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November 24th, 1999: Will I Survive?

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"All Tomorrow's Parties" VELVET UNDERGROUND (Greatish Hits)
"Blue Flower" SLAPP HAPPY (Sort Of)
"When I Get To the Border" RICHARD & LINDA THOMPSON (Pour Down Like Silver)
"Bared Bard" PETER BLEGVAD (Downtime)
"20th Century Boy" LORETTE VELVETTE (Lost Part of Me)
"Daddy Log's Drive in Candy Hoppin' Car Babes" BOB LOG III (Trike)
"The Vienna Waltz" RUBE WADDELL (Hobo Train)
"Medley" STARS ON 45 at 33 (7 Inch)
"Tu Peux Conduire Ma Bagnole" STEREO TOTAL (My Melody)

"Ben" JACKSON FIVE (Greatest Hits)
"I Will Survive" BIG MESS ORCHESTRA (Big Mess)
"I Will Survive" JIM CARREY as ANDY KAUFMAN as TONY CLIFTON (Man On The Moon soundtrack)
"I Will Survive" AMMER * EINHEIT * HAAGE (Apocalypse Live)
"Boys Boys Boys" SABRINA (Rebirth of the Fool)
"Can I Borrow a Feeling?" SIMPSONS (Go Simphonic with the Simpsons)
"Rats In My Room" ERNIE KOVACS (E.K. Record Collection)
"Rats In My Room" KING USZNIEWICZ (Twistin' and Bowlin')

"Fight Fight Fight" GYAATEES II (Gyaatees meet Mani Neumeier)
"Les Futs" BERTHET - LE JUNTER (Le Junter - Berthet)
"La Chute Des Cochons" UN DEPARTEMENT (Le Album)
"Holiday Accidents" MOTOR HUMMING (Musical Aluminum)
"Give Me Your Doorstep, Donnerstag" KLETKA RED (Hijacking)
"The Stars Are Shining" SZEKI KURVA (Balkans without Borders)
"Dancing on My Boomerang" MAXIMUM JOY (Station MXJY)
"Acid is groovy, Kill the Pigs" STEVE DIRKX (The Butchers Covers)

"Arizona Man" SCHLAGER ON PARADE (7 Inch)
"Beautiful Way" BECK (Midnite Vultures)
"Toujours L'Amore" DIMITRI FROM TOKYO (Showa/64)
"One Day" MOOSAKA (Second Thoughts)
"Soda Stream" LEILA (Soda Stream)
"India" JACK BROTHERS (Coltrane King)
"Iqbal" HOTEL X (Routes Music)

"Moanin'" BUNNYS (Pebbles Vol. 12)
"Stormy Youth" LSD MARCH (Mushroom A Go-Go)
"Message from the Pulpit" THE CAUSEY WAY (With Loving and Open Arms)
"Melochouer" ETIENNE CHARRY (36 Erreurs)
"L'Homme Qui Vient" TOOG (6633)
"God Only Knows" PORTSMOUTH SINFONIA (20 Classic Rock Classics)
"Prime of Life" OBLIQUE SESSIONS (Oblique Sessions)
"More Music for Mallets, Voices & Organ" MICE PARADE (Ramda)
"Do Wonders For Me" RIMARIMBA (On Dry Land)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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