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August 30, 2000: Rats and Horses

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    The Accuplaylist Key:
    "Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release

    "September Song" PASCAL COMELADE / ROBERT WYATT (title track)
    "Who Loves the Sun" HONEY SKOOLMATES (VU Tribute)
    "But You Love Me Daddy" R. STEVIE MOORE (Love Compartment)
    "Daisy" PAPER BAG PLAYERS (self titled)
    "Wooden Bread" BRUCE HAACK (Hush Little Robot)
    "Trilha de Sume" LULA CORTES E ZE RAMALHO (Paebiru) *
    "Valparaiso" ALVARO (Drinking My Own Sperm)
    "(Dont Worry) IF There's a Hell Below We're All Going to Go" CURTIS MAYFIELD (Curtis)

    "the readymade darlin' of discotheque track" PUFFY / KONISHI (Puffy PRMX)
    "i. 113th Clean" REACHING QUIET (Ropeladder 12) *
    "21 to 35" BOOM BIP AND DOSEONE (self titled)
    "Fantasize" BLOWWIRE (Just Another Taste)
    "Screwy Squirrel" DAVID SHEA (i)
    "Hum Ghar Sajan" HARUOMI HOSONO & TADANORI YOKOO (Cochin Moon)

    "Junger Man" DER PLAN (Die Letzte Rache)
    "Guten Morgen" IVOR CUTLER & VOGEL (7 Inch)
    "Lui" ETIENNE CHARRY (36 Erreurs)
    "Love Athena" OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL (Presents: Singles and Beyond)
    "Holland 1945" NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)
    "Guess I'm Falling in Love" JOHN McENTIRE (VU Tribute)
    "Im Coming Down" TRANS AM (Red Line)
    "Give Him A Great Big Kiss" NEW YORK DOLLS (A Hard Night's Day)
    "Matsunagasan" GARLIC BOYS (Poem)
    "Lucky" SUPERCAR (Japan Not For Sale Vol. 2)
    "Exploded View" ALL NATURAL LEMON AND LIME FLAVORS (Straight Blue Line)

    "No Me Llores Mas" MARC RIBOT Y LOS CUBANOS POSTIZOS (self titled)
    "Stinky" MORNING 40 FEDERATION (You My Brother)
    "Worse Than Ever" REIDAR EWING (self titled)
    "Love Too Soon" PASCAL COMELADE / PJ HARVEY (Swing Slang Song)
    "Diamond Day" VASHTI BUNYAN (Just Another Diamond Day)
    "The Arizona Yodeler" DeZURIK SISTERS (American Yodeling 1911-1946)
    "Raga Dos Raios" LULA CORTES E ZE RAMALHO (Paebiru)
    "La Parade Des Dromedaires En Calecon de Bain" KLIMPEREI & PIERRE BASTIEN (Mecanologie Portative)

    "Carlos' Theme" JOHNNY KEATING (The Avengers and other Top 60's TV Themes)
    "Blues" SRP (self titled)
    "Cafe Thorax" ZUT UN FEU ROUGE (Who's Afreud?)
    "Drivin To Spring" KROPOTKINS (Five Points Crawl)

    "Ciao" LIBERACE

    "*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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