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April 28th, 1998:The Only Song

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Strawberry Simmons" THE BRAN FLAKES (Hey Won't Somebody Come and Play)
"In My Room There Sits A Box" IVOR CUTLER (Gruts)
"The Dirty Dinner" IVOR CUTLER (Gruts)
"I'm So Worried" MONTY PYTHON (Contractual Obligation Album)
"Old Maid (Southern California Brings Me Down) NATIONAL LAMPOON (Good Bye Pop)
"Ride On" LITTLE AXE (The Wolf That House Built)
"Never Ending Melody" CHARLES EARLAND (Dynamite Brothers)
"Incense and Peppermint" ADULT NET (12 Inch)
"Kamera Song" INNER SPACE & ROSY ROSY (Electrick Loosers Vol 1)

"Le Decalajdesson" PIERRE BASTIEN (Musiques Paralloidres)
"Back To The East" ZGA (Sub Luna Morrior)
"What's He Building" TOM WAITS (The Mule Variations)
"Our Bodies, Our Radios" CHRISTAL METHODISTS (Satanic Ritual Abuse)
"Elend" THE LUCIFERIAN REVOLUTION (Les Tenebres Du Dehors)
"Cristo E Liberazione" ABBA PATER (THE FREAKIN' POPE!!) (Abba Pater)

"Two Volcanoes" PETER VERMEERSCH (Immer Das Selbe Gelogen)
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again" YEN ARTISTS (Yen Memorial Album)
"Les Futs" BERTHET - LE JUNTER (Le Junter - Berthet)
"Live With Me" GHOST (Snuffbox Immanence)
"All Fired Up, All Shook Down" HOUNDOG (Houndog)
"The Odds" ENNIO MORRICONE (Malamondo)

"Madre Di Tutte Le Genti" THE POPE! (Abba Pater)
"To Sir With Love" AL GREEN (Truth 'n Time)
"I've Gotta Be Me" SAMMY DAVIS JR. (The Sound of Sammy)
"Ask Not Waltz" GEORGE ATKINS / HANK LEVINE (Sing Along With JFK)
"It Just Is" SRI DARWIN GROSS (It Just Is!)
"The Only Song (remix)" PETER BLEGVAD / JOHN GREAVES (The Man of Sorrows)
"Track 18" STOCK HAUSEN & WALKMAN (Organ Transplants)
"Staying On The Beach All Day" SEIGEN ONO (Comme Des Garcons Vol. 2)

"Bonanza" THANH NAM (Ho! Roady Music From Vietnam)
"Ghost Riders In The Sky" NED SUBLETTE (Cowboy Rumba)
"Cowboy Ska" ARLING & CAMERON (Special Sculpture Edition)
"Rude Boy Rock" LIONROCK (City Delirious)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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