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Favorite songs:
Artist Title Album Playlist
Options The Necks Silverwater Silverwater Oct 7 '13
Options Gnod/White Hills Well Hang Gnod Drop Out with White Hills II
Options The Truth System Thinking Synthetic Romance (V/A) Sep 15 '13
Options The Dead C Courage Armed Courage Sep 15 '13
Options CoH & Cosey Fanni Tutti Mad CoH Plays Cosey Apr 26 '13
Options joe meek love dance of the saroos i hear a new world Apr 10 '13
Options Anika He Hit Me EP Apr 10 '13
Options The Blind Shake Go Go 78 Garbage On Glue Apr 9 '13
Options Kevin Ayers Decadence Bananamour Feb 21 '13
Options The Soft Machine We did it again The Soft machine Feb 21 '13
Options P-Model Ihoujin Feb 22 '13
Options Gran Am Get High Various: Chains and Black Exhaust Feb 12 '13
Options Brast Burn Part 1 Debon Feb 12 '13
Options Dazzling Killmen Serpentarium / Dig the Hole / Captain Is Dead / Bottom Feeder / Here Comes Mr. Big Face / Spiral Mirror / Reactor / No / Premonition / Torture Dig Out the Switch Feb 13 '13
Options Sensations' Fix Barnhouse Effect Music Is Painting In the Air 1974-1977 Feb 4 '13
Options Fille Qui Mousse Trixie Stapleton 291... pt. 3 & 1 Trixie Stapleton 291 Se Taire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle Feb 7 '13
Options Angus Maclise Heavenly Blue pt.4&5 The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda Feb 7 '13
Options Major Stars Autumn Day Decibels of Gratitude Feb 5 '13
Options Fred Frith Part I Rivers And Tides {working with time} Feb 8 '13
Options Howard Nishiosa Carnivorous Dogaramus Street Songs Jan 29 '13
Options David Behrman Interspecies Smalltalk Leapday Night Feb 1 '13
Options Overhang Party My Blue Heaven Complete Studio Recordings Feb 1 '13
Options Messages Human Prolusion Message Bag Jan 25 '13
Options Tristan T Nordlys Somewhere Outside (V/A) Jan 20 '13
Options The Maids I Do I Do Maids In Bataan 7" Jan 13 '13

Favorite episodes:
Title Date
Options Strength Through Failure Feb 21 '13
Options Dangerous For The Brain Jan 13 '13

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