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November 29, 2000: Senator Joe's Dump

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    The Accuplaylist Key:
    "Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

    "Living Room" DAVID HOLMES (Bow Down to The Exit Sign) *
    "When You Leave" NOONDAY UNDERGROUND (Self-Assembly)
    "Have A Little Faith in Me" BELLRAYS (Grand Fury)
    "Come on Over" LORETTE VELVETTE (Rude Angel) *
    "Untitled Heavy Beat Pt 1 & 2" DJ SHADOW (The Art of War / Who Dares Win?)
    "Second Cumbia" JOSHUA FRIED (Music by Joshua Fried: Headset Sextet)

    "Honour Your Father and Mother" DESMOND DEKKER (The Original Rude Boy)
    "Rude Boy Rock" LIONROCK (City Delirious)
    "I'm A Song" OOIOO (Gold & Green)
    "Rahahivelo" DJ PICA PICA aka EYE (Planetary Natural Love Gus Webbin)
    "Water Drums" DJ PICA PICA aka EYE (Planetary Natural Love Gus Webbin)
    "Ant'lrd Ally" DYMAXION (x4+3=39:21)
    "Seguita" ENNIO MORRICONE (Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura)

    "Im Against It" GROUCHO MARX (Crazy & Obscure Novelty Songs 1914-1946)
    "Red Deck of Cards" TEX RITTER (single)
    "George Bush Lies" DEATHGROOVELOVEPARTY (single)
    "Hey God" REVERAND BILL ALBERTS, PhD (single)
    "Merry Go Round" LOU REED ca. 1962 (single)
    "NYC's Like A Graveyard" THE MOLDY PEACHES (self titled)
    "When They Pull You Out" GEM (Gem)
    "The Opera House" OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL (Dusk at Cubist Castle)
    "Kurjalija" MOTELLI SKRONKLE (Collection)
    "Anno, CynepmeH" HOPPY KAMIYAMA & BRADFORD REED (The Bubbleman 2)

    "Track 4" BID3ILIBA (self titled)
    "In Die Ribisl" DIE KNODEL (Verkochte Tiroler)
    "The Stars Are Shining" SZEKI KURVA (Balkans Without Borders)
    "Marie" TORNADO LUE (New Music from Central & Eastern Europe)
    "Ballad Van Wat Beter Is" BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT (self titled)
    "Next!" SCOTT WALKER (It's Raining Today)
    "Call Yourself A Man" COUNT INDIGO (Harpsichord 2000)
    "Tango Ballad" UTE LEMPER / NEIL HANNON (Punishing Kiss)
    "Kissing The Velvet Glove" BUTTERSCOTT (self titled)
    "Dead Finks Dont Talk" BRIAN ENO (Here Come The Warm Jets)

    "Fossil" OOIOO (Gold & Green)
    "Breathe" JOHN FRUSCIANTE (Smile From The Streets You Hold)
    "White Guy" FROGS (Racially Yours)
    "Dada Poem" MARIE OSMOND (Big City Orchestra SFX Vol 2)
    "track 7" BIG CITY ORCHESTRA (SFX Vol 2)
    "Mastermind" DELTRON 3030 (self titled)
    "Yambooze" PUSH BUTTON OBJECTS (Deeper Concentration)
    "Sul-E-Stomp" DJ PICA PICA (Planetary Natural Love Gus Webbin) *
    "Do You Got Time" LEILA (self titled)

    "Delinquency" V TWIN (Free The Twin)

    "*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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