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Dan Bodah came to WFMU in 1999 and was added to the schedule in 2000. Dan's show is Airborne Event, which leans toward drone rock, avant garde sound art, eerie folk, ambient environments, international rock, music recorded during religious rituals of all sorts, spoken word records explaining how to service car engines, banjos, pop hits played backwards or echoplexed, poetry, and the occasional self-indulgent excursion into the Yes ouvre. But take that with a grain of salt because it's hard to pigeonhole.

Before coming to WFMU, Dan had shows on WMUA (1997-2000) and WOBC (1994-1996.) His has fond memories from his squandered youth of Montreal radio -- taping episodes of Night Lines with David Wisdom, Brave New Waves in the Brent Bambridge era (both CBC Radio), and the New Music Foundation (CHOM-FM).

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