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January 26th, 2000: Helter Shatner

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"If I Were A Rich Man" MAGNETIC FIELDS (Knitting On The Roof)
"Will You Love Me" MYRTLE K HILO (Will You Love Me)
"Fly Hawaii" LUKE VIBERT / BJ COLE (Stop The Panic)
"Joyful Sounds" GLENN LEE (Sacred Steel)
"Ugly Stadium" TIPSY (The Seductive Sounds of Tipsy)
"Rough Rains" SPUTNIK (Ultradolce Vol. 2 - Orea's Exotic Espresso Tunes)
"Un World Mysteriouse" DIMITRI FROM PARIS (Sacre Bleu)

"Green Dream" KAHONDO STYLE (Green Tea and Crocodiles)
"Wahine Ui" HAWAIIAN TRIO & TAKITI (Guitare Hawaienne Authentique)
"Malkovich Masterpiece Remix" JOHN MALKOVICH PUPPET LOVE (being John Malkovich sndtrck)
"How Insensitive" WILLIAM SHATNER (The Transformed Man)
"Lost In The Paradise" DRACO (Enter The Draco)
"Etoufee" TAKAKO MINEKAWA (Fun 9)
"Turning Point" PARLOR JAMES (Old Dreams)
"Dusseldorf 3:53" BOB HUND (Dusseldorf 3:53)
"All Right" SUPERGRASS (I Should Coco)

"The Future Blues / The Jinx Blues" HENRY KAISER (Aloha)
"Old Gopher" EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND (Picnic)
"Fellini's Hat" WHEN (Black White and Grey)
"Albanian Funeral Remix"
"The Switch" FM EINHEIT (senseifn de0)
"Simple Headphone Mind" STEREOLAB / NURSE WITH WOUND (The Swinging Reflective)
"Ruckzuck Virginia Wolff Remix" KRAFTWERK (Kraftwerk)
"Bo Didgely" TRANCE MISSION (self titled)
"Fishlegs Suite" ECHOBOY (Echoboy)

"Start The Panic" LUKE VIBERT / BJ COLE (Stop The Panic)
"Track 8" DJ PANTSHEAD (Refreshing Sound Control)
"Cia 11 Minutes Fran Koppom" BOB HUND (Dusseldorf 3"53)
"Brown Sugar" AKASHA - LRD Remix (Cinematique the Remixes)

"Sentimental Guitar" TAKESHI TERAUCHI (Guitar Mood)
"Saint" THEM TRUCKS (Here Come Them Trucks)
"Acid is Groovy, Kill the Pigs" STEVEN DIRKX (The Butcher's Covers)
"Fillmore Jive" PAVEMENT (Crooked Rain Crooked Rain)
"Let There be More Light" PINK FLOYD (Saucerful of Secrets)
"Love Me - Right in the Pocket" CURTIS MAYFIELD (Got to Find a Way)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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