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November 10th, 1999: Expand-a-Ethel

The Accuplaylist displays the song information while the song is still playing on the air, Wednesdays from 9 am to Noon, E.S.T. This Accuplaylist page reloads automatically every 35 seconds during the program. You can reload earlier than that by hitting the "reload" or "refresh" command on your browser.

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Let's Sit Right Down / The Passing" CURLEW (A Beautiful Western Saddle)
"Rapture of the Flat" JANE IRA BLOOM (Modern Drama)
"Blue Flower" SLAPP HAPPY (Sort Of) *
"Man On The Moon" MADISON (Porn to Rock) *
"A to Z And Back Again" MAGOO (The Soateramic Sounds of Magoo)
"The Happy Prole" QUASI (Featuring "Birds")
"Sunny Afternoon" TOM JONES / SPACE (Reload)
"Victoria" THE KINKS (Arthur...)
"Poodle Rockin" GORKY'S ZYGOTIC MYNCI (Spanish Dance Troupe) *

"Wild Honey" BOOT (Nordic Roots 2)
"Second Cumbia" JOSHUA FRIED (Music by Joshua Fried) *
"Klotze & Perlen" STATION 17 (Scheibe)
"Du und Dein Automobil" STEREO TOTAL (My Melody)
"Soda Stream" LEILA (Self titled)
"Track Nine" PEOPLE LIKE US (Meet the Jet Black Hair People in Concert) *
"Dachziegelkauer" BODENSTANDIG 2000 (Maxi German Rave Blast Hits)
"Can You Use Any Money Today?" ETHEL MERMAN / GORDON JENKINS (Call Me Madam!)
"Sympathy For the Devil" GUNS AND ROSES (Single)
"Lust for Life" TOM JONES / PRETENDERS (Reload)
"Flintstones" BLACK LODGE SINGERS (Kid's Pow Wow Songs)

"Monkey On Your Back" CLINIC (Clinic)
"Who'll Stop The Rain" CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL (Greatish Hits)
"Find My Baby" MOBY (Play)
"Hollerin" REV. CRAIG PRINGLE / CAMPBELL BROS. & JEM PAGAN (Sacred Steel - Live!)
"Illegal Bodies" SIMPLY SAUCER (Cyborgs Revisited)
"We Will Rock You" EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE (Double the Phat And Still Tasteless
"State of Shock' THE EX / TOM CORA (Scrabbling At The Lock)
"Cherry Bomb" OLIVIA NEW*TON*JON (Girlie Cover)
"Burning Down the House' TOM JONES / CARDIGANS (Reload)

"Acid is Groovy Kill the Pigs" STEVE DIRKX (The Butcher's Covers)
"Booby Trap #2" BOB LOG III (Trike)
"Cold Wet Steel" DAVE SOLDIER / THE KROPOTKINS (self titled)
"Beatnik" THE ROYAL JOKERS (Bison Bop - Strictly Instrumental)
"Tsugaru Jongara Bushi" TAKESHI TERAUCHI & BLUE JEANS (Guitar Mood)
"Only You" PETE DRAKE (Talking Steel & Singing Strings)
"Langgam Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama" ORKES KRONCONG MUTIARA (Music of Indonesia Vol 20 - indnesian Guitars)
"Mata Air" THE STEPS (Krontjong Warna-Warni)

"Artichoke" CIBO MATTO (Viva La Woman)
"Departure" CABBAGEBOY (Genetically Modified)
"Track Ten mixed w/ PAUL HARVEY" PEOPLE LIKE US (Meet the Jet Black Hair People Live In Concert)
"Fresh Pond Parkway" LAND OF THE LOOPS (Hurry Up and Wait)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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