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December 30, 1998: Timelessness

The Accuplaylist displays the song information while the song is still playling on the air, Wednesdays from 9 am to Noon, E.S.T. This Accuplaylist page reloads automatically every 35 seconds during the program. You can reload earlier than that by hitting the "reload" or "refresh" command on your browser.

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Rain Song" TAIRIKUOTOKO VS. SANMY AKUONNA (Viva Young Florida)
"Good Morning" VOGEL / IVOR CUTLER (7 Inch)
"101 Merry Metronomes" BORUT KRZISNIK (Currents of Time)
"Street Life" ORNETTE COLEMAN (Tone Dialing)
"Freddy's Dead Times Two" CURTIS MAYFIELD (Dueling 7 Inches)
"Alphabet City" DON CHERRY (Sister Out)
"Levitation" RUNAWAYS UK (Classic Tales) *

"Track 4" RUNAWAYS UK (Classic Tales) *
"Moonraker (Pop PO Mix)" DEATH SURF 2000 (Bears Are Not Real Vol. 1)
"Drive Music" QYPTHONE (Sushi 4004)
"Egomaniac's Kiss" D.N.A. (No New York)
"Junkie" ALEX HAACKE (Filmarbeiten)
"Introduction" EDWARD ARTEMYEV (Odyssey)
"I Caught A Cold In My Heart" LOU CARTER (Louie's Love Songs)
"Tuxedo Junction" BUDDY COLE (Hot and Cole) "If I Had Nose Full Of Nickels" LOU CARTER (Louie's Love Songs)

"The Elegant prison Downstairs" ROD MCKUEN (Beatsville)
"Whispering" LES PAUL (7 Inch)
"Track 3" DIM DIM (Nectarine)
"Atomic Dog" GEORGE CLINTON (7 Inch)

"Michiboke No Kissaten" MAKUGAMI KOICHI (Koroshi No Blues)
"Belated Birthday" BUTTERSCOTT "Great Scott"
"I'm Eighteen" ALICE COOPER (School's Out)
"City Slang" SONIC'S RENDEVOUS BAND (Sweet Nothing)
"Der Spiegel" THEATER OF TRAGEDY (A Rose For The Dead)

"A Wutherance of E" EDWIN TORRES (Holy Kid)
"Track 4" Bid3iliba (Aw, Who knows? Some CD. Leave me alone.)
"Supercooler" EAD (Bears Are Not Real)
"El Zurdo De Oro" HERMANOS AQUINO (Danzones Con La Marimba De Los)
"Lady Marmalade" LABELLE (7 Inch)
"Groove Holmes" BEASTIE BOYS (In Sound From Way Out)
"Screwy Squirrel" DAVID SHEA (i)
"Rebel Trot" DAVID EARLE JOHNSON (Skin Deep yeah!)
"Atomic Little Thing" FAMILY OF GOD (Atomic Little Thing)

"I Go Anywhere For My Coffee" UCHIHASJI KAZUHISA & HANS REICHEL (King Pawns)
"Kitchen" L. VOAG (The Way Out)
"Unknown Title" TAIRIKUOTOKO VS. SANMY AKUONNA (Viva Young Florida)
"Les Futs" BERTHET - LE JUNTER (Le Junter - Berthet)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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