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March 31st, 1999: Todaze Programme

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Truck Driver's Ride" SPEEDY WEST & JIMMY BRYANT (Swing On The Strings)
"So Ran Bushi" TAKESHI TERAUCHI (Guitar Mood)
"Ethchlorvinyl" FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTNEZ (Atardecer)
"West of Samoa" SPEEDY WEST & JIMMY BRYANT (Swing on the Strings)
"Intrumental #3" MUSIC OF THE CAROUSEL (Folkways LP)
"Waldo The Weirdo" PORTER WAGONER (What Ain't To Be, Might Just Happen
"Just A Closer Walk WIth Thee" INDONESIAN BAMBOO ORCHESTRA (Angklung)
"Just A Closer Walk WIth Thee" ARTHUR BLYTHE (Blythe Spirit)
"Blues" SRP (SRP)
"Morning Song" DAVID MURRAY OCTET (New Life)

"Gassenhauer March" CARL ORFF (Schulwerk Vol. 1)
"Windowlicker" APHEX TWIN (Windowlicker)
"Typerite (sic) Lesson" CORNELIUS (Free Fall)
"The Pilot's Hand on Mine" CANDY THE TALKING DOLL (Candy Sings For You)
"Christianity is Stupid" NEGATIVLAND (Escape From Noise)
"Zimmer 13" PETER THOMAS (Kriminal Filmmusik)
"Danger Man" THE MELODY FOUR (TV? Mais Oui!)
"Depth of the Forehead" PHEW (Our Likeness)

"Grass Canons" OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL (Black Folage Vol. 1)
"Fear of Incarceration" BRITISH SUMMER TIME ENDS (8 Sequences for Alfred Hitchcock)
"Der Zinker" PETER THOMAS (Kriminal Filmmusik)
"Barbecue" BUDDY SCOTT TRIO (You Win)
"The Masquerader and Phoenix" THEATER OF TRAGEDY (Velvet Darkness They Fear)
"Das Siebente Siegel" AMMER EINHEIT HAAGE (Apocalypse Live)
"X-Pac Entrance Theme" JAMES JOHNSON (World Wrestling Federation - The Music)
"Hairball" STOCK HAUSEN & WALKMAN (Hairballs)
"We Will Rock You" Evolution Control Committee (DOUBLE THE PHAT...)
"Machiboke No Kissaten" MAKUGAMI KOICHI (Koroshi No Blues)
"The Plan" RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS (Blank Generation)
"Spanish Stroll" MINK DEVILLE

"Tytanik" REPORTAZ (Self Titled)
"Meimei" KLIMPEREI (Tout Seul Sur la Plage En Hiver)
"The Big Dig" FAMILY FODDER (Savoire Faire)
"Earn It" IRVING KLAW TRIO (Utek Pahtoo Mogol)
"Groove Holmes" BEATIE BOYS (The In Sound from Way Out)
"Mama Get Yourself Together" BABY HUEY & THE BABYSITTERS (The Baby Huey Story)
"Iron City" GRANT GREEN (Iron City)
"Worst Record Ever Made" ALTHEA & THE MEMORIES (Kim Fowley - Underground Animal)
"The Drum" SLAPP HAPPY (Acnalbasac Noom)
"Ando Meio Desligado" OS MUTANTES (A Divina Comedia Ou)
"Das Verratertor" PETER THOMAS (Kriminal Film Musik)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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