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November 4th, 1998: The Return of Putzhead

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"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

Previous sets:

"Back In The Saddle Again" GENE AUTRY (Songs of the West)
"Rowboat" JOHNNY CASH (Unchained)
"I Don't Sleep, I Drink Coffee Instead" PETTY BOOKA (Fujiyama Mama)
"Woolloomooloo Bay" OBLIQUE SESSIONS (Oblique Sessions)
"Soon" FOOM (No Fidelity Audio)
"American Woman" THE GUESS WHO (Best Of)
"Just A Glass Of Wine" KLETKA RED (Hijacking)
"This Way Out" JOHN ZORN (Music for Children)

"Organ Solo" QUINTRON (Satan is Dead)
"Caribisol (11.96)" FLUORESCENT GREY (This is Ovenguard, Vol. 2)
"Arabesque" ORANJ SYMPHONETE (The Oranj Album)
"The Saint" CYRIL STAPLETON & THE ELIMINATORS (The Avengers & Other Top 60's TV Themes)

"Dream of the Sea" RENDERERS (A Dream of the Sea)
"The Thief" CAN (Delay 1968)
"All Tomorrow's Parties" UN CUERPO EXQUISITO (Universidad de Culos Expertos)
"Windmills of your Mind" DUSTY SPRINGFIELD (The D.S. Anthology)
"Windmills of your Mind" THE COLOUR FIELD (Take EP)
"Windmills of your Mind" VIRGINIA LINDT
"Windmills of your Mind" KEN ARDLEY PLAYBOYS (We've Got Ken)

"The Choguku Electric Power Company" HOPPY KAMIYAMA (Juice and Tremelo)
"Infractus" JULVERNE (La Retour du Captain Nemo)
"Les Rubans" KLIMPEREI (Tout Seul Sur La Plage En Hiver)
"La Ronde..." KLIMPEREI (Tout Seul Sur La Plage En Hiver)
"The Express Train" ZHANG GUANGTIAN (Shanghai Triad)
"Boya's Adventure" SOLA (Blues in the East)
"No Me Llores Mas" MARC RIBOT Y LOS CUBANOS POSTIZOS (self titled)
"El Son Del Dolor" CUCA & YOUTH BRIGADE (Silencio=Muerte)"El Son Del Dolor" CUCA & YOUTH BRIGADE (Silencio=Muerte)

"The Four Seasons" THE GREAT KAT (Bloody Vivaldi)
"And When he Falleth" THEATER OF TRAGEDY (Velvet Darkness They Fear)
"God Only Knows" BEACH BOYS (Endless Harmony)
"Rosanna" ARMANDO TRAVAJOLI (Seven Golden Men soundtrack)

"Regular John" QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (self titled)
"The Happy Prole" QUASI (Featuring Birds)
"Installation No. 1" EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN (Ende Neu)
"The Switch" FM EINHEIT (sen'seifn de0)
"Raka" ELLIOT SHARP (Cyberpunk and the Virtual Stance)
"Saturday Night Worldwide Fieber" MOUSE ON MARS (Ro 3003)
"Meine Hormone und Ich" DIE MOULINETTES (20 Blumen)
"It's Alright Baby" KOMEDA (What Makes it Go?)
"Theme of Laxury (sic)" FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE (Luxury)
"Tele Ski" ROGER ROGER (Grands Travaux)0
"La Danse Des Tenebres" GRAEME REVEL (The Insect Musicians)
"Kitchen Music" DONALD KNAACK (Junk Music)
"Lygia Fingers" CID CAMPOS (Augusto de Campos)
"Bestiario" CID CAMPOS (Augusto de Campos)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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