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January 20th, 1999: Nose Full OF Nickels

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"I'll Be So Good For You" THE MELODY THREE (TV? Mais Oui!) "We Love Dancing" ARLING & CAMERON (All-In)
"Caribisol" THE BRAN FLAKES" (This Is Ovenguard Vol. 2)
"Funny Little Man" APHEX TWIN (Come to Daddy)
"Our Song" GEESIN-WATERS (Music From The Body)
"Phonoballoon Song" TAKAKO MINEKAWA (Cloudy Cloud Calculator)
"Rendezvous" REAL FISH (When The World Was Young)
"World of Squalor" FAMILY OF GOD (We Are The World)
"Last Delicious Cigarette" MATMOS (The West)

"Feel Like Making Love" VOICEBOX MAN (South Park)
"Arms In Doubt" PALINCKX (It's Frontal Dog)
"Eddie My Love Times Two" BORUK GLASGOW (Vox Americana)
"Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus" AUBREY GHENT (Title Track)
"Ain't That Peculiar MARVIN GAYE (Self Titled)
"Whatsa Matter Wit Me?" LOU CARTER (Louie's Love Songs)
"Whispering" LES PAUL & MARY FORD (7 Inch)
"Ghosts" N.A.D. (Ghosts)
"Range Life" PAVEMENT (Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain)

"Alaune" HOLOSUD (Fijnewas Afpompen)
"Scientifically Speaking" IRENE MOON (title track)
"Ye Chand Sa Roshan Chehra" MOHAMMED RAFI (Ya Hoo..Hits of Mohd. Rafi)
"Appopopoulisberg" JIMMIE HASKELL (California 99)
"Saturday Night Wolrdwide Fieber" MOUSE ON MARS (Ro 3003)
"M'Bgulu" ZOOGZ RIFT (Water 2: At Safe Distance)
"In '3's" BEASTIE BOYS (The In Sound From Way Out)
"Levitation" RUNAWAYS UK (Classic Tales)

"Don't Throw That Knife" JODY HARRIS / ROBERT QUINE (Escape)
"I Go Anywhere For My Coffee" UCHIHASJI KAZUHISA & HANS REICHEL (King Pawns)
"Jam" REAL FISH (A Very Big Band In Heaven)
"Farolita" LOS HERMANOS AQUINO (Danzones Con la Marimba)
"El Boxeador" LOS HERMANOS AQUINO (Danzones Con la Marimba)
"Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Groove" DJ SOUP (Cocktail Shaker)
"Doina" BORIS SARBEK (Adventures in Sound)
"Far Away Places" MARTY MANNING & HIS ORCHESTRA (Twilight Zone)
"Mathar" DAVE PIKE SET (Untouchable Beats - Outcaste Vol. 1)
"It's All Too Much" BEATLES (Yellow Submarine)

"Popular Myth & Destruction of Sodom" PETER THOMAS SOUND ORCHESTRA (Chariot of the Gods)
"I'll Be So Good For You" THE MELODY THREE (TV? Mais Oui!)
"How Sweet To be An Idiot" NEIL INNES (title track)
"If I had A Nose Full of Nickels" LOU CARTER (Louie's Love Songs)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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