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November 22, 2000: One Down, Three to Go

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    The Accuplaylist Key:
    "Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

    "Aerobics #1" NESHOMO ORCHESTRA (Jewish Aerobics)
    "Dance to the Music" HAMPTON THE HAMPSTER (Hampsterdance: The Album)
    "Rock the Rock" BINGO GAZINGO (single)
    "1001" MOUSE ON MARS (Instrumentals)
    "Theme & Intro" QUINTRON (Drum Buddy)
    "Changeable Changes" MILFORD GRAVES (Stories)
    "Follow Me" BAHIA BLACK (Ritual Beating System)
    "Collapso" BOSHO (The Box)

    "Carcass and Crow" GEM (Gem)
    "Driveway to Driveway" SUPERCHUNK (Foolish)
    "Delinquency" V-TWIN (Free the Twin)
    "Ant'lrd Ally" DYMAXION (x4+3=39:21)
    "Kirjailija" MOTELLI SKRONKLE (Collection)
    "Fire on the Moon" THE BELLRAYS (Grand Fury)

    "I'm My Own Granpa" LONZO & OSCAR (Novelty Songs 1914-1946)
    "The Monkey Song" ROBIN & CRYSTAL BERNARD (Feudin, Fussin & Frettin)
    "Petey The Prize Pit Bull" TOM MABE (Revenge on the Telemarketers Round 2)
    "Big Bamboo" DUKE OF IRON (Calypsos Too Hot to Handle)
    "Trouble in my Way" REVERAND CHARLIE JACKSON (Louisiana Gospel Dynamite)
    "Stalin Wasnt Stallin" GOLDEN GATE QUARTET (American War Songs)
    "What You Talkin about?" KONGAR AL-ONDAR (Ghengis Blues)

    "Let's Sit Right Down / The Passing" CURLEW (A Beautiful Western Saddle)
    "Feeling Good" RUFUS HARLEY (The Pied Piper of Jazz)
    "Broadway Mambo" PEREZ PRADO (Mambo Happy)
    "Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Groove" DJ SOUP (The Cocktail Shaker)
    "Wheel Me Out" WAS NOT WAS (Disco Not Disco)
    "Questions Over Coffee" BOOM BIP AND DOSEONE (self titled)
    "Outrun" DAVID HOLMES (Bow Down to the Exit Sign)
    "Mastermind" DELTRON 3030 (Deltron 3030)
    "IBM MT/ST: The Paperwork Explosion Instrumental" RAYMOND SCOTT (Manhattan Research)
    "Seguita" ENNIO MORRICONE (Gli Occhi Freddi Dela Paura)

    "Nepa Nepa" HOPPY KAMIYAMA & BRADFORD REED (The Bubbleman 2)
    "Watermelon Man" MONGO SANTAMARIA BAND
    "Cannabis" CORNELIUS (Sushi 3003)
    "Let's Be Adult" PIZZICATTO FIVE (This Year's Girl)
    "Monster" NIGO (Ape Sounds)
    "The Girl Next Green Door" FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE remixed by DJ ME DJ YOU (International Standard)
    "Reich Der Traume" NICO vs. TRANCE GROOVE (Reich der Traume)

    "Three Tracks" BETH CUSTER (In The Broken Fields Where I Lie)

    "*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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