October 1999

October 23, 1999
Artist Song Label
Bob Guy Dear Jeepers Donna
Screaming Jay Hawkins I Hear Voices Enrica
Morgus Morgus The Magnificent Vin
Eddy Bell The Great Great Pumpkin Lucky Four
The Drivers Dry Bones Twist ?
Zacherly Dinner With Drac Cameo-Parkway
Count Drac The Trance Arzee
Lee Ross The Mummy's Bracelet Ray
Satan & Disciples Mummie Curse Goldband
Lord Dent & His Invaders Wolf Call Shelley
Carl Bonafede Werewolf ?
Smiley Smith Voodoo Woman Apollo
Tony and the Monstrosities Igor's Party Crypt
Tony Sperry The Shock Glenn
Mack Allen Smith Skeleton Fight Statue
The Frantics Werewolf Dolton
The Neanderthals Werewolf from Outer Space Spinout
Little Joe Keep Your Eyes Around Me House of Sound
TV Slim Don't Reach Across My Plate Speed
Bumps Meyers and his Frantics I'm Clappin' and Shoutin' ?
Duke Jenkins The Duke Walks Pennant
Billy Miranda Run Rose Checker
Little Esther Oo Papa Doo Federal
Paul Gayten Gayten's Nightmare Okeh
Jesse Pipkin Work With It ?
The Voxpoppers The Last Drag Amp 3
Bill Smith Loco Chess
Rumblers Wheel of Fortune ?
Johnny Beeman Laughin Beatnik Doll
Jerry Cole Night Rumble Capital
Baby Ray and the Ferns How's Your Bird? Original Sound
Tip Tops Jack the Ripper Chess
Ding and Bat Hearse on a Surfari ?
Rainbows Gonna Go Down Mercury
Johnny Eager The Howl Design
The Apollos Good for a Laugh Cite
Scotty McGregor I'm a Monster Grand Award
The Phantom 5 Graveyard Skull
The Juveniles Bo Diddley ?
Jack and Jim Midnight Monster Hop Brunswick
Neanderthals 2000 Pound Werewolf Spinout
Lew Williams Gone Ape Man Imperial
James "Red" Holloway Ala Carte Mad
The Tomkos Spooky Artistique
Artist Song Label

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