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January 27th, 1999: No Schvitz for Kenny

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Family of God" FAMILY OF GOD (Family of God)
"An Elephant On The Roof" JEAN JACQUES PERREY (Eclecktronics)
"Untitled Fife Tune" BESSIE JONES & GEORGIA SEA ISLAND SINGERS (Old Mother Hippletoe)
"Medley" THE PROMENADERS (Live at Brighton beach)
"Rubberbands" BRUCE HAACK (Hush Little Robot)
"Cloud Cuckoo Land" TAKAKO MINEKAWA (CLoudy Cloud Calculator)
"Here Come The Fleas" WHITENOISE (An Electric Storm)

"More Medley" PROMENADORS (Live at brighton Beach)
"From Shanghai to Bangkok" ANDREW WHITE (Fonk Update)
"Hulo a Velo" (Music from the Films of Jacques Tati)
"Oh Streetcar" THE SIMPSONS (Songs in the Key of Springfield)
"Gluey Gluey" TALL DWARFS (Fifty Flavors of Glue)
"Ca Plane Pour Moi" PLASTIC BERTRAND (7 Inch)
"Toutes les Nuites" THE CALAMITIES (self titled)
"Strip Central" JOHN ZORN (The Bribe)

"Good Morning" VOGEL & IVOR CUTLER (7 Inch)
"The Sound of The Night Howard Finster Got Saved' HOWARD FINSTER (title track)
"Joyful Sounds" GLENN LEE (Sacred Steel)
"Fishin Rod Eddie" JIMMIE R. VESTRAL (Vox Americana)
"Tuareg" GAL COSTA (Gal Costa)
"Paid In Full - Seven Minutes of Madness" ERIC B. & RAKIM (Paid In Full)
"Ruffneck" FREESTYLERS FEATURING NAVIGATOR (Big Beat Elite Compleat)
"Rude Boy Rock" LIONROCK (City Delirious)
"They Don't Understand" BEAT JUNKIES (Deeper Concentration)

"Star Fruits / Surf Rider" CORNELIUS (Dueling CDs)
"Waltz" HOLGER HILLER (12 Inch)
"Tofu Song" X GIRL (Kero! Kero! Kero!)

"The Flight" DION McGREGOR (Dion McGregor Dreams Again)
"Crash Landing" JERRY GOLDSMITH (Planet of the Apes)
"You're Gonna Die' DESTROY ALL MONSTERS (7 Inch)
"20th Century Boy" LORETTE VELVETTE (Lost Part of Me)
"2001" GILBERTO GIL (Cerebro Eletronico)
"You're The Driver" MICHAEL KAROLI / POLLY ELTES (Deluge)
"Our Likeness" PHEW (Title Track)
"Milk Rock" KRAFTWERK (Organisation - Tone Float)
"Second Aether" TARWATER (Rabbit Moon Revisited)
"Simple Headphone Mind" STEREOLAB / NURSE WITH WOUND (12 Inch)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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