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July 31st, 1998: Whazzat??!

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Grandmother's Treadle" FRANK PAHL (Remove The Cork)
"Lolita Ya Ya" FRANK PAHL (Remove The Cork) *
"Jours Tranquilles A Rodez" OBLIQUE SESSIONS (Oblique Sessions)
"Just A Closer Walk With Thee" INDONESIAN BAMBOO ORCHESTRA (Angklung)
"Polska" TAPANI VARIS (Jews Harp)
"Gorrlaus" HEDNINGARNA (Tra)
"Materialize" PEST 5000 (Palimpsest)
"Simply What I Want To Do" WORKSHOP (Welcome Back The Workshop)

"Boys Boys Boys" SABRINA (Rebirth of the Fool)
I Know Im In Love" CHEE CHEE & PEPPY (Bubblegum Classics - Soulful Pop)
"Let Me Know" BILLY PRESTON (Sould Cargo Vol. 1)
"Harlem Clavinette" BOBBY WOMACK (Across 110th Street)
"Italian Fuzz" BURT BACHARACH (After The Fox)
"Quelle Sensation Bizarre" LA YELLOW 357 (Cocktail Shaker)
"Psyche Rock" PIERRE HENRY (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix) (Metamorphose)
"Holiday Innn" STEREO TOTAL (Juke Box Alarm)
"Boys keep Swinging" LORETTE VELVETTE (Lost Part of Me) "The Freed Pig" SEBADOH (Sebadoh III)

"Polynesian Fertility Dairy Chant" PHLEGM (Poppin & Milkin')
"Drinking My Own Sperm" ALVARO (The Chilean With The Singing Nose)
"What Is Music?" HANACHINCHO (Rum Bum)
"Scratch My Nose" SCRATCH MY NOSE (Screw) *
"Orbital Ballroom In The Hall of Resurrection" SECRET CHIEFS THREE (2nd Grand Constitution and Bylaws)
"Murderer's Night" SUN CITY GIRLS (300,003 Cross Dressers)
"Country Sad Ballad Man" WORLD STANDARD (Country Gazette)
"When the World Was Young" REAL FISH (When The World Was Young)
"Atras Do Trio Eletrico" CAETANO VELOSO (Caetano Veloso)
"Here Come The Fleas" WHITE NOISE (An Electric Storm)

"Barbecue" BUDDY SCOTT TRIO (You Win)
"Jenny Kissed Me..." PETER WYNGARDE (When Sex Leers...)
"Widdecombe Fair" PETER WYNGARDE (When Sex Leers...) "Neville Thumbcatch" PETER WYNGARDE (When Sex Leers...)
"Unchained Melody" PETER SELLERS (The Peter Sellers BBC Collection)
"Medley" THE PROMENADERS (At The Beach)
"90210 Time in the Porta Loo" SCRATCH MY NOSE "We're Gonna have A Real Good Time Together" PATTY SMITH (I Never Talked To Bob Dylan) "Still, There's Hope" LOG (It's Only Four Dollars Every Five Minutes)
"Repeat" OPERATION RE-INFORMATION (It's Only $4...)
"Track #6" JP BUCKLE (CD on Rephlex - Who Knows?)
"Body Movin" BEASTIE BOYS (Hello Nasty)
"Baby, Now That I've Found You" THE FOUNDATIONS

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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