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December 9, 1998: Suspended Animation

The Accuplaylist displays the song information while the song is still playling on the air, Wednesdays from 9 am to Noon, E.S.T. This Accuplaylist page reloads automatically every 35 seconds during the program. You can reload earlier than that by hitting the "reload" or "refresh" command on your browser.

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Beware of Fire" FOREIGN DEVILS (Terra Musica)
"Lomiwen Tegebeleich" MAHMOUD AHMED (Ethipiques Volume 3)
"Ball of Confusion" TEMPTATIONS (7 Inch)
"Love Me (Right In the Pocket)" CURTIS MAYFIELD (Got To Find A Way)
"God Has Smiled On Me" REV AL SHARPTON / JAMES BROWN (7 Inch)
"Not Responsible" TOM JONES (Best Of Tom Jones)
"Commercial #3" AMMER, EINHEIT & HAAGE (Apocalypse Live)
"Boats" STOCK, HAUSEN & WALKMAN (Organ Transplants Vol. 1)

"What is A Fabian?" ROD McKUEN (Beatsville)
"Buckets of Water" DAVID ARVEDON (Only In America)
"Fishin' Rod Eddie JIMMIE VESTAL (Americana Vol. 1 - Vox Populi)
"I Wonder Who" AGUATURBIA (Vol. 2)
"Old Lumber" WATER SPRITE (Hungry Krauts Daddy!)
"Hit 'Em In The Face" IMPRVED SOUND LTD. (Electrick Loosers Vol. 1)
"Theme" PUBLIC IMAGE (7 Inch)
"Bermuda" OLIVIA NEW*TON*JON (Jose O*N*T*J)
"Jasmine" OLIVIA NEW*TON*JON (Jose O*N*T*J)

"Stinky Stinky Ashtray" DAMN (Bossa Brava 3)
"Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Desire" DJ SOUP (Cocktail Shaker)
"Syncopated Clock Mambo" PEREZ PRADO (Mambo Happy)
"Walter Winchell Rhumba" XAVIER CUGAT (16 Most Requested Songs)
"Heartaches" TED WEEMS / ELMO TANNER (Great Million Sellers!)
"Work For The Night is Coming" FRED LOWERY (Abide With me)
"A4" THE GLASS ORCHESTRA (The Glass Orchestra)
"Chime Out For Love" HERB REMINGTON (Steel Guitar Holiday)
"Thumb's Guitar Boogie" THUMBS CARLYSLE (Swingin' Country)
"Hilo March" TEX JENKS CARMEN (Kings of the Steel Guitar)
"West of Samoa" SPEEDY WEST (Steel Guitar)

"Yambooze" PUSH BUTTON OBJECTS (Deeper Concentration)
"Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks" THE HERBALISER (Big Beat Elite Complete)
"2300 Hawaii" YOSHINORI SUNAHARA (Sushi 4004)
"Tuchus" Z ROCK HAWAII (Self Titled)
"Weed" EXIT 13 (UHF/VHF)
"Compound Elements' VOLUME ALL*STAR (Self Connected Twice Elected)
"Politics" GIRLS AT OUR BEST (Pleasure)
"L'Accord Parfait" AUTOUR DE LUCIE (self titled)

"Our Likeness" PHEW (Our Likeness)
"Christmas Wrapping" THE WAITRESSES (7 Inch)
"Shack Up" A CERTAIN RATIO (Detail From Facus 4)
"Tighten Up (Japanese Gentlemen, Stand Up Please)" YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA (Multiplies)
"Triumphant March of the Bufons" EARTHLINGS? (Triumphant march...)
"Staccato's Theme" BUDDY MORROW & HIS ORCH (Crime jazz Vol. 1)
"At Home Withg The Snake" SPACEWAYS (Trad)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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