!?!? Of course I would hear this song on BPN. Bravo Bob and Gina!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:50pm TheNewLexGofer:

Beats American Breed by a country mile!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:50pm Gina Bacon:

Seeds every week!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:50pm AlexClarkCaprio:

I had this song on last night, first heard it on BPN
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:50pm Julie P.:

Say it with me, Gina - Seeds every week!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:51pm Snayle:

Everybody wants one,,, & they probably pressed 50...

Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:51pm TheNewLexGofer:

The precursor to "Pushin' Too Hard."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/15/19 9:51pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

I haven't seen one in person either. I didn't know it had one until recently.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:52pm Gina Bacon:

Hahaha! All together now!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:52pm Doug in Boston:

All these Seeds you've been planting every week are appreciated.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:52pm Gina Bacon:

I hear that too, TheNewLexGofer.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:52pm TheNewLexGofer:

Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:53pm TheNewLexGofer:

Didn't know if it was before or after...
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:53pm bigplanetnoise:

After "Pushin'" - they were staying on course!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:54pm Mailman Tom:

Pushin' too Hard preceded Thousand Shadows by at least a year
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:54pm Gina Bacon:

Aha..well there you go. I didn't know either.
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:54pm bigplanetnoise:

When the formula works!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:55pm coelacanth∅:

they had other songs pretty similar too
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:56pm Tim from LH:

Killer show tonight, but when is it not killer?
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:56pm Gina Bacon:

Don't mess with a good thing!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:56pm TheNewLexGofer:

All in favor of three hours of BPN, say AYE!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:57pm bigplanetnoise:

Thanks, Tim - and everyone!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:57pm Smoketown Joe:

Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:57pm AlexClarkCaprio:

good night everyone
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:57pm Julie P.:

Three hours! Three hours! AYE!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:58pm bigplanetnoise:

Thank you thank you, everyone for being here with us! Lots of requests for next week - I LOVE that!!! Hope to see everyone back again! Have a super-great week! Love, love, love to all!!! ❤️
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:58pm Gina Bacon:

Thank you everybody for being here tonight!!! You make it so much fun!! I’m already looking forward to next week...hope to see you here! XOXOXO and ❤️
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/15/19 9:58pm Doug Schulkind:

Same Planet!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:58pm Doug in Boston:

Thanks and THANKS!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:58pm Jay S.:

Thanks Bob and Gina!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:58pm Snayle:

Oh No ! I hate this part toooooo ! Thanks for a most stellar show Thanks so Much Bob & Gina ! This one is gonna get multiple replays fer shore. ! Thanks Planeteers for hanging out and the fun chatter! Hope to catch y'all next week from the swamps of Jersey... Cheers, Peace & Love... !!!
  Mon. 4/15/19 9:58pm Julie P.:

Sigh - good night, everyone. See you next week!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:58pm TheNewLexGofer:

Thanks, Bob & Gina! Great show!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 9:59pm Gina Bacon:

Same Planet indeed!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 10:01pm coelacanth∅:

Thanks Guys!
Avatar Mon. 4/15/19 10:03pm coelacanth∅:

...i think you've moved in line of my radar finally.
have a great night!
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