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November 8, 2000: Squeaky Chair Come Home

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    The Accuplaylist Key:
    "Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release

    "Radio Yesteryear" UNKNOWN (Hitler and Hell)
    "i 113th clean" REACHING QUIET (Ropeladder 12)
    "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" LORETTE VELVETTE (Loverly Singles)
    "Mic Check" CORNELIUS (Show 64)
    "Off Road" UFO (Show 64)
    "Virus" DELTRON 3030 (self titled)
    "Numbers" SMOKE CITY (Brasil 2 mil)

    "We Need Nixon" LIONEL HAMPTON (single)
    "The Red Deck of Cards" TEX RITTER (single)
    "Kingdom of Not" SUN RA (Greatest Hits: Easy Listening for Intergalactic Travel)
    "From Now On" YOUNGBLOOD BRASS BAND (Unlearn)
    "Uspavanka" IVA BITTOVA & VLADIMIR VACLAVEK (New Music from Central & Eastern Europe)
    "nepa nepa" BRADFORD REED & HOPPY KOMIYAMA (The Bubbleman 2)
    "Polvi" MOTELLI SKRONKLE (Collection)
    (Collection) "Kissimirri" MOTELLI SKRONKLE

    "A Man Needs To Know" AL GORE (single)
    "Old Lady Sloan" WILLIAM S BURROUGHS / THE EUDORAS (The Mortal Micronotz)
    "Nice Day Today" ROY HENRY ALEXANDER GOVER (Life Goes On)

    "Airstream" BOB LASSITER & CALLER (Radio Archival Oddities)
    "A Teenage Son's Open Letter to His Father" ROBERT TAMKIN (7 Inch)
    "Boys Keep Swinging" LORETTE VELVETTE (Rude Angel)
    "All Tomorrow's Parties" JUN TOGOWA (20th)
    "Reiche Der Traume" NICO vs TRANCE GROOVE (title track)
    "Do You Got Time" LEILA (self titled)
    "i 113th clean" REACHING QUIET (Ropeladder 12)
    "ajqueso" BS 2000 (self titled)
    "Wrongs of Fall" SAD ROCKETS (Transition)

    "MInds Eye" THE BELLRAYS (7 inch)
    "Monster" NIGO (Ape Sounds)
    "Berry Dance Rock" MANSFIELD (6 Complexions)
    "Cannabis" CORNELIUS (Sushi 3003)
    "Hawaiian Drums" BILLY MURE (Hawaaian Percussion)

    "Hitler and Hell" REV JM GATES (title track)
    "Hollerin'" REV CRAIG PRINGLE & CAMPBELL BROTHERS (Sacred Steel Live)
    "A Psychiatrist's Advice to the Worried and Depressed" W PARK RICHARDSON, M.D.
    "Lucky Seven" CHRISTIAN MARCLAY / OTOMO YOSHIHIDE (Moving Parts)
    "Keep It Gay" PERRY COMO (7 Inch)
    "Im Gay" KIDS IN THE HALL (Brain Candy)
    "Rocket #9 Take Off For The Planet Venus" SUN RA (Greatest Hits)

    "*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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