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July 7th, 1999: Hold My Head While I Vomit

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Jack Singt" AHAVA RABA (Kete Kuf)
"Dratur & Gildur" HEDNINGARNA (Hippjokk)
"Turning Point" PARLOR JAMES (Old Dreams)
"Natural Blues" MOBY (Play) *
"Bruder Luzifer" FELIX KUBIN (Deutscher Funk 2)
"Der Turm / Fluchtpunkt" DEUTER (D)

"Re" DIF JUZ (Soundpool)
"New Saigon" PELL MELL (Rhyming Guitars)
"Athens By Night" JC HOPKINS (Athens By Night)
"Raising Tide" HOME (IX)
"Dreamin' After The Movies" AGNELLI & RAVE (Cowboy Flowers Sessions)
"Jimmy Coma" PERNICE BROTHERS (7 Inch)
"Bulb" THUG (Electric Wooly Mammoth)

"Temptation" PRINCE (Around The World In A Day)
"Life In One Chord" STRAIGHTJACKET FITS (Hail)
"Scottish Rite Temple Stomp" NINIAN HAWICK (Steep Steps)
"Les Vieux Degoutants" LES SOEURS WINCHESTER (s/t)
"Dixie Lee" DONALD BYRD (Blue 'n' Groovy)
"I Know You Got Soul" BOBBY BYRD (Got Soul - The Best of Bobby Byrd)
"Umbabarauma" JORGE BEN (Beleza Tropical I)
"Cinema Olympia" GAL COSTA (Gal Costa)
"Bossa Cubana" LOS ZAFIROS (Bossa Cubana)

"I'm Eighteen" ALICE COOPER (The Life and Crimes thereof)
"Come As You Are" THE KING (Gravelands)
"Cossack's Dream" THE PUGS (Chimato Kubiki)
"Waltzinblack" THE STRANGLERS (The Men In Black)
"Chicken" JOHNNY GUNN / DON RALKE (Introspections 4)
"What is a Fabian?" ROD McKUEN (Beatsville)
"The Twisters" MEL HENKE (La Dolce Henke)

"Lonesome Road" DEAN ELLIOT remixed by Mu-ziq (Electronic Excursions in Hi-Fidelity)
"Typerite lesson" CORNELIUS (Freefall) (Backed with Bruce Lee SFX)
"Find My Baby" MOBY (Play)
"Blow Me" STOCK HAUSEN & WALKMAN (Organ Transplants)
"Nowhere To Hide" BORUK GLASGOW (Blackhole Boogie)
"Urban Antelope" BORUK GLASGOW (Blackhole Boogie)
"The Meanest Guy Who Ever Lived" JACK PALANCE (Palance)

"Mycroft" MOCEAN WORKER (Mixed Emotional Features)
"Sidewinder" PUCHO & THE LATIN SOUL BROTHERS (Jungle Strut)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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