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October 20th, 1999: The Futility Muscle

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"You Belong To Me" MICKEY KATZ (Mish Mosh)
"It's My Nose's Birthday" JIMMY DURANTE (The Best of Jimmy)
"Rats In My Room" ERNIE KOVACS (The Ernie Kovacs Record Collection)
"Dazhay" DRAGONS (Parfums de la Revolution)
"Escargot" SOLEX (Pick Up)
"Fool-ology" LESTER BOWIE / ISHMAEL REED (American Clave anthology)
"It's Howdy Doody Time" LESTER BOWIE (The Great Pretender)
"Ton Corps Dans Ma Memoire" LES 4 GUITARISTES DE L'APOCALYPSO BAR (World Tour 1998)

"So Ran Bushi" TAKESHI TERAUCHI & "BLUE JEANS" (Guitar Mood)
"Cotton Pickin'" JACKIE & THE CEDRICS (7 Inch)

"Man On The Moon" MADISON (Porn To Rock) *
"Tomorrow's Child" DANIEL JOHNSTON (Revelations Book II)
"Lounge Axe" JODY GRIND (Lefty's Deceiver)
"City Slang" SONICS RENDEZVOUS BAND (Sweet Nothing)
"Hit 'Em In the Face" IMPROVED SOUND LTD. (Electrick Loosers)
"Monkey On Your Back" CLINIC (Clinic) *
"1809" AMPS FOR CHRIST (Electrosphere)
"You Really Got Me" PORTSMOUTH SINFONIA (20 Classic Rock Classics)

"Improvisation #4 for two Guitars" LAGOS, VENOSTA & MARIANI (Electronic Adventures In Flamenco)
"Divertimento" CARLOS PAREDES (Guitarra Portuguesa)
"Dance: Joy In Manchuria" BORIS KOVAC (Ritual Nova I & 2)
"Distant" MICE PARADE (Ramda)
"Track 3" LICKERS (self titled)
"Leo The Lyer" W.A.C.O. (Sylvania)
"Takin' My Time" MARK GROWDEN (Downstairs Karaoke)
"The Stars Are Shining" SZEKI KURVA (Balkans without Borders)

"Barely Reaching" PERSPECTS (Oral-Olio)
"A Passage of Time" ANCIENT CHINESE SECRETS (Caveat Emptor)
"Junca De Sol Andromeda" SOUL JUNK (1953)
"Concrete Schoolyard" JURASSIC FIVE (Improvise)
"Journey To Anywhere (w/ Piano Bar Intro)" UGLY DUCKLING (The Funky Precedent)
"Original Trax" EMPEROR PENGUIN (Extreme Gaming)

"A Day of the Factory" SHONEN KNIFE (self titled)
"Rock and Roll" VELVET UNDERGROUND (The best of V.U.)
"He Said She Said" VEGA POP (self titled)
"Now You Know" THE REAL KIDS (Better Be Good)
"Love Will Make A Better You" LOVE LIVE LIFE PLUS ONE (Love Will Make A Better You)
"The Far Side of Your Mind" FOURTH WAY (A Heavy Dose of Lyte Psych)
"Skeletons" INFLATABLE BOY CLAMS (7 Inch)
"Aurora" LEKTROGIRL (I Love My Computer)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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