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January 5th, 2000: It's The Emulsification, Stupid

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"For Lena and Lennie" LES DOUBLE SIX (Les Double Six)
"Whispering" COMEDIAN HARMONISTS (Die Grossen Erfolge I)
"Hotel Antoinette" SZEKI KURVA (Music For Joyriders)
"Dachziegelkauer" BODENSTANDIG 2000 (Maxi GermanRave Blast Hits)
"Track 8" PEOPLE LIKE US (Lowest Common Denominator)
"Microphone in Brain" COYLE & SHARPE (Audio Visionaries)
"I'm Not Wearing Anything Beneath My Poncho" DJ SASHA CRNOBRNJA (Stop Shopping, Start Crafting"

"Gonul Sabreyle Sabreyle" 3 HUR EL (Love, Peace & Poetry Vol. 3)
"The Magic Ground" JOHN BERBERIAN & MIDDLE EASTERN ENSEMBLE (Middle Eastern Rock)
"Mic Check" CORNELIUS (Showa64)
"2300 Hawaii" YOSHINORI SUNAHARA (Sushi 4004)
"Crash" STOCK, HAUSEN & WALKMAN (Ventilating Deer)

"Flight of the Bumblebee" PEREZ PRADO (It's Mambo Time!)
"Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Desire" DJ SOUP (The Cocktail Shaker)
"Stinky Stinky Ashtray" DAMN (Bossa Brava)
"Honduran Death Boat" IRVING KLAW TRIO (Utek Pahtoo Mogol)
"El Son Del Dolor" CUCA & YOUTH BRIGADE (Red Hot & Latin)
"Just a Glass of Wine" KLETKA RED (Hijacking)

"Mau Mau" ULUDAG (Mau Mau)
"Sea Hunt" GENERAL STRIKE (Danger in Paradise)
"Shockproof" ZORN TOOP BERESFORD MARSHALL (Deadly Weapons)
"Cat Collar Blue" PURITANS (Sing the Hymns if Shoutin' Abner Pim)
"Sabre Dance" UK SUBS (Sabre Dance)
"Replaced by Toys" I AM SPOONBENDER (Sender / Receiver)
"You Dont get It Now But You Will" JACQUES feat KIRK LAKE (Head in the Clouds)

"Track Six" BOREDOMS (Vision Creation Newsun)
"Three Wild Georges" PRAM (Sargasso Sea)
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" NONEX (Songs of the Siren)
"In the Sweet Bye and Bye" OLYMPIA BRASS BAND (Dead and Gone Vol. 1)
"At The Cross" SONNY TREADWAY (Sacred Steel Vol. 1)
"Something To Believe In" CURTIS MAYFIELD (Gospel)

"Oasis" LA GRANDE BLEUE (Tutto Va Bene)
"Meet Me At The Brilliant Eclipse" IZUMI MISAWA (Head In The Clouds)
"Refazenda" GILBERTO GIL (Red Hot & Rio)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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