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November 3rd, 1999: Today's Programme

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Track One" PEOPLE LIKE US (Meet The Jet Black Hair People In Concert)
"Nuchtern Fahren, Sicher Ankommen" ANDREAS MARTIN / CHRISTOPH HEEMAN (Lebensereinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen0
"The Man Part Two" PEACE ORCHESTRA (self titled)
"Track Two" PEOPLE LIKE US (Meet The Jet Black Hair People In Concert)
"Tiny Bubbles" DON HO (title track)
"Oh Don Ho" BRAN FLAKES (Hey Won't Somebody Come Out and Play?)
"Plop Plop Fizz Fizz" SAMMY DAVIS JR. (The Sound of Sammy)
"Mannix long version" LALO SCHIFRIN (Mannix Soundtrack)
"Lancet Bossa Nova" PETER THOMAS (Futuremuzik)

"Miyuki Way" PORT CUSS (Mushroom A Go Go)
"Rider In The Sky" DAN BAU VIETNAM (Ho! #1 Roady Music from Vietnam)
"Donguri Koro Koro" SNAKEMAN SHOW (showa/64)
"Urbanization in Country" ASHLEY BEEDLE (Showa/64)
"Great Five Lakes - Cornelius remix" BUFFALO DAUGHTER (WXBD)
"Man On The Moon" MADISON (Porn to Rock) *
"Mao Tse Tung Said" ALABAMA THREE (12 Inch)
"Saturday Night Worldwide Fieber" MOUSE ON MARS (Ro 3003)

"Crime and the Carpet Cleaner" TOM MABE (Revenge on the Telemarketers)
"Acid Is Groovy, Kill The Pigs, etc" STEVE DIRKX (The Butcher's Covers) *
"A Day In The Life" PORTSMOUTH SINPHONIA (20 Classic Rock Classics)
"Cudez na Magatrej" BORUT KRZISNIK (Songs from Magatrea)
"Utrenja Excerpt" POLISH NATIONAL PHILHARMONIC (Shining Soundtrack)

"Second Cumbia" JOSHUA FRIED (Music by Joshua Fried) *
"Aurora" LEKTROGIRL (I Love My Computer)
"Soda Stream" LEILA (title track) *
"Nowhere to Hide" BORUK GLASGOW (Blackhole Boogie)
"To Sir With Love" AL GREEN (Truth 'n Time)
"I Think We're Alone Now" LENE LOVICH (Stateless)
"Touch" LORI & THE CHAMELEONS (Last Stiff Compilation)

"Intro / I Am Rose" PATRICIA BRADY DANZIG (A Woman's Life in Love)
"Green Tambourine" MRS MILLER (Mrs. Miller Does Her Thing)
"Big Bamboo" DUKE OF IRON (Calypsoes Too Hot To Handle)
"Baby Bones" PAUL VANASE (In The World of Baby Bones)
"No Mataras" LA LUPE (That Genius Called the Queen)
"In Dreams" TOM JONES (Tom Sings the Sixties)
"Ask Not Waltz" GEORGE ATKINS / HANK LEVINE (Sing Along With JFK)

"Langagam Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama" ORKES KRONCONG MUTIARA (Music of Indonesia Vol. 20)
"The Train" TED BEARD (Sacred Steel - Live!)
"The Monkey Song" ROBIN & CRYSTAL BERNARD (Feudin' Fussin' & Frettin')

"Track Three" PEOPLE LIKE US (Meet The Jet Black Hair People In Concert)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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