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October 13th, 1999: Finland Finland Finland

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Pinball Wizard" PORTSMOUTH SINFONIA (20 Classic Rock Classics)
"Germ Free Adolescents" LONDON PUNKHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (Symphony of Destruction)
"One" APOCALYPTICA (Inquisition Symphony)
"Bad Alchemy" SLAPP HAPPY / HENRY COW (Desperate Straights)
"Just Like Arcadia" PSYCHIK TV (Alleghory and Self)

"Hollering" REVEREND CRAIG PRINGLE w/ CAMPBELL BROS. & JEM PAGAN (Sacred Steel - Live!) 8
"Running" BABY HUEY & THE BABYSITTERS (Baby Huey Story)
"Get Down" CURTIS MAYFIELD (Roots)
"Simply What I Want to Do" WORKSHOP (Welcome back the Workshop)
"Glassboro" DJ ME DJ YOU (Simplemachinerock)
"Lost Dragon Of the Sahara" RAVI HARRIS & THE PROPHETS (Funky Sitar Man)
"Coppertar" ELECTROSPHERE (Amps For Christ)
"The Tryst In The Pleasure Room" SAEED JAFFREY (The Art of Love - readings from The Kama Sutra)

"Use Mncane" LETTA MBULU (Letta) *
"Baby Blue" APRIL MARCH & LOS CINCOS (Featuring The Choir)
"Schon Von Hinten" STEREO TOTAL (Monokini)
"Histoire A Suivre" HONEYMOON KILLERS (self titled)
"Aurora" LEKTROGIRL (I Love My Computer)
"Persuasive Conditioning" BRAN FLAKES (Hey Wont Somebody Come and Play?)
"Lost Love" ADULT (Oral-Olio)
"A Passage of Time" ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET (Caveat Emptor)

"Anarchy In The UK" DRAGONS (Parfums de la revolution)
"Flamme Ardent" DRAGONS (Parfums de la revolution) *
"D.P." CLINIC (Clinic) *
"New Pop Sound" MICROMARS (International Pop Modulations)
"Two Bit Faux Construction" THE ALUMINUM GROUP (Pedals)
"April Fools" RUFUS WAINWRIGHT (self titled)
"Raising Tide" HOME (IX)

"11 Months & 29 days" THE BUBBADINOS (We're Really Making Music Now)
"Hand Me Downs" MINDERS (Cul De Sacs and Dead Ends)
"Big Jon 99" EMPEROR PENGUIN (Extreme Gaming)
"Dirty Water" STANDELLS (Nuggets)
"The Way You Touch My Hand" THE NOMADS (Outburst)
"Retainer" CHAPSTICK (Acid Ranch 2000)
"Igloo Condo" EL STEW (El Stew)
"Sharch of Tearry" ALVA (Slattery For Ungdom)
"The Stars Are Shining" SZEKI KURVA (Balkans Without Borders) *
"Dolkaren" HEDNINGARNA (Hippjokk)

"Finland" MONTY PYTHON (Contractual Obligation Record)
"I'm So Worried" MONTY PYTHON (Contractual Obligation Record)
"Appopopoulisberg" JIMMIE HASKELL (California 99)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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