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May 26th, 1999: Left-Right

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Nothing Without You" NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN (Mustt Mustt)
"Staying On The Beach All Day" SEIGEN ONO (Comme Des Garcons Vol.2)

"Whispering" FRED LOWERY (Whistle A Happy Tune)
"Maiden's Milk" MEAT PUPPETS (Up On The Sun)
"Heartaches" TED WEEMS, ELMO TANNER & ORCH. (The Music Goes Round & Round)
"Estrellita" FRED LOWERY (Whistle An Excessively Happy Tune)
"Fun On The Frets" CARL KRESS & TONY MOTTOLA (Fun On The Frets)
"Limehouse Blues" ROBERT MAXWELL (The Harp In Hi-Fi)
"Qua Qua Qua" FRANCO GODI / SIGNOR ROSSI (Soundtrack)
"The Devil's Partner" GIANCARLO SCIAMANNA (Snowdowniani Baccelloni Invadono Megaton 4)
"DJ Paro, Are You OK?" DJ SBARO JOSE CABESA (Snowdowniani Baccelloni Invadono Megaton 4)
"Daisy Mirror" POP-OFF TUESDAY (Pickled Egg)
"Spoon" CIBO MATTO (Sci Fi Wasabi) "The Drowned And The Saved" INVADERS FROM THE HEART (Without Judgement)
"So Many Years" INVADERS FROM THE HEART (Without Judgement)
"The Great Gig In The Sky" PINK FLOYD (Dark Side Of The Moon)

"At Last" ETTA JAMES (At Last)
"Rossana" ARMANDO TRAVAJOLI (7 Golden Men)
"Il Pleut" BRIGITTE FONTAINE (Brigitte Fontaine Est ?)
"Credit In The Straight World" YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS (Colossal Youth)
"New Song" AKIKO YANO (Piano Nightly)
"Who Knows Where The Time Goes" FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Fairport Chronicles)
"For Shame Of Doing Wrong" RICHARD & LINDA THOMPSON (Pour Down Like Silver)
"Dancing In Sunrise, Switzerland" THE MUFFINS (Open City)

"Cristo Liberazione" POPE JOHN PAUL II (Abba Pater)
"The Secret To Save The Entire Human Race" FRANCIS E. DEC ESQ. (Wolrdwide Living Death Frankensetin Slavery)
"Goin' Home" FRED LOWERY (Abide By Me)
"Abba Babb!" ABBA BABB (Abba Babb)
"Saureschnauze" BODENSTANDIG 2000 (Maxi German Rave Blast Hits)
"LongJohn" BODENSTANDIG 2000 (Maxi German Rave Blast Hits)
"Guns" NEGATIVLAND (Cassette)

Stereo Test
"Politics" GIRLS AT OUR BEST (Pleasure)
"Hello Universe" VAGTAZO HALOTTKEMEK (Jumping Out The World)
"Wonder Who" AGUATURBIA (Vol. 2)
"The Drum" SLAPP HAPPY (Acnalbasac Noom)
"Peacock Coal" TWO FOOT FLAME (Live Music From A Dead Campus)

"Nie Martw Sie," DOMINIK GAWARA (Snowdoniani...)
"Three Ways (All Ways Are Worst)" ZGA (Sub Luna Morrior)
"Trance Figure 8" SPACEHEADS (Angel Station)
"2300 Hawaii" YOSHINORI SUNAHARA (Sushi 4004)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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