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May 12th, 1999: Love Hangover

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"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Vietnam Diary" LYNN COLEMAN (7 Inch)
"Please Mr. President" PAULA WEBB (7 Inch)
"Thank You Magic Johnson" NIKI RIOS (Cassingle)
"Finland" MONTY PYTHON (Contractual Obligation Album)
"Born, Never Asked" RED MOLE THEATER TROUPE (Lost Chants For the Living)
"I Confess" KEVIN COYNE (Babble)
"You Don't Love Me Yet" ROKY ERICKSON (Clear Night For Love)
"Come As You Are" THE KING (Gravelands)
"In Dreams" TOM JONES (Tom SIngs the Sixties)
"You'll Never Walk Alone" JIMMY DURANTE (September Song)

"Black Mirror" SPACEHEADS (Angel Station)
"Le Magnum" BRIGITTE FONTAINE (Genre Humain)
"Un World Mysteriouse" DIMITRI FROM PARIS (Sacre Bleu)
"Preludium" QUINCY JONES (The Slender Thread)
"Main Theme" QUINCY JONES (The Slender Thread)
"The Blue Set" SUN RA (The Singles)
"Hocus Pocus" LEE MORGAN (The Sidewinder)

"You Don't Have Nixon to Kick Around Anymore" GEORGE ATKINS / HANK LEVINE (Washington Is For The Birds)
"Help Me make it Through The Night" LENA ZAVARONI (Ma! Hes making Eyes At Me!)
"He Became A Beatnik" FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE (Luxury) "I Hear A Symphony" PIZZICATTO FIVE (Playboy and Playgirl)

"We're Moving In" L RON HUBBARD & THE APOLLO STARS (Power Of Source)
"Love Hangover - Vanilla Fudge Remix)" DIANA ROSS (7 Inch)
"Firewater" CROOKED LETTAZ feat NOREAGA (12 Inch)
"Mpende Anaekupenda" URSULLA w BLACK STAR MUSIC CLUB (Songs the Swahili Sing)
"Vo Chong Lam Bieng" LY NGUA O (Ho #1 - Roady Music From Vietnam)
"Ydyk Buura" YAT KHA (Dalai Beldiri)

"Cadillac Chant" JIM ROCHE (Learning To Count)
"Flea Circus" WINIFRED ATWELL (7 Inch)
"X Fast Song X" JUD JUD (X The Demos X)
"You Say You Dont Love me" NACHDENKLICHE WEHRPFLICHTIGE (Lieber Zuviel Als Zuweng)
"YOu Say You Dont Love me" BUZZCOCKS
"Lets Play That Record On Sex Again" THE BRAN FLAKES (Hey Won't Somebody Come and Play)
"Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out" SHEL SILVERSTEIN (Freakin At The Freakers Ball)
"C Is For Stupid" NEGATIVLAND / CHUMBAWUMBA (ABCs of Anarchism)

"Love Swing" CURD DUCA (Elevator 2)
"Bimi Mix" ARLING & CAMERON (Special Sculpture Edition)
"2300 Hawaii" YOSHINORI SUNAHARA (Sushi 4004)
"The Very Attractive Audio Engineer" EMPEROR PENGUIN (Shatter the illusion...)
"The Cruise" EMPEROR PENGUIN (Shatter the illusion...)
"The Worlds Made Up of This and That - Fatboy Slim Remix" DEEDS PLUS THOUGHTS (Big Beat Elite Complete)
"Psyche Rock" PIERRE HENRY / FATBOY SLIM (Messe Pour Le Temps Present)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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