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December 15th, 1999: Super-Duper Pooper

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"The Bar" ROBERT ASHLEY (Perfect Lives / Private Parts)
"Rrose Selavy's Valise" ALUMINUM GROUP (Pedals)
"Some Clouds Don't" FRED FRITH (Cheap at Half the Price)

"My Song At Night" KATHY ACKER / MEKONS (Pussy King of the Pirates)
"Vaseline Machine Gun" LEO KOTTKE (Takoma Slide)
"Wolves Don't Live by The Rules" WILLIE THRASHER (Spirit Child)
"Niaquvinialuit" TUMASI QUISSA (Better Times)
"Woolloomoloo Bay" OBLIQUE SESSIONS (Oblique Sessions)
"For The Love of Money" DISCO DUB BAND - TOSHIYUKI GOTU REMIX (Showa/64)
"Midsummer New York" YOKO ONO (Fly)
"Bed Caves DANIELLE DAX (Pop Eyes)
"Kokomo Blues" LORETTE VELVETTE (Dream Hotel)
"Look At All Those Idiots" MR BURNS (The Simpsons Sing the Blues)

"Track Five" PEOPLE LIKE US (Lowest Common Denominator)
"Hut Made of Dung" DJ SASHA CRNOBRNJA (Stop Shopping Start Crafting)
"Old Man" JUSTUS KOHNCKE (Rearcar / Rear Projection I)
"Harvest" NEIL YOUNG (Harvest)
"Alameda" ELLIOT SMITH (Either / Or)
"Another Planet" THE NOTWIST (Shrink)

"Jour J" ETIENNE CHARRY (36 Erreurs)
"Des Jours Adverses" LES INNOCENTS (Post-Partum)
"Femme D'Affaires" LE RITA MITSOUKO (Systeme D)
"2300 Hawaii" YOSHINORI SUNAHARA (Sushi 4004)
"Cat Scratch Fever" TED NUGENT (title track)

"Finest Ones" RAKIM (The Master)
"With U" ALEX GOPHER (You My Baby & I)
"Glam Radio" SPACE RAIDERS (Dont Be Daft)
"Skipper" STOCK, HAUSEN UND WALKMAN (Ventilating Deer)
"Speechless" COUNT BASIC / PETER KRUDER (The K & D Sessions)

"Frankie Teardrop" REVOLUTIONARY CORPS OF TEENAGE JESUS (A Brooklyn Nightmare)
"Cache Coeur Naif" MOUSE ON MARS (title track)
"A Fragment" HACO (self titled)
"Kahimi Karie et Moi" KAHIMI KARIE (KKKKK)
"Help Me Make It Through The Night" LENA ZAVARONI (Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me!)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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