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Favorite songs:
Artist Title Album Playlist
Options Nazgulum Plague Aroused Jun 7 '13
Options The Communion Iron Lung Dust Bowl + Wolf Ticket Box Office The Kill / The Communion split Jun 7 '13
Options Hivesmasher Vomitouch Gutter Choir Jun 7 '13
Options Revenge Blood Annihilation Victory. Intolerance. Mastery. Jun 7 '13
Options Cheap Trick Auf Wiedersehen Heaven Tonight Jun 7 '13
Options Richard Youngs Big Waves of an Actual Sea Long White Cloud May 31 '13
Options Grue Across Black Seas of Infinity Lo, the Curse of the World Cometh May 31 '13
Options Tsantsa The Esoteric Consumption of Menstrual Blood as a Form of Praise to the Unholy Essence of Female Lust Commencement Of Loathsome Festivities Rehearsal May 31 '13
Options Defuntos A Última Coroa de Flores A Negra Vastidão das Nossas Almas May 31 '13
Options Lugubrum Holy Fools Embodied Heilige Dwazen May 31 '13
Options Odz Manouk The Sloth Odz Manouk May 31 '13
Options Black Sabbath Fairies Wear Boots Paranoid May 31 '13
Options Black Cilice Among Dead Rats A Corpse, A Temple May 24 '13
Options B.A.L.L. Ball Three B.A.L.L. Four "Hardball" May 24 '13
Options Alice Cooper Years Ago Welcome To My Nightmare May 24 '13
Options Rituali Satanas Live Desecration Live Desecration May 17 '13
Options Gegen Gravitation und Willensfreiheit III GGUW May 17 '13
Options Pokémon Tower Pokémon R/B/Y May 17 '13
Options OK Putrid Live @ Nile Ethiopian Restaurant Restaurant (Richmond, VA 6.15.12) God God Alabakdannagsba May 17 '13
Options Alessandro Alessandroni Devil's Nightmare main titles May 17 '13
Options Sombre Presage Oppression Rítuel / Oppression Apr 26 '13
Options Kr Grauwacke Under The Knout Slag Heap Apr 26 '13
Options Hierarchical Punishment V.O.G. (Virus of Genocide) + Incubus (Vulcano cover) 6-Way Zombified Humanity Apr 26 '13
Options Nazarene Whore The Ritual of Anus Heaven Bleeds Black Apr 26 '13
Options Smoke Untitled I Per Salvatio In Barathrum Apr 26 '13


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