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October 18, 2000: The Stench

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    The Accuplaylist Key:
    "Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

    "Carnival Fanfare & Party" BRUNO NICOLAI (Agente Special K)
    "Barretta's Theme" SAMMY DAVIS JR. (Crimestoppers)
    "Mannix" LALO SCHIFRIN (The Reel)
    "Theme From Shaft" BERNARD PURDIE (Best of Shaft)
    "Profissao Ladrao" TOM ZE (Self titled)
    "Freedom of '76" WEEN (Chocolate and Cheese)
    "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" DEFINITION OF SOUND (Love and Life...)

    "Django" THRONES (Sperm Whale)
    "Breakdown" ELECTRONIC (Twisted Tenderness)
    "Banana Split" LIO (12 Inch)
    "Toutes Les Nuites" LES CALAMITIES (self titled)
    "Embrace The Crimson Tide" ELF POWER (The Winter Is Coming)
    "The Best Thing In The Entire World" DEEP FREEZE MICE (Hang on Constance Let Me Hear The News)
    "Alright" SUPERGRASS (I Should Coco)
    "Along Comes Mary" R. STEVIE MOORE (Greatest Tits)
    "Along Comes Mary" THE FOLKSWINGERS (self titled)
    "Strip Central" JOHN ZORN (The Bribe)

    "Love Too Soon" PASCAL COMELADE & PJ HARVEY (Swing Slang Song)
    "Two Volcanoes" PETER VERMEERSCH (Immer Das Selbe Gelogen)
    "Let's Get it On" WORLD SAXOPHONE QUARTET (Rhythm and Blues)
    "Vals" A BATCH OF GAITEROS (En Las Calle Por San Fermin)
    "Big German Band" LOL COXHILL (Welfare State)
    "Rag" LOL COXHILL (Welfare State) "Ghosts" LOL COXHILL (Welfare State) "New Ghosts" ALBERT AYLER (Reevaluations: The Impulse Years)

    "It's Up to You" STEINSKI & MASS MEDIA (single)
    "The Stars Are Shining" SZEKI KURVA (Balkans without Border)
    "Burning in Fire" TROTTEL (New Music from Central & Eastern Europe)
    "Suction Prints" CAPTAIN BEEFHEART (I'm Going to do What I Wanna Do)
    "You Always Hate The One You Love" TED LEO / PHARMACIST (Tea at the Palaz of Hoon)
    "Bad Ghost" PHILIP (Pet Cancer)

    "Do Not Open This Door" JOHN SCHNALL (Songs from Midnight Matinee)
    "T424PLU Part 2" PEOPLE LIKE US (Lassie House / Jumble Massive)
    "Mommy Please Stay Home With Me" HOWARD VOKES (Tragedy and Disaster in Country Songs)
    "Please Don't Go Topless Mother" TROY HESS (God Less America)
    "Too Many Parties and Too Many Pals" HANK WILLIAMS (Long Gone Lonesome Blues)
    "Cinnamon Girl" DAVID WEST et al. (Gettin' High on Neil Young)
    "The Yodelin' Teacher" GOEBEL REEVES THE TEXAS DRIFTER (American Yodeling)

    "Theme from Tele:funken" TELE:FUNKEN (Collection of Ice Cream Vans Vol 2)
    "London" NOONDAY UNDERGROUND (Self Assembly)
    "Can You Get To That" FUNKADELIC (The Best of The Early Years)
    "Spreadin' Honey" THE WATTS 103rd STREET RHYTHM BAND (In Yo Face Vol 1/2)
    "xpressway to yrself" ELECTRIC COMPANY (Attitude -NWA tribute)
    "Hide and Seek" FELIX KUBIN & PIA BURNETTE (Storage Kompilation)

    "*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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