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December 1st, 1999: More or Less Than A Feeling

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Fishlegs Suite" ECHOBOY (Echoboy)
"Carpet Muncher" MU-ZIQ (Royal Astronomy)
"Arab Mafia" EL STEW (El Stew)
Facial Exercises
"Adieu La Maison" KLIMPEREI (Tout Seul Sur La Plage En Hiver)
"On The Riviera" LA GRANDE BLEUE (Tutto Va Bene)
"Tale of the Priest and His Hired Man Balda" D. SHOSTAKOVICH (From the Manuscripts of Different Years)
"The Saint" CYRIL STAPLETON (The Avengers & Other Top 60's TV Themes)

"Now Wait For Last year" JAPANCAKES (If I Could See Dallas)
"More Than A Feeling" BIG MESS ORCHESTRA (A Little Trash Goes A Long Way)
"Treat Your Teets" NEW ZEALAND DAIRY MINISTRY (Mastitis Melodies)
"We Love To Smoke" SIMPSONS (Go Simphonic with the Simpsons)
"Track #2" AKIKO YANO (Super Folk Song)
"Tormented Woman Indonesian Guitar Hypnosis"
"Kalaxhojne" THREE MUSTAPHAS THREE (Soup of The Century)
"Goat Dance" SZEKI KURVA (The Sound of Dead Goats)
"Sleep" STOCK HAUSEN & WALKMAN (Ventilating Deer)

"Creakiness" NURSE WITH WOUND (Sugar Fish Drink)
"Confronto" LESIMAN (The Future Sound of Lesiman)
"Ai No Tabidachi" SNAKEMAN SHOW (Showa/64)
"Mic Check along with a batch of other stuff" CORNELIUS (Showa/64)
"Tips Zum Selbstsmord" NECROMONICON (title track)
"Stormy Youth" LSD MARCH (Mushroom A Go-Go)
"Wonder Who" AGUATURBIA (Volumen 2)
"Moanin'" BUNNYS (Pebbles Vol. 12)

"Let's Make A Cap" DJ SASHA CRNOBRNJA (Stop Shopping Start Crafting) *
"Track 6" PEOPLE LIKE US (People Like Us meet The Jet Black Hair People)*
"Interstellar Hydroponics" APOLLO & FLUID MOTION (Deeper Concentration)
"I'm Nuts About Screwy Music" JIMMY LUNCEFORD (Harlem Shout)
"In The Sweet Bye and Bye" OLYMPIA BRASS BAND (Dead and Gone Vol. 1 - Funeral Marches)
"It's Time To make A Change" MADISON'S LIVELY STONES (Saint's Paradise)
"Don't Let The Devil Ride" DENISE BROWN & THE CAMPBELL BROS. (Sacred Steel Live)

"Kinna Sohna" NUSRAT FATEH ALI KAHN (Big Noise)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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