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November 22, 1996: Where Were You When...

Mr. CrocodilePhilip Johnston's Big TroubleFlood At The Ant Farm
RagLol CoxhillWelfare Street
Street BluesOrnette ColemanTone Dialing
New ZanduLatin PlayboysLatin Playboys
ChristiansandsTrickyPre-Millenium Tension
UpLida HusikBozo
DreamStep ThreeCool Struttin': This is Acid Jazz Vol. 1
DisseminatedSoul CoughingIrresistable Bliss
The Good One / Afro LoopLiquid SoulLiquid Soul
We Got SoulBig BoysWreck Collection
Hombre SecretoLos Aztecos PsicopaticosGrita!
Tequila!Wild Billy Childish & The BlackhandsPlay Capt.Calypso's Hoodoo Party
The Wide Open Beaver of NashvilleCountry TeasersSatan Is Real Again
Snake DriveRL BurnsideA Ass Pocket Of Whiskey
The Birthmark StoryBuddy MaxCassette
Colorado Kool AidJohnny PaycheckGreatest Hits Vol. 2
No More Hot DogsHasil AdkinsLive In Chicago
Tongue TiedBetty McQuadeHot Boppin Girls
Cold Wet SteelDave SoldierThe Kropotkins
Yenisei PunkAlbert Kuvezin & Yat KhaDeep In The Heart of Tuva
Damian Maca DamianAtsushi TsuyamaHenry the Human Horse
The Game of EyesGorky's Zygotic MynciIntroducing Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
Wax PresidentialSoul Junk1953
Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome EraPavementSlanted & Enchanted
EntertainmenSam PhilipsOmnipop
Punch PadPest 5000Interabang ?!
L'Accord ParfaitAutour De LucieAutour De Lucie
SessomattoArmando TravajoliEasy Tempo Vol. 1
LamentRalph BurnsLenny Soundtrack
This Incredibly Weird Japanese Thing With Some Guy Barking Like A Dawg? ?
The Peanuts? ?
Saizansu MamboMakugami KoichiKoroshi No Blues
Down DownDr. Umezu BandLP on Moers
Whatever Happened to Billy the ComedianSpaceheadsSpaceheads
Ark AngelinaFamily of GodFamily of God
Poor ChildLask?
The Last Words of Dutch SchultzWilliam BurroughsSpare Ass Annie
Earth to DorisWas Not WasWhat Up Dog?
Let It All Hang OutA.D.O.R.Pete Rock Remix
Bug Powder DustBomb The BassLa Funk Mob Mix
My MicDJ Hellshit & DJ CarhouseLive!
The Next ShitDJ VadimUSSR Reptoire
Jes GrewTaj MahalConjure

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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