July 1999

July 3, 1999
Artist Song Label
Eddie Silvers Katanga Dootoo
Mogambos Bi-Aza-Ku-Sasa Sunbeam
Cee Pee Johansen Rockin' in the Jungle Laguna
Chandeliers Dancin' in the Congo Angletone
Concepts Jungle Musictone
Tarantulas Tarantula Atlantic
Wildtones Shut Up Madison
Portuguese Joe Miss Ping Pong Surf
Nitecaps Bamboo Rock & Roll Groove
Doug Cornell & The Hot Rods Hong Kong Rock Deb
Joe Padullo Chinese Baby London
Lester Robertson Oh Babe Montel
Gene Phillips Hey Bartender, There's a Bug in My Beer Modern
Joe Houston Shtiggy Boom RPM
Sax Kari Dee Jay Jamboree Checker
Darwin Nelson Lazy Lu Tek
Angie & The Citations I Want to Dance Angela
Bobby Rutledge Go Slow Fatso Zipp
Fat Daddy Holmes Where Yo Is Jet
Jackie Cannon Proof of Your Love Chess
Rumblers Bugged Downey
Atlantics Heartburn Amon
Dusters Rock at the Hop Cupid
Bobby & The Bengals Double Rock B-W
Andy Anderson & The Jets The Scoot Scoot
The Contenders Wild Man Jackpot
Paul Peek Brother-in-Law (He's a Moocher) Fairlane
Jesse Lee Turner Little Space Girl Carlton
The 3 Honey Drops Rockin' Satellite Music City
Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones Rocket ABC-Paramount
E. Tiny Watkins Rockin' Satellite Sandy
Jimmy Haskell Rockin' in Orbit Imperial
The Couplings Dill Tickle Prism
Ricky & The Stompers The Wild One Princeton
Tom Shannon Frosty Vim
Steve Barry The Nightmare Versus
Social Outcasts Mad Sultan
Little Donnie Browshier Rock & Roll Joys Dess
Hot Lips Page The Cadillac Song King
Claude Cloud One Bone MGM
The Four Jokers The Run Around Sue
Larry Dale Feeling Alright This Morning Herald
Henry Cording Hiccough Rock Columbia
The Hawks Lupp Mala
The Night Owls You Shouldn't Oughta Done It NRC
Roddy Jackson Hiccups Specialty
Mandels Kissin' Cousin Lilly
Tony Allan Holy Smoke, Baby Aladdin
Plas Johnson Dungaree Hop Tampa
The Topps Tippin' Red Robin
Billy Gayles Do Right Baby Federal
Roy Gaines Gainesville Deluxe
Tommy Wilson Buzzin Cool
Booby & Bobbie Teenage Party Dice
July 24, 1999
Artist Song Label
Big Bob Dougherty Squeezer Golden Crest
Easy Deal Wilson Frog Nappin' Park Avenue
Elliot Shavers Butter Beans Zandan
Silvertones Get It Goliath
Ramrocks Pasha Press
Kip Tyler She Got Eyes Challenge
Satans Satan's Surf Estrus
Richard Berry Good Love RPM
Joe Boot & The Fabulous Winds Rock & Roll Radio Celestial
Louis Jackson Tweedle Woffin' Boogie C-Note
Chocolateers Bartender's Blues Parrot
Rosco Gordon Rosco's Boogie RPM
Babs Gonzales & Eddie Jefferson Rock & Roll The Blues Crazy
Pancho Villa After School Rock Mainline
George Stevenson Gradma's Joint Savoy
Lamplighters Bo Peep Federal
Pat The Cat Little Rock Special BSD
Pete Guitar Lewis Harmonica Boogie Federal
Charlie Chan Rickshaw Drag Race Kapp
Joe Subway How to Sell a Stereo Mad
Preston Love Ali Baba Boogie Ultra
Anna Belle Caesar (My Name is) Little Annie Glad-Hamp
Bernard Ross Tick Tock Sharp
Rolls Royce & The Wheels Topless Constellation
Rico & The Ravens Don't You Know Rally
Sugar & Pee Wee One, Two, Let's Rock Aladdin
Christine Kitrell Snake in the Grass Republic
Wilbur Steinburg Mop Bop Boogie Hut
Sugar Chile Robinson Vooey, Vooey, Vay Capitol
Steve & The Holidays Unemployment Dandy
Shadows Five Twisting Shadows Peacock
Hal Paige Pour The Corn Fury
The Continental Five King of Rocking Roll Nu Kat
Big Bob Wowsville, Part One Stacy
Henry Hayes Hog Grunt Zebra
Little Willie John Spasms King
Johnny Otis Let's Rock King
Jim McDonald Let's Have a Ball KCM
Link Davis Don't Big Shot Me Starday
Junior Dean & The Avalons Chick Chick ?
Buddy Howard Take Your Hands Off Me, Baby Mida
Intruders Fried Eggs Fame
Rainbows Gonna Go Down To See My Baby Mercury
Gene Summers Tight Skirts Jan
Buddy Harmon Drum Twist Warner Brothers
Gris Green Morocco Phillips
July 31, 1999
Artist Song Label
Thomas Wayne You're The One Who Done It Fernwood
Rhythm Addicts Oomp Bomp Frantic
Pastel Six Twitchin' Downey
Joe B. Baker Bugs Pacific
Maximilliam Gee, Baby, You're the Upmost Cub
Googie Rene Break It Up Class
James Red Holloway Simple Steps Mad
Lefty Guitar Bates Background Mad
Barbara & the Boys Hootey Sapperticker #1
Floyd Dixon Please Don't Go Specialty
Larry Bright New Orleans Del-Fi
The Mad Plaids Blood Rare Golden Crest
Sundowners Rockin' Spot Circle
The Moonlighters Rock-A-Bayou Baby Tara
Mike Wagoner Baby Baby Vee
Danny & The Galaxies If You Want To Be My Baby Darbo
Bunker Hill Hide & Go Seek Mala
Bobby Long Mojo Workout Vegas
Ike Turner Double Mint Sue
Gino Washington Baby Be Mine Norton
Fireflies Stella Got A Fella Ribbon
Sticks McGee Sleep In Job Herald
B.J. Berg The Laughing Song Apex
Echo Valley Boys Washing Machine Boogie Island
Randy Luck I Was a Teenage Caveman Art
Royal Spades I'm Gonna Voo Doo You Marquee
Marathons Talkin' Trash Arvee
Allen Bradley Space Race Okeh
Merv Douglas Screamin' Mee Mees From Planet X Carlton
Walter Brennan Space Mice Dot
Chuck Higgins Greasy Pig Lucky
Mercy Dee Walton Romp & Stomp Blues Flair
Mitzi Mars Let It Roll Checker
Willie Johnson Love Me Till Dawn Savoy
Guy Brothers I Love Bar-B-Que United
The Carpets Chicken Backs Deluxe
Moon Mullican Well, Oh Well King
Johnny Cool Don't Knock No More Tune
Earl Reed Drinking Wine Cherokee
The Recalls Nobody's Guy Arrow
Artist Song Label

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