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November 15, 2000: Dimpled Chad & Jeremy

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    The Accuplaylist Key:

    "Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

    "Export Vivaldi" WILLEM BREUKER (De Onderste Steen)
    "Tale of the Priest and His Hired Man Balda" DIMITRI SHOSTAKOVITCH (From The Manuscripts of Different Years)
    "Bubblin' Singin" JOHN ZORN (Cynical Hysterie Hour)
    "7+" BOREDOMS (Super Roots 7 & 8)

    "Nepa Nepa" HOPPY KAMIYAMA & BRADFORD REED (The Bubbleman 2)
    "Les Futs" BERTHET / LE JUNTER (Le Junter / Berthet)
    "Lentokone" MOTELLI SKRONKLE (Collection) *
    "Strange" WIRE (Pink Flag)
    "Carcass & Crow" GEM (Gem) *
    "Boys Keep Swinging" LORETTE VELVETTE (Rude Angel)

    "A to Z and Back Again" MAGOO (The Soateramic Sounds of Magoo)
    "Miss Maybelle" RL BURNSIDE (Wish I was In Heaven Sitting Down)
    "Westward Rider" RUBE WADDELL (2000/2001 Rawk Party)
    "Low Self Esteem" TOM MABE (Revenge on the Telemarketers Round 2)
    "Virus" DELTRON 3030 (title track)
    "Deception" BLACKALICIOUS (Nia)
    "The Scrappy" BS 2000 (BS 2000)
    "You Know Me" L'IL BOW WOW (Beware of Dog)

    "Stinky" MORNING 40 FEDERATION (Your My Brother)
    "Monte Carlo" FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ (single)
    "White Woman" FRED LANE (Car Radio Jerome)
    "Lucky Seven" CHRISTIAN MARCLAY / OTOMO YOSHIHIDE (Moving Parts)
    "Trio for Boys I" PETER VERMEERSCH (Immer Das Selbe Gelogen)
    "Song of unknown title" QUIDAM (Douze Pour Un)
    "Track One" L'ENSEMBLE RAYE (Comme un Pinson dans l'Eau)
    "Track Two" L'ENSEMBLE RAYE (Comme un Pinson dans l'Eau)

    "Slow Process" TYPE (Nightmares on Wax)
    "The Blue Set" SUN RA & HIS MYTH SCIENCE ORCHESTRA (The Singles)
    "The Clown" CHARLES MINGUS with JEAN SHEPHERD (The Beat Generation)
    "DWI" TOM MABE (Revenge on the Telemarketers Round 2)
    "Oily Boid" JACK FASCINATO (Music from a Surplus Store)
    "I'd Like To Give My Dog to Uncle Sam" OZZIE WATERS (American WarSongs - Hitler & Hell)
    "Rock and Roll KIlled My Mother" HI-FI GUYS (God Less America)
    "Gallopin on the Guitar" CHET ATKINS (Legends of Guitar)
    "The Yodelin' Teacher" GOEBEL REEVES (American Yodeling 1911-1946)
    "TV Preacher Man Blues" BLUE WATER DAVE (7 ")

    "*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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