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September 29, 1999: Crow Overkill

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Dali Tzerni" CHARMING HOSTESS (Balkans Without Borders)
"Sjaj Mjesece" ZABE I BABE (Balkans Without Borders)
"Cirikloro Mirikloro" VERA BILA & KALE (Kale Kalore)
"Hester's Crow Calling Record" HESTER (Only In America)
"Eepman" NANI NANI (self titled) "Stick Fight" BRUCE LEE (Game of Death)

"Playing The Game' WILLIAM WALKER (The Naked Carmen)
"Tilt" SCOTT WALKER (Tilt)
"The Green Green Grass of Home" JACK PALANCE (Palance)
"Stand By Me" CASSIUS CLAY (I Am The Greatest)
"Speeding Motorcycle" DANIEL JOHNSTON / YO LA TENGO (7 Inch)
"Stormy Weather" JAMES KOCHALKA SUPERSTAR (Carrot Boy The Beautiful)
"Ranting In The Street" DANNY COHEN (Museum of Dannys)
"Breathe" JOHN FRUSCIANTE (Smile From The Streets You Hold)
"O Caroline" CHRIS & SCOTT (We Do Gorky's)

"Distant" MICE PARADE (Ramda)
"Coffee Blues / My Creole Belle" PETTY BOOKA (Ukulele Lady)
"Jasmine" O*N*T*J (Benten Bentoh Vol 2)
"Great Five Lakes - Cornelius mix" BUFFALO DAUGHTER (WXBD) *
"Typerite Lesson" CORNELIUS (Free Fall)
"The Tower" EL STEW (El Stew) *
"S.N.T." CUT CHEMIST & MILES (The Funky Precedent)

"House of Small" WALTER GHOUL'S LAVENDER PARADE (self titled)
"The Porpoise Song" MONKEES (Missing Links)
"The Message" HUBLER & SCHWAB (Vampyros Lesbos)
"Rahni's Revenge" LECTROGIRL (I Love My Computer)
"Agustus Syphilus" BABLICON (In A Different City)

"Fun House" RALPH CARNEY (I Like You A lot)
"Carnyville" BETH CUSTER (In The Broken Fields...)
"Just A Closer Walk With Thee" HAPPYLAND BAND (Saint's Paradise) *
"Etlon Tu" DISTRICT SIX (To Be Free)
"Beat The Beast" RIP RIG & PANIC (Knee Deep In Hits)
"Federation Funk" EMPEROR PENGUIN (Extreme Gaming) *
"Misplacement" R. STEVIE MOORE (The Future Is Worst Than The Past)
"Paper Plane" THE MINDERS (Cul de Sacs and Dead Ends)
"Rolodex Member" TERIYAKIS (Psychics to Sidekicks)

"Geamparelele Tsambalul" ALEXANDER FEDOOURIOUK (Balkans Without Borders)
"Je T'ai Vu passer" SOME DUTCH GUYS (Streetorgan "the Cuban")*
"Midnight In Moscow" OSIPOV STATE RUSSIAN FOLK ORCHESTRA (Balalaika Favorites)
"More Music For Mallets, Voices & Organ" MICE PARADE (Ramda)
"Grasshopper" LIVE HUMAN (Monostereosis - The New Victrola Method)
"Winchester Cathedral" CHIM KOTHARI (Sound of Sitar)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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