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August 4th, 1999: Big Ten Inch Ethel

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"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"The Girl Next Green Door" FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE - DJ Me DJ You Mix (International Standard)
"Crossfire" LITTLE AXE (The Wolf That House Built)
"Chili Hot" US3 (Get Shorty Soundtrack)
"Club Kidnap" UNKNOWN (Soul Ecstasy Soundtrack)
"Troglodyte" JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH (vanilla Fudge remix)
"Get Down" CURTIS MAYFIELD (Roots)
"Black Sand" BRAINTICKET (Brainticket)

"What's Music?" PEOPLE LIKE US remixed by NEGATIVLAND (Hate People Like Us)
"Three Tracks" THE BRAN FLAKES (Hey, Won't Somebody Come and Play?)
"Dachziegelkauer" BODENSTANDIG 2000 (Maxi GermanRave Blast Hits)
"Happy China (Dance of Joy) HAPPY CHINA (Tibetan Trance)
"The Second Line" CLINIC (The Second Line)
"Firewater" CROOKED LETTAZ feat: NOREAGA (12 Inch)

"Hello, I'm A Truck" RED SIMPSON (Cowboys & Trucks)
"Mommy Please Stay Home With Me" HOWARD VOKES (Tragedy & Disaster In Country Song)
"A Beatnik Out West" DAN BLOCKER (Tales for Young'uns)
"Jelly" BIRO 2 (Mascara - Sue)
"Our Likeness" PHEW (Our Likeness)
"Comme A La Radio" BRIGITTE FONTAINE & ART ENSEMBLE (Comme A La Radio)
"Another Kind of Groove" KAHLIL EL ZABAR'S THE RITUAL (Another Kind of Groove)
"Train Three" MAINER BAND (Sounds of the South)
"Alabamy Bound" SANTO & JOHNNY (Encore)
"Country Guitar" PHIL BAUGH (Swingin' Country)

"Track 87" BOUNCING SOULS (Short Music for Short People)
"Magic Boots" CLINIC (The Second Line)
"Fairytale In The Supermarket" MUMMY THE PEEPSHOW (self titled)
"Ich Bei Davor" COUCH (Fantasy)
"Little Red Riding Hood etc etc" GERTIE BAUER UND DIE JUNGS (Self Titled)
"Get Back" LAIBACH (Let It Be)
"You Say You Don't Love Me" NACHDENKLICHE WEHRPFLICHTIGE (Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig)
"Saureschnauze" BODENSTADIG 2000 (Maxi GermanRave Blast Hits)
"Fast Song" JUD JUD (The Demos)
"Rounds of Jud Song" JUD JUD (The Demos)
You Dont Wanna Know!
"I Get A Kick Out of You" ETHEL MERMAN (Radio Starts Sing)
"Flintstones" BLACK LODGE SINGERS (Kids Pow Wow Songs)
"Whole Lotta Love" LED ZEPPELIN (Led Zeppelin II)
"Hit 'Em In The Face" IMPROVED SOUND LTD. (Electrick Loosers Vol. 1)
"Wonder Who" AGUATURBIA (Volume Two)

Ending collage of Ethel Merman, Theremins, Outer Spoace Sound Effects, Bruce Lee Sound Effects and then some

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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