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June 9th, 1999: Six Pack of Self-Loathing Jews

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"Here Comes Another One" MONTY PYTHON (Contractual Obligation Album)
"Wild Wild West" SIGNOR ROSSI (Soundtrack)
"Viva Happiness" SIGNOR ROSSI (Soundtrack)
"A Schmo Is A Schmo" MICKEY KATZ (Mish Mosh)
"I Shot My Manager" GRUPPO SPORTIVO (Mistakes)

"Semen Rock" BORUK GLASGOW (Blackhole Boogie)
"Got Nowhere To Hide" BORUK GLASGOW (Blackhole Boogie)
"Salad Freak" BORUK GLASGOW (Blackhole Boogie)
"I Only Die Twice" TOKYO FOLK CRUSADERS (cassette)
"Kaette Kita Yoparai" MAKIGAMI KOICHI (Koroshi No Blues)
"Praise The Lord" THE BRAN FLAKES (Hey Wont Somebody...)
"I Am A Groupie" THE BRAN FLAKES (Hey Wont Somebody...)
"Be Forthright Bobby Kennedy" GEORGE ATKINS / HANK LEVINE (Washington Is For the Birds)
"Young Stud" KLAUS UND USCHI (Nymphomania Vol.2)

"Regular John" QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (self titled)
"Got To Hell" KING BROTHERS (self titled)
"Wonder Who" AGUATURBIA (Volume 2)
"Cruiser's Creek" THE FALL (This Nation's Saving Grace)

"Live It Down" MEDICINE (The Buried Life)
"Elend" THE LUCIFERIAN REVOLUTION (Les Tenebres Du Dehors)
"Bubble Bubble Bubble" ROBERT MAXWELL (The Harp In Hi-Fi)
"A Modern Comedy" GEORGE CHASE (Major Records Productio Music)
"Fernsehfilme" MARTIN BOTTCHER (Kriminal Filmmusik)
"Dachziegelkauer" BODENSTANDIG 2000 (Maxi German Rave Blast Hits)
"Improvisation" YAT KHA (Live)
"All Tomorrow's Parties" VELVET UNDERGROUND (single version)

"Apocalypse Live" AMMER EINHEIT HAAGE (Apocalypse Live)
"Hate Me Now - instrumental" NAS (12 Inch)
"The Bible For Little Eyes" (7 Inch) "Theme From the Mole People" DICK JACOBS (Great Horror Themes) "Under The Blanket" DAVID GARLAND (Togetherness)
"Eddie My Love" BORUK GLASGOW (Blackhole Boogie)
"You Are A Light" PAVEMENT (Terror Twilight)
"Space" THE BLACKBIRDS (Electrick Loosers Vol. 1)

"Weihnachten Auf Hawaii" BODENSTANDIG 2000 (Maxi German Rave Blast Hits)
"An Evil Dance" POP-OFF TUESDAY (Pop-Off Tuesday)
"Daisy Mirror" POP-OFF TUESDAY (Pop-Off Tuesday)
"Never My Love" THE NIRVANA SITAR AND STRING GROUP (Sitar and Strings)
"Be My Baby" TINY TIM (You Are What You Eat)
"The Family Dog" JOHN HEROLD (You Are What You Eat)
"Lift Up Your Hearts" JOY ELECTRIC (Christiansongs)
"Drive Music" QYPTHONE (Sushi 4004)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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